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@BettyDraper's Guide to Social Storytelling

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Making a story social isn't all about marketing. It's also about helping to build a better narrative – extending and enriching the story, whether your story is driven by a fictional character or a brand. This SXSWi talk examines current examples of advertising, transmedia, brand fiction and branded content to determine what makes stories work for today's social audiences--and what makes them fail.

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@BettyDraper's Guide to Social Storytelling

  1. 1. SXSWi March 12, 2012 brandfictionfactory.com
  2. 2. how not to explain social storytelling World’s Most Confusing Venn Diagram brandfictionfactory.com
  3. 3. vintage transmediabrandfictionfactory.com
  4. 4. brandfictionfactory.com
  5. 5. brandfictionfactory.com
  6. 6. oldest working writer in advertising @adbroad brandfictionfactory.com
  7. 7. first Mad Men tweet created by Paul Isakson brandfictionfactory.com
  8. 8. brandfictionfactory.com
  9. 9. brandfictionfactory.com
  10. 10. brandfictionfactory.com
  11. 11. brandfictionfactory.com
  12. 12. we created a “tweaser”An hour before Season3 Premiere, Mad Men onTwitter staged a twitterevent called “MadWorlds Collide” inwhich Mad Menattended 1963 moviepremiere of “It’s a Mad,Mad, Mad World.” brandfictionfactory.com
  13. 13. brandfictionfactory.com
  14. 14. we “sold” tickets and collected data
  15. 15. brandfictionfactory.com
  16. 16. brandfictionfactory.com
  17. 17. first fan-created campaign to be recognized by marketing awards show brandfictionfactory.com
  18. 18. Transmedia ad madmenyourself.comcampaign created by DeepFocus for AMC brandfictionfactory.com
  19. 19. new form of advertising: crowd-created outdoor brandfictionfactory.com
  20. 20. brandfictionfactory.com
  21. 21. brandfictionfactory.com
  22. 22. brandfictionfactory.com
  23. 23. first show playing both on Broadway and twittertwitter campaign by Situation Interactive forBroadway show brandfictionfactory.com “Next to Normal”
  24. 24. From Trinity Church, Wall St.brandfictionfactory.com
  25. 25. first transmedia tv show brandfictionfactory.com
  26. 26. storytelling creates new Disney character #sxsw brandfictionfactory.com #betty
  27. 27. no connection without content brandfictionfactory.com
  28. 28. storyworld of commercial extended to twitter brandfictionfactory.com created by Wieden and Kennedy
  29. 29. created by Wieden and Kennedybrandfictionfactory.com
  30. 30. it’s not about you, it’s about your audience brandfictionfactory.com created by Electric Farm
  31. 31. story must build on brand’s core qualities brandfictionfactory.com
  32. 32. one story, multiple storytellers brandfictionfactory.com Created by Mother, London
  33. 33. make something people want to share brandfictionfactory.com
  34. 34. social makes stories stick brandfictionfactory.com
  35. 35. brandfictionfactory.com
  36. 36. to continue the storyto extend the conversation… Helen Klein Ross @AdBroad HelenKleinRoss@gmail.com 917-796-8330 brandfictionfactory.com