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Ask Masters - The Masters Circle - Cross Channel Case Marketing

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The Masters Circle is a monthly online fundraising discussion session where you can connect with, learn from, and share ideas with some of the most innovative fundraisers and nonprofits on the planet. Each month we answer your questions and cover the topics you suggest.

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With this session you will:
* Understand the different “languages” - effectively spread your message across all marketing and fund development channels
* Get the road map that paves the way for the entire organization to effectively support fund development
* Learn how to build a powerful and effective marketing and fundraising process-oriented team

We answer questions about:
* Which is better - to go broad with your messages or to go "deep" in a single channel
* Ways to get Marketing and Fundraising professionals to play nice and play together

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Ask Masters - The Masters Circle - Cross Channel Case Marketing

  1. 1. The Masters Circle Igniting Belief: Cross-Channel Case Marketing
  2. 2. Your Masters Circle hosts Heidi Hancock, CFRE David A. Svet
  3. 3. How can we help you with your fundraising? What do you want to get out of today?
  4. 4. Igniting Belief: Cross-Channel Case Marketing
  5. 5. Igniting Belief: The Case Statement I. State the NEED, PROBLEM, or CRISIS Use concrete examples and stories II. Outline the proposed SOLUTION Include history that shows competence in this area Other partners or endorsements III. Your HELP is needed. It will do THIS: IV. Support NOW. Join us. Clear and easy instructions on how to support
  6. 6. ✓ Direct mail, email, and each social media platform is a unique Channel. ✓ Org. accounts are generally for Broadcast communications ( 1:Many). ✓ Personal accounts are for Direct communications (1:1). Communication Channels
  7. 7. Igniting Belief: Soulful Efficiency
  8. 8. ✓ Be human: Show your soul ✓ Automate with caution ✓ Every channel is unique ✓ Observe local norms ✓ Don’t forget mobile Igniting Belief: Soulful Efficiency
  9. 9. Igniting Belief: Weaving Your Story
  10. 10. ✓ Reinforce your Case with content ✓ Automation is great for curating ✓ FREE RSS readers + Google Alerts ✓ Manage posts with a dashboard ✓ Plan posts with an editorial calendar Igniting Belief: Weaving Your Story
  11. 11. Working on Shifting Sands
  12. 12. ✓ Facebook changes the rules often ✓ Every other channel will follow suit ✓ Marketing is not free — ever! ✓ Use what works and stick to it ✓ Face time is worth gold Working on Shifting Sands
  13. 13. Igniting Belief: Majors AND Minors
  14. 14. ✓ Direct marketing DOES earn ✓ Direct marketing FINDS major donors ✓ Major donors don’t want to be alone ✓ Direct marketing is all about numbers ✓ Marketing and Fundraising are two parts to ONE TEAM Igniting Belief: Majors AND Minors
  15. 15. Any questions?
  16. 16. To learn more Promo Code: MOSAIC
  17. 17. Stay in touch For additional information: Heidi Hancock, CFRE David A. Svet Toll Free 1-800-485-0742 email: info@mosaicnpd.com Skype: Mosaicnpd www.mosaicnpd.com http://www.facebook.com/MosaicNPD http://twitter.com/MosaicNPD http://www.mosaicnpd.com/feed
  18. 18. Thank you Mosaicnpd.com