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The Road to Awesome SharePoint Adoption - SPTechCon June 2016

Slide deck from Content Panda CMO & Co-Founder Heather Newman's presentation at SPTechCon 2016

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The Road to Awesome SharePoint Adoption - SPTechCon June 2016

  1. 1. The Road to Awesome SharePoint Adoption Heather Newman, CMO, Content Panda
  2. 2. Tweet this Talk @heddanewman @contentpanda @SPSNashville #SPSNashville @heddanewman Heather Newman
  3. 3. IMPROVEIT! BOOK - ESSAYS ON SHAREPOINT ANALYTICS & ADOPTION The paperback and Kindle editions are available on Amazon. The free eBook is available here: http://www.improveit.how PhotocreditBingImages
  4. 4. IT Unity Women in Tech #IStandByYou Calling all women in technology to share your stores and be heard on the IT Unity Women in Technology community site. Launching the I Stand By You Campaign June 2016 http://www.itunity.com/community/women-in-technology
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  6. 6. Knowledge of Fast Track Program End User Adoption Checklist Resources No Adoption = No Value Walk Away With
  7. 7. Technology Acceptance Model Perceived Usefulness The degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would enhance his or her performance Perceived Ease of Use The degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free from effort
  8. 8. Focus on the “Why” Not on the “What”
  9. 9. Software is used and consumed by humans
  10. 10. Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards
  11. 11. Adoption Campaign Checklist  Define Your Vision  Choose Executive Sponsors  Define Key Stakeholders  Define Use Cases/Business Scenarios  Gather Your Champions  Release in Phases  Adoption Communication Plan  End User Training  Look to Experts  Make it Fun - Gamification  Measure, Share, Iterate
  12. 12. http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/office End user adoption and governance has not changed in 15 years for SharePoint or Office 365 People just don’t take the time to do it, because its not easy.
  13. 13. Fast Track Resources
  14. 14. Focus on new and updated functionality* Covers what’s coming in the near-term, and some longer-term Offers high-level details, including name, description, status Not a comprehensive view of all change
  15. 15.  Define Your Vision  Choose Executive Sponsors  Define Use Cases
  16. 16. Outline Your Vision It’s All About Value Why SharePoint? What is your vision?
  17. 17. Serves as a role model Articulate value proposition Issue future company-wide announcements and updates Executive Support
  18. 18. “Use Case” Driven Look to the Business Sales and Marketing R&D, Production and Operations Finance and Accounting Information Technology HR and Internal Communications Legal & Compliance
  19. 19.  Gather Your Champions/Key Stake Holders  Adoption Communication Plan  Release in Phases
  20. 20. Champions Rock Your Project Top down and bottom up – gotta have both The most excited The biggest critic
  21. 21. Bill of materials Executive announcements Who is your target audience Develop Your communication plan
  22. 22. Release in Phases One division at a time Don’t boil the ocean One workload
  23. 23.  End User Training  Look to Experts
  24. 24. End User Training
  25. 25. Expert Opinions & Guidance There is great information out in the world that exists through sites like IT Unity.com and Microsoft MVP or influencers websites. They have been working on user adoption a long time and their best practices are excellent. Sue Hanley, Jennifer Mason, Robert Bogue, Penelope Coventry
  26. 26.  Make it Fun - Gamification  Measure, Share, Iterate
  27. 27. Make it fun (buck the company culture) Use an online scavenger hunt as a fun way to encourage usage Provide recognition for content contribution or usage Gamification
  28. 28. Measure Share Success and Iterate Broaden Engagement Create Surveys Listen to Issues and Pivot on Them
  29. 29. Leverage Leverage Leverage http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/office
  30. 30. Q&A Heather Newman Heather.newman@contentpanda.com Blog: www.creativemaven.com/blog Twitter & Instagram: @heddanewman Business Card Book Launching 9/27