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Micro finance theory

A renew of the theoretical reflection

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Micro finance theory

  1. 1. Ms :Heba Hassan Bashier +249906850429
  2. 2.  Concept of micro finance  Micro finance services  Successful micro finance  Micro finance provider
  3. 3.  A type of banking service that is provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who would otherwise have no other means of gaining financial services. Ultimately, the goal of microfinance is to give low income people an opportunity to become self-sufficient by providing a means of saving money, borrowing money and insurance
  4. 4. To provide financial and non-financial services to poor people to reduce poverty wither from formal or from non formal sector
  5. 5. loan saving Insurance Remittance
  6. 6. training marketing
  7. 7.  Microfinance” is often defined as financial services for poor and low-income clients offered by different types of service providers. In practice, the term is often used more narrowly to refer to loans and other services from providers that identify themselves as “microfinance institutions” (MFIs). These institutions commonly tend to use new methods developed over the last 30 years to deliver very small loans to unsalaried borrowers, taking little or no collateral. These methods include group lending and liability, pre-loan savings requirements, gradually increasing loan sizes, and an implicit guarantee of ready access to future loans if present loans are repaid fully and promptly.  More broadly, microfinance refers to a movement that envisions a world in which low-income households have permanent access to a range of high quality and affordable financial services offered by a range of retail providers to finance income-producing activities, build assets, stabilize consumption, and protect against risks. These services include savings, credit, insurance, remittances, and payments, and others.
  8. 8.  1- the contribution of the income of micro finance in GNP  2 availability of employment position  3-productivity level  4- poverty reduction
  9. 9.  MSE (micro small enter price ) it’s a project witch need micro finance wither for manage it or to implementing always it own by one person and other worker not more than 3 workers Small project it’s a project witch need micro finance wither for manage it or to implementing always it own by one person and other worker not more than 7 worker,s
  10. 10.  Reducing poverty has become an international concern, yet there is no international consensus on guidelines for measuring poverty. In pure economic terms, income poverty is when a family's income fails to meet a federally established threshold that differs across countries. Typically it is measured with respect to families and not the individual, and is adjusted for the number of persons in a family. Economists often seek to identify the families whose economic position (defined as command over resources) falls below some minimally acceptance level.1 Similarly, the international standard of extreme poverty is set to the possession of less than 1$ a day.
  11. 11. is the poor people who can gain profit
  12. 12. Loan Training Market research Marketing Helpful environment Social culture Strategy
  13. 13. -formal …..banks and MFI -non formal…..intermediary - Semi formal ….NGOs
  14. 14.  Individual lending  Group lending
  15. 15.  - write about micro finance services , provider of micro finance ,micro finance client and the methodology of micro finance lending ? (25 marks) - Micro finance is to provide f&non f service to poor people to reduce poverty - 1- financial is - 2- non financial is - Poor people is - Active poor is - Mf provider are - Mf methodology are - poverty