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IBM Cloud Collaboration Catalog - Engage 2017

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IBM Cloud Collaboration Catalog - Engage 2017

  1. 1. Dev09. The New Connections Application Catalog - And Why YOU Need it ! •Eamon Muldoon (IBM) Heath McCarthy (IBM) 1#engageug
  2. 2. Agenda • The App Vision • Key Outcomes • Work in Progress • In Design • Big Plans • Empowering App Developers 2#engageug
  3. 3. 3 5/11/2017 The Collaboration Paradox • The explosion in niche apps, driven by “consumerization of IT” has given users choice. • But productivity has gone down because “we” are not using the same tools. • And we ended up working in “shards” (broken silos) so we are reinventing,
  4. 4. 4 Connections Community (Integration Framework) Content Apps Tools People Cognitive Connections as a “Collaboration Hub”
  5. 5. APIs/ServicesExtensibility Communities Content Experiences LiveRemarks People Experiences LiveGrids NavBar Orient Me & ITM Action Center News & Notifications Grids Content/Files Service People Service Cognitive Search Share Service News & Notifications Integrated Experiences Partner Solutions Situational Grids Watson Workspace Customer Apps IBM Solutions Green/Blue Integrate into Pink Experiences Consume Pink just like a Native Capability Content Applications People Applications
  6. 6. The Connections App A way to add value to Connections An Integrated Experience (IBM, AppFusions, etc) A social/collaboration solution (ISVs like. Trilog) Collection of Extensions 6#engageug
  7. 7. IBM Collaboration Cloud Extensions Verse • Business Card • Inbox/Read • Message Compose • Mail on send • More… Connections • Community • Navbar • Muse • More… Watson Workspace • Space • Message • Moments 7#engageug
  8. 8. Muse • Injection Proxy • Inject experience, Client-side logic, and/or style 8#engageug
  9. 9. Basic Architecture of an Integrated App #engageug Catalog IBM Connections Cloud (Multi-tenant) Extension Extension Extension Extension Muse Extension Extension APP Registry ISV Solution Service Service Service
  10. 10. Watson Developer Cloud IBM Connections Cloud (Multi-tenant) IBM Connections (Blue) 3rd Party App Preferred Cloud Container Bluemix Containers Xpages NodeJS Liberty WAS (Connections Blue) On-Prem Servers/Private Clouds Domino Domino Customer Firewall Xpages Connections (Pink) in the Multi-tenant Cloud can integrate with applications running in various Cloud-based run- times. Pink running in a private cloud can presumably, like Blue, access on-premise run-times Integrating with Connections A Runtime View Pink Private Cloud Pink
  11. 11. Connections Experience Patterns 11#engageug Pattern 1 Native Connections: external APIs, data retrieval Pattern 2 Embedded Experience: external UX inline with Connections UX Pattern 3 Unifed experience: Both Connections and External UX deliver an overlapping experience Events pushed into Connections Activity Stream, Orient, or Action Center LiveGrid Community App ActivityStreams Embedded Experience Muse (Connections Proxy) Navbar Important to Me
  12. 12. Top Priorities (Outcomes) Org Admin can better manage apps in the Connections Cloud App Developers can build and integrate rapidly Customers Can Try & Buy Add- ons and Solutions Users can Share Apps (Driving Viral Adoption) 12 5/11/2017
  13. 13. 2017 Goals of App Strategy Implement New Connections Catalog Launch V1 with AppFusions & 3rd Party Solutions Stream-lined app developer process App Validation process App Life Cycle Management
  14. 14. An organization admin can easily find and enable 3rd party applications to make their organization more productive.
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  23. 23. 23#engageug
  24. 24. New Connections App Registry • Registry is the definition for a specific ORG of what is deployed to the ORG • Defined JSON Schema • See ”The Speed of Pink” at 1:30pm 24#engageug
  25. 25. Activity streams and embedded experiences Common and custom application integrations Just works! Seamless UX, SSO, logical workflows 2017 Interactive apps, seamless authentication For cloud OR on-premises v5.5 CR1+ Apps, Data and People Natively Integrated in IBM Connection
  26. 26. A developer can quickly integrate an app that can be used by their organization.
  27. 27. Agile – Achieving Other Priorities Share Apps Submit apps On-prem apps Private Cloud Catalog ICS App Catalog 38 5/11/2017
  28. 28. IBM Connections Cloud (Pink) An All-ICS Catalog? IBM Connections Cloud (Green) IBM Connections Private Cloud (Pink) IBM Connections (Blue) IBM Watson Workspace ISV On-Prem Deployments ISV Cloud Deployments Connections Clients and Plugins IBM Watson Workspace Clients and Plugins
  29. 29. IBM Connections Cloud App Dev Discover Pink app dev capabilities Learn how to integrate into and consume capabilities from Pink Build a value-add solution via integration with Pink Deploy that solution to an Org and Submit that solution into the ICS Catalog A developer can, in 1 hour:
  30. 30. App Dev Engagement 41 5/11/2017 Access Pink Code Reservation System for ServerPool Images Regression Testing Pink Playbacks
  31. 31. Questions? 42 5/11/2017

Notas do Editor

  • Applications will be front and central to the next generation of Connections ... which means you will need a whole new way of managing applications for your organization. The new Application Catalog and Registry will give you all the tools you need to build, locate, share and deploy apps across Connections Cloud. This session will show you how administrators, developers and end-users can work together in different roles to create, categorize, view, tag, deploy, comment, like, and publish a slew of applications, from the very simple to the very sophisticated. See how ISV applications can be published, enabled, subscribed and metered. Learn how feedback can be collected and managed... and check out the cool new user experience that delivers all these capabilities. This is all about apps!
  • vision - Collaborative Integration Hub
    needs/outcomes (ethan's deck)
    catalog needs
    self-service needs
    Work in Progress
    catalog ux for org admin - Jodi [live from Simon]
    registry ux for org developer - Brian
    In Design
    app developer experience for creating apps - Jacob
    buyer journey -  heath
    Big Plans
    architecture - cloud only, hybrid, private cloud
    viral adoption - app externally available, user driven
    Empowering App Developers
    Future Extensions (ITM, Muse)
    New APIs
    UX Framework
    Access to Pink (red pill/blue pill or alice in wonderland)
    reserve pool sandbox
    tech sales c6 image
    CA1 is going away
    catalog submission/validation
  • The boxes in the center represent solutions that when leverage Connections and Verse extensions (shown on the left) AND consume or call Pink Services/APIs (shown on the right).
    Partner solutions and customer solutions would appear as native experiences just like the core Pink capabilities (see previous slide). Again, the integration AND the use of Pink services improve the original application. Integrating in alone is not a unique value to Pink – otherwise its just another Portal.
    Pink (Connections/Verse) is where work flows (work gets done) and users get more value from integrated capabilities because they can take advantage of unique Pink services.
    Additionally, Pink is a platform for building and providing users situational applications and experiences built on top of LiveGrid, the content service and the people service. While IBM will provide innovative and business desirable experiences, these 3 core Pink services will allow for customers and the market to meet unique needs. These 3 services are second driver of “stickiness”.
    IBM may allow, in the case of strategic partnerships, certain 3rd solutions to replace a core Connections/Verse service (ie. Swaps). For example, today we allow Cicso Webex as a replacement for Connections Meetings.
    IBM may also want to integrate its own solutions such as Watson Workspace or Kenexa.
    Workspace is shown here to suggest that it may be a special member of the collaboration experience.
  • Learn about new dev capabilities; Play in a Sandbox, Build the app; deploy to your org, generate Oauth, and Submit
    IBM Validates based on clear criteria
    Manage long-term updates
  • The ICS Catalog could reside in the IBM Connections “Pink” Cloud offering or could become a stand-alone service. In either case, it will be a common mechanism for customers to access and provision (try, buy, and deploy) any 3rd party app. The catalog will allow submission of, and after IBM review, access to acquire apps that extend Connections offerings and IBM Watson Workspace. The catalog will allow partner solutions that are running in an ISV cloud or as installable “on-prem” or partner private cloud models.