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Matter (Go Open Data)

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We all want Open Data and Open Government to Matter. These are some lessons from Community Management that might help us on this journey. I've included some extensive notes and resources to help.

Presented May 15, 2014
Go Open Data
Toronto Canada
by Heather Leson

http://textontechs.com/2014/05/matter-go-open-data (live on May 15th)

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Matter (Go Open Data)

  1. 1. M A T T E R Heather Leson Go Open Data Toronto Canada May 15, 2014
  2. 2. Over 1,679 contributors edited the OpenStreetMap project for Typhoon Haiyan (2013) with 4,799,290 Map changes!
  3. 3. Open Data means… talking about your feelings Trust Safety Comfort Matter
  4. 4. T H A N K Y O U heather@textontechs.com @heatherleson schoolofdata.org hot.openstreet.org