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Library Champions for Disability Access minutes February 2019

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Library Champions for Disability Access minutes February 2019

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Library Champions for Disability Access minutes February 2019

  1. 1. Library Championsfor Disability Access Minutes 27th February 2019 Attending Heather Dawson (LSE) Rose Franklin (UWL) Joanne Taplin-Green, LSE Library (Chair) Bill Todd (Richmond American University in London); Madel Joubert (Bloomsbury Institute) Denise Daniel (University of East London) Julia Davy-Brown (University of Westminster) Jenny Maidment (University of Brighton) Debbie Barney (SOAS) Jessica Wykes (City University, London) Claire Taplin (LSE) Carmen Fernandez (University of the Arts London) Ashley Ray (Internet Archive) Sophie Flynn-Piercy. (Internet Archive) Sharon Bittner (University of Portsmouth) Catherine O’Sullivan (St Mary’s University) Stacey Rowe (RNIB) Andrew Temple-Mabe, (Kingston University) RNIB update. Stacey provided an update on statistics as of 31st Jan 2019 Members=14,284 Staff=11,044 Organisations=6,867 Downloads=148,736 Titles=196,649 (live title counter)
  2. 2. They are currently working to make music scores accessible. So that users will be able to open the score in a free programme to hear it played. The RNIB are also involved in a VICTA-RNIB iPad and Orbit Braille Reader The scheme allows those in the UK, with sight loss, to get either one of the below for 10% of the current retail value. Applicants can apply for both and iPad and an Orbit Reader: iPads: 11-25 years Orbit: 8-25 years http://www.victa.org.uk/grants/ or call on 01908 240 831 to find out more. They are in discussions to add the current and backfiles of a number of publishers. Details of these will be posted as soon as they are confirmed. There was some discussion how the service was promoted to users at individual institutions. Most use a wellbeing service or word of month from departmental tutors. Stacy and RNIB are always willing to provide support in promoting collections and assisting users. Stacy has a new direct contact email at: Stacy Scott [mailto:Stacy.Scott@rnib.org.uk] Introducing SearchBox Huw Alexander provided an introduction searchBOX is a free service for librarians and accessibility officers launched in October 2018. It is a database of over 3,500 publishers and imprints and contains the contact details and accessibility information such as publisher website information and affiliations with the RNIB Bookshare service. The aim of searchBOX is to make it easier to source accessible content by providing up-to-date contact information. It has been beta tested with librarians and the aim is for it to be maintained by a process of crowdsourcing (librarians providing updates) and annual maintenance checks. Next step is hopefully to introduce an ISBN search and incorporate results from the ASPIRE audit The link for searchBOX is: https://www.textboxdigital.com/searchboxhome They can be contacted at hello@textboxdigital.com. Free registration is required. InternetArchive Ashley Ray, Internet Archive, European Digitisation Manager gave an introduction to the potential usage of the service for print impaired users. In addition to the open access out of copyright works available in pdf and EPUB and the Librivox audiobooks, they have a digital lending collection for more recent works where users are able to register to borrow
  3. 3. https://archive.org/details/inlibrary This is made available under controlled lending of one copy that can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. However under a low vision project the archive is making titles available specifically to print impaired users. https://archive.org/details/printdisabled Qualifying institutions will be able to register and then create their own lists of authorised students. These students will be able to bypass any queues and access titles not available in the other collections. https://blog.archive.org/2018/10/16/low-vision-disability-1-8-million-digital-books-free- now-worldwide/ http://blog.archive.org/internet-archive-beta-program-for-competent-authority- registration/ Anyone with questions can get in touch with Sophie Flynn-Piercy at sophie@archive.org. ASPIRE Audit Jessica from City University of London was involved in this . The 2018 audit was of accessibility statements on publisher’s websites and involved assessments of availability and understandability. Publishers/ aggregators were ranked on a score of 35. The full scores are on the website where stories giving the perspectives of the publishers/ librarians and students are also available. https://www.learningapps.co.uk/moodle/xertetoolkits/play.php?template_id=1856 City used it is a training opportunity for staff to find out more about ebook accessibility. They involved more staff library staff across two departments and completed 92 assessments. While scores were low, Huw Alexander said they had a positive results in encouraging publishers to approach him for assistance Graphic novels Carol from KCL was unable to attend but sent a question regarding formats for making graphic novels accessible. Huw Alexander said that Textbox has a classification of formats including images with standards to which they should comply and he would investigate it further. Accessibility of DVDs,especially foreignlanguage. This question was raised by an ALISS member. Suggestions for coping included. Searching YouTube which has subtitles for voiceover.
  4. 4. Contacting the publisher direct. Also suggestions of websites with film subtitles that might be worth searching were. YIFY https://www.yifysubtitles.com/ Subscene https://subscene.com/browse/popular/film/1 Open Subtitles https://www.opensubtitles.org TV Subs https://www.tv-subs.net/ Date of next meeting Summer term Heather to confirm