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Tips on Hearing Aid Repairs

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Tips on Hearing Aid Repairs

  1. 1. Tips on Hearing Aid Repairs
  2. 2. It almost sounds counterintuitive that hearing aidsneeds repair. Afterall, they dont move around much, so wear and tear should be slight.
  3. 3. For starters,whenever any kind of technology is used, human error comes into play atsome point. People will always causesomething to break.
  4. 4. The environment has an impact. Keep in mind that your unit isnt waterproof and if youlive in a warmer, humid climate, moisture from the air and your body wrecks havoc on its sensitive circuitry.
  5. 5. When you do get to thepoint you need an actual repair, your first stopshould be to check yourmanufactures warrantyand determine whetheryour particular situation is covered.
  6. 6. The next best option is to consult an audiologist or the specialist that provided you with your earpiece.
  7. 7. Even if she cannot fix it, shell be able to point you in thedirection of some qualified folks that can.