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Vert Shock Folkersystem Review by Adam Folker Justin Darlington

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Vert Shock Folkersystem Review by Adam Folker Justin Darlington

http://healthy4lives.com/vert-shock Vert Shock Folkersystem Review by Adam Folker Justin Darlington

Vert shock tool is based on polymeric and bodyweight exercises to manipulate type II B muscle fibres into optimal performance. For only less than an hour, four days a week practice, this scientifically proven systematic tool will boost your performance to heights you only dream of.

The vert shock tool was pioneered by Justin Darlington; a world-class professional dunker, after many years of gathering training ideologies. He discovered that there are two types of muscles in a human body, one made of low contracting fibre and the other one made of fast contracting fibres. He learnt that by practicing the high contracting muscles, one could improve their vertical jumping.

Advantages of using the Vert Shock:

- Vert shock is a well organized, user friendly and extremely easy to use program.
- Vert shock delivers exactly what it says on the box within a very short period of time, saving you money, effort and time.
- Vert shock provides its customers with an online site that they can access anytime, 24 hours a day, and that way one can choose the training time that suits them best.

The full Vert Shock package contains:
. A quick guide.
. Pre-Shock phase workout plan.
. Shock Phase workout plan.
. Post-Shock workout plan.
. Step-by-step videos.
. Vert tracker used for trailing your daily progress.
. Vert Shock forum, which is a 24-hour contact to the vert shock support team.

Download Vert Shock Folkersystem here: http://healthy4lives.com/vert-shock


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