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Social Media Strategies - The Path Less Traveled

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Many people and organizations can get social media efforts started, but most don't go as far as they should in getting on the right path to include analytics and sustainable content production. The "path less traveled" in the social media landscape will hopefully get more crowded as time goes on.

The presentation serves to complement the social media strategies workshop that Shaun Holloway is doing in conjunction with Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.


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Social Media Strategies - The Path Less Traveled

  1. 1. Social Media Strategies The Path Less Traveled @shaunholloway | srholloway.com
  2. 2. The Path… is Tough • A Pep Talk from Kid President to You by Soul Pancake via YouTube
  3. 3. The Path… is Tough • The Landscape has changed… KEEP UP! • Some significantly… – Flickr – Google and Google+ – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram
  4. 4. Flickr
  5. 5. Google and Google+
  6. 6. Twitter and the API
  7. 7. Facebook
  8. 8. Instagram
  9. 9. The Path… Changes • How do you survive?
  10. 10. The Path… Needs Created
  11. 11. Web/Social Basic Model Central Website and Community Video Photos Blogs Audio Social Networks YouTube Vimeo Veoh Flickr Instagram Photobucket Picasa Pinterest DailyMotion Facebook LinkedIn Forums Microblogs Interest General Utterly Blubrry Interest General Sites Company Individual Institution Organic Widgets BookmarksEmail Interest General
  12. 12. Strategic Plans Merge • Combine your IT and Marketing Strategies Organization Strategy Marketing Strategy Social Media Photo and Video Email Content IT Strategy System Web Portal Channel
  13. 13. Social Media Tool Hierarchy • Understand how tools and content connect Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs Twitter, YouTube RSS Feeds Apps Flickr, Tumblr Widgets Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
  14. 14. Pyramidal Approach to Social Media • Establish then advance Based on level of risk required and the ability to sustain a more complex tool Enter photo-sharing communities Enter video-sharing communities Establish blogs and micro-blogs Sustain social network presence Utilize audio Active Participation
  15. 15. Are You Ready? = 5 Questions 1. What is the purpose / mission? 2. Who is going to be the champion? 3. Who is the target audience? 4. How is it going to be sustained? 5. How does it fit strategically?
  16. 16. The Path… is Full of Traffic
  17. 17. Your First Follower(s) • Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy by Derek Sivers
  18. 18. Embrace the Shift • Know the game Paid TV Print Radio Events Display SEM/Online Owned Storefront Website Direct Mail/Email Social Network/Media Earned Word-of-Mouth Press Referrals On-site Comments Shares, Likes, RT’s Check-ins Ratings/reviews Mentions Shifted Components of the Marketing Strategy
  19. 19. Find the “Sweet Spot” Channel AudienceContent Be selective Take your time Sweet Spot
  20. 20. Choose Communication Channels Newsletters Email Campaigns Facebook pages Blog posts/ Twitter LinkedIn Groups Media Websites Print Collateral News/media release Website/ Feeds Information Technology Strategy creates and supports channels Content Create key message and/or media = Customize or repurpose message for delivery in specific channel(s) Identify audiences appropriate for content Monitor audience reaction and participation Evaluation Communications and Marketing Strategy determines approach Purpose/Goal Audience Timing/Frequency Appropriateness Response Voice Personality Consistency Brand Development framework Tool integration Guides usage Innovation Use social media centralization as a gateway and means to integrate marketing/communication functions
  21. 21. The Path… Causes Road Rage
  22. 22. Radical Trust = The Steak Knife • In a steak restaurant, everyone has a serrated knife and could kill you • You have no body armor or defenses • How can you trust these people?
  23. 23. Don’t be Afraid of the “< 1%” • Moral code is in the majority • Safety is in the community • Environment is well-constructed • Assumes equal and abundant resources
  24. 24. Response Protocol • Need to have a plan should the “less than 1% percent” happen • Part of your social media strategy and communications toolkit • @webpronews featured my social media response design in their "A Collection of Social Media Flowcharts" article on July 22, 2011, http://slidesha.re/n0rzEA
  25. 25. The Path… Analyzes Data
  26. 26. • Don’t mistake data, metrics, and KPIs for ROI. Metrics measure important points, but they don’t connect to dollar values. (Radian6, 2012) • The Value of a Follower –Is it worth it and how do you know? –How do they help the business? –Can you make decisions? Metrics and KPIs
  27. 27. High-Level Content Report • 13 months of data. What do you know?
  28. 28. Social Media Dashboard • What does this tell us about our audience? Courtesy of Josh Fitzwater, Director of Social Media, Kenyon College
  29. 29. The Path… Analyzes People
  30. 30. Simple but Complicated • Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed
  31. 31. Profile Your Followers • Listening vs. Participating • Sharing vs. Creating • Casual vs. Consistent • Broad vs. Focused Klout Style Grid
  32. 32. Example Klout Style Grid • What do we know? • How does this data help marketers? Klout Style Grid
  33. 33. Sentiment Analysis • False Negatives – “crying” or “crap” suggest negativity – Could also be “Holy crap! This is great!” • Relative Sentiment – “I bought a Honda Accord. Great for Honda bad for Toyota.”
  34. 34. Sentiment Analysis • Compound Sentiment – “I love the phone but hate the network.” • Conditional Sentiment – “I was really mad, but they gave me a refund.” • Scoring Sentiment – “I like it.” vs. “I really like it.” vs. “I love it.”?
  35. 35. Sentiment Analysis • Sentiment Modifiers – How does the emoticon apply? – “Gotta love the cable company :-(” – “I bought an iPhone today :-P” • International Sentiment – Different cultures have different personalities – Japanese for crying = (;_;)
  36. 36. The Path… Analyzes Tools
  37. 37. Data Monitoring Tool Examples • Server logs and Webalyzer • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools • YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Insights • URL shortener stats – Bitly.com, ow.ly, goo.gl, is.gd
  38. 38. Data Monitoring Tool Examples • Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, SocialEngage (Exact Target) • Woopra, Twentyfeet.com, Trendsmap.com • Quantcast, Alexa, Topsy.com, Twitonomy.com • Radian6 (SalesForce), Webtrends, HubSpot, Vocus
  39. 39. Monitor in 30 Minutes or Less • 5 Check Twitter for mentions, interactions, etc. • 5 Check own blog feeds/comments • 5 Scan Facebook wall and comments • 5 Filter and flag content in LinkedIn Groups • 3 Scan Google/blog alerts for articles, etc. • 3 Review Facebook Insights • 3 Review YouTube Insights
  40. 40. The Path Less Traveled Know Your Approach… and Your Data @shaunholloway | srholloway.com