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Institution research - Disney

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Institution research - Disney
Kenza Mokhtari

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Institution research - Disney

  2. 2. INSTITUTION RESEARCH TASK Choose a film institution and look at their icon/logos. Explain the connotations and what ideas they give about the institution for example: •Clouds •Mountains •Black •Gold •Moon/Earth •Crests •Symbols of power/authority •Statues •Use of light etc. Has the logo changed over time/Why? Additional research: •Who owns them? (the parent company) •What else do they own? •What else does the parent company own?
  3. 3. WALT DISNEY: CONNOTATIONS OF A CASTLE Disney’s logo is infamous and easily recognised, it is of the Disney world castle, with a fairy dust arch over it. The connotations of a castle are monarchy related fairy tales; this appeals to the target audience, children, as at that age they aspire to be princes and princesses. Furthermore, Disney was conventionally known for its animations of princess stories, amongst this are Snow White (1937), Cinderalla (1950) and Sleeping Beauty (1959); all of
  4. 4. WALT DISNEY: CONNOTATIONS OF THE ARCH During an animation, after the castle is established, Tinkerbell (Fairy, first seen in Peter Pan (1953)) flies over and leaves a trail of magic pixie dust. Fairies are magical creatures used in the logo to reinforce Disney’s withheld theme of ‘magic’; a common theme seen in children’s movies due to their belief in the notion. The arch has also been created in more recent films, by fireworks, again a magical and captivating concept for young children.
  5. 5. WALT DISNEY: FONT ‘Walt Disney’ is written at the bottom of the castle in the iconic Disney font. The font sans-serif as it is a company that makes films aimed at children and is uniformly in a contrasting colour to the background allowing it to catch the viewers attention and be easily recognised. Below are the words ‘Television Animation’, and previously ‘Pictures’, which allows the institution to be recognized as an animation company. A serif font in all caps has been used, most likely because this would have been designed to inform the adults and thus a more formal font was required.
  6. 6. WALT DISNEY: DISTRIBUTION 1930 – Distribution moved to Columbia pictures 1932 – Distribution moved to United Artists 1936 – Distribution moved to RKO Radio Pictures 1954 – Distribution moved to Beuna Vista
  7. 7. WALT DISNEY: FOUNDERS AND HISTORY What is now most commonly known as ‘Disney’ was originally called ‘Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio’ by it’s founders Roy and Walt Disney in 1923. The first motion pictures released by the company was the ‘Alice Comedies’ series after the production contract with M.J Winkler. The series is a combination of film and animation to create amusing shorts about C.S Lewis’ Alice and her adventures in the animated world..
  8. 8. WALT DISNEY: ASSETS Assets owned by Disney: ABC Disney Television group Disneyland/Disney resort ESPN (80%) Marvel Entertainment Marvista Films Motion pictures group Pixar animations TWDC
  9. 9. WALT DISNEY: FORMER ASSETS Digimon Power Rangers Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation