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Final Pitch

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Final Pitch

  1. 1. Front Cover•On the front cover there will be a large image of the popularband ‘ the collective’ taking up around 75% of the page with afenced background, with the album name ‘It was good while itlasted’ going across the bands picture below the bands namewhich is conventional for my genre of magazine ‘Alternative indierock’. •There will be a boarder around the page in a deep red colour todraw attention to the band. •The masthead ‘Fix’ in the font ‘Franklin Gothic Heavy’ this font isnot displayed within my final research as it is located on photoshop i decided to use all fonts of photo shop as it is easier andmore convenient and allowing me to be more flexible withdesigning my magazine yet still sticking to the conventions, it willbe placed behind the image of the band this is conventional forthis genre as it connotes the importance of the image, amagazine which uses this is NME and in my opinion does it verywell, as it never fails to connote the importance, for my mastheadI will use red font as red and black are my chosen colour schemefor my magazine.
  2. 2. •Around the image there will be black, white and red fontin the style of ’incised 901 BD bold’ and ‘Agent’ which areboth similar to the font of ‘Cella’ which a sample of this fontis displayed within my Final research, with the names ofother bands such as Florence and the machine and thekillers, Linkin Park Biffy Clyro and others this will give possiblebuyers a quick inside to the content of the magazine, thetext surrounding the image will be in blacks and reds as thisis the general colour scheme for my magazine as it was themost popular choice from my questionnaire and focusgroup also proved to be conventional for this genre,however due to yellow being popular within myquestionnaire i have chosen to use yellow for the bandsname to connotes its importance.•Above the picture of the band, there will be a promotionwhich will sell the magazine to my target audience as itwas proven to be an effective way to draw the attentionof readers possibly free exclusive posters of the bandmembers.•There will also be ‘World exclusive’ written across thebands picture at an angle to promote the bands storywithin my magazine as my double page spread will be anexclusive of the band.
  3. 3. Contents page•The contents page will be laid out the same as Kerrang.• Does with a large image of the band in the top left withthe main features of the magazine running down the rightof the focal picture of the band, which I learned waseffective after looking at Hannah Spooners work.•I shall also have 4 other pictures on the page in thebottom left there will be a picture of the editor (myself) witha brief description of this issue. There will also be twopictures of posters within the magazine overlaying the mainpicture of the band to the bottom left of the image. In thebottom right hand of the page there will be an image ofthe front cover.• The font I am using is ’incised 901 BD bold’ using blackand red text as this is the colour scheme of my magazine,only the main features of the contents will be stated. Thetext will be kept minimal to try and captivate my targetaudience youths.
  4. 4. Double page•The double page spread will be an exclusive of theband on the front featuring a fact file andBand/singer latest releases as these were the mostpopular choices from my questionnaire which Iconducted.•A large image of the band will be on the left handpage taking up around 80% of the page with the factfile underneath it.•On the left hand page there will be an image of thelead singer of the band, and the Band/singer latestreleases in column format in the font ’incised 901 BDbold’