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A Brief Guide to Service Design (UX Brighton) by Paul Thurston & Nick Marsh

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A Brief Guide to Service Design, presented at UX Brighton by Paul Thurston (Thinkpublic) and
Nick Marsh (Conchango)

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A Brief Guide to Service Design (UX Brighton) by Paul Thurston & Nick Marsh

  1. A  brief  guide  to  service  design   (and  why  it  ma?ers  for  UX  people)   UX  Brighton  –  Jan  2010  
  2. @p_thurston   @choosenick   thinkpublic   EMC  ConsulIng  
  3. www.xbox.com/live   www.streetcar.co.uk  
  4. 1.  A  brief  guide  to  service  design   2.  Some  examples   3.  Why  UX  people  should  care  
  5. 1.  A  brief  guide  to  service  design  
  6. Services  are  everywhere  
  7. Services  are  important  
  8. Services  are  designed  by     everyone,  all  the  Ime  
  9. And  generally  not  very  well!   Source: Bain Customer-Led Growth diagnostic questionaire;Satmetrix Net Promoter database
  10. So,  what  can  ‘design’  bring  to   improving  service  experiences?   Two,  broad  and  overlapping  areas  
  11. Service  Design  Doing  &  Thinking  
  12. Service  Design  Doing  &  Thinking   Most  projects  involve  a  bit  of  both…  
  13. Design  is  useful  for  improving   services  because  it…   is  able  to  take  a  broad  viewpoint   provides  new  methods  of  engaging  customers   is  a  flexible  process   can  make  complicated  things  simple   deliver  be;er  outcomes  
  14. Service  Design  Thinking   The  use  of  design     approaches  and  methods     as  an  organisa>onal  strategy.   (i.e  -­‐  a  process)  
  15. Back  in  10min  
  16. 2.  Some  Examples   Companies  &  Projects  
  17. OrganisaIons  that  use  design     doing  +  thinking  
  18. The  NHS  
  19. Building  a  ‘design  thinking  mentality’   www.insItute.nhs.uk  
  20. So,  two  different  uses  for  the     term  service  design  
  21. Very  much  like  the  two  versions     of  User  Experience  Design  
  22. User  Experience  Design  Doing  &  Thinking  
  23. User  Experience  Design  Doing  &  Thinking   Most  projects  involve  a  bit  of  both…  
  24. So,  Service  Design  and  User  Experience     Design  aren’t  really  that  different.   UX  design  doing   UX  design  thinking   The  design  of  new  digital  user   PuHng  people  and  their   experiences  across  hardware  and   experiences  at  the  heart  of  the   soIware  interfaces   design  process.   SD  design  doing   SD  design  thinking   The  design  of  new  services,   The  use  of  design  approaches     experiences  and  touchpoints.     and  methods  as  an  organisa>onal   strategy.  
  25. But,  why  should  people  interested   in  UX  care  about  service  design?  
  26. 1.  Service  design  can  (probably)   help  you  make  more  money   2.  Service  design  (may)  help  you  get   more  excited  about  your  work  
  27. 1.  Service  design  can  (probably)  help  you  make  more  money   2.  Service  design  (may)  help  you  get  more  excited  about  your  work   SD  is  a  great  new  business  development  tool   that  opens  doors  to  new  organisaIons  and  new   bits  of  organisaIons   (bits  that  impact  on  the  customer)  
  28. 1.  Service  design  can  (probably)  help  you  make  more  money   2.  Service  design  (may)  help  you  get  more  excited  about  your  work   SD  enables  you  to  move  up  the  ‘value  chain’   and  have  conversaIons  about  projects  at  an   earlier  stage  –  thus  shaping  the  work  more,  and   creaIng  bigger  projects  
  29. 1.  Service  design  can  (probably)  help  you  make  more  money   2.  Service  design  (may)  help  you  get  more  excited  about  your  work   Broadly  focused,  conscienIous,  UX  people     are  doing  SD  anyway  –  UCD,  prototyping,   visualising  etc  
  30. 6  Ips  for  geang  more  into     service  design  
  31. 1:  Have  one  killer  case  study!   You  get  the  work  you  do…   And  you  get  the  work  you  talk  about…  
  32. 2:  You  don’t  win  SD  projects     talking  about  UX  
  33. 3:  Start  by  selling  user   research  projects  with  a   broad  focus  
  34. 4:  Make  sure  you’re  selling  to   the  right  people  
  35. 5:  Make  sure  you  like   designing  strategies,  running   workshops,  thinking  about   business  models  and  so  on.    
  36. 6:  Work  on  stuff  that  ma?ers   to  you  and  have  a  great  story   about  why  you’re  doing  it.  
  37. choosenick.com   paulthurston.co.uk     Service  Design  is  new  and  exci>ng,  explore  and  help  define  it  here:   servicedesigning.org