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In viewcase study

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In viewcase study

  1. 1. Is Your Ad Seen? ZEDO, Inc
  2. 2. Problem• Publishers need more revenue• Advertisers always asking for information about ad effectiveness.• In fact, IAB is starting an entire initiative called "metrics that matter”• Comscorehas underlined this by proving that 25% of ads arent seen
  3. 3. The InView Slider Solves the Problem• Easy to implement• No extra work• Software determines whether user will see the ad• User-friendly, non-intrusive• Very high in view-rates• Directly addresses concerns about in view or ad stuffing
  4. 4. Results• Higher CPMs• New revenue source• Lift in brand awareness with no extra work
  5. 5. DEMO?http://www.zedo.com/inview/