Digital 2018 Switzerland (January 2018)

DataReportal Há 5 anos

When the Marketing Becomes the Product 2

Helge Tennø Há 13 anos

When the marketing becomes the product

Helge Tennø Há 14 anos

Design In Tech Report 2016

John Maeda Há 7 anos

Design in Tech Report 2017

John Maeda Há 6 anos

Design in Tech Report 2018

John Maeda Há 5 anos

Fjord trends 2013

Fjord Há 10 anos

Fjord Trends 2017

Fjord Há 6 anos

Fjord Trends 2018

Fjord Há 5 anos

Digital in 2017 Global Overview

We Are Social Singapore Há 6 anos

Inside BCG's Smart Simplicity Approach

Boston Consulting Group Há 8 anos

Customer As Strategy

Helge Tennø Há 7 anos

The Outcome Economy

Helge Tennø Há 7 anos

There is no such thing as UX strategy

Jeff Gothelf Há 7 anos