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IoT Business in Japan


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IoT Business in Japan

  1. 1. 1 IoT Business in Japan, The Cases of Yukai Engineering Inc. 2017/09/28 v1.02 Jun HARADA, COO of YUKAI Engineering Inc.
  2. 2. ToC 2 1.Introduction 2.Prototyping Service 3.Consumer Hardware 4.IoT Trends in Japan 5.Future of IoT
  3. 3. Introduction: Our Vision 3 2025: Every Family has a Robot.
  4. 4. Introduction: Our Business 4 Prototyping/MP Service Private Brand Find out consumer needs from prototyping/mass production(MP) service. We design products to meet the needs as private brand.
  5. 5. Introduction: BOCCO 5 BOCCO is the robot for children and his parents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87bITbf81TY
  6. 6. Introduction: Simple Design 6 Easy-to-Use for Everyone Awards / Media
  7. 7. Introduction: What does “robot” mean? 7 In 1954, the first programmable robot arm “unimate” was in production. “Robot” has broader meaning, such as automation software(RPA) and AI Speaker. 1954年 unimate, Devol 1972年 fanuc 2010年 AR.Drone, Parrot 2014年 pepper, softbank 2002年 roomba, iRobot 2008年 palro, FujiSoft 2000年 asimo, Honda 2016年 Echo, Amazon 2013年 double 2013年 RPA technologies 2004年 hal, Cyberdyne
  8. 8. Introduction: AI Speaker 8 The number of consumer robots is growing. AI Speaker becomes most interesting consumer robot. *robotstart社、robot library, https://robo-lib.com/ The end of 2015 Jan, 2016 April, 2016 Oct, 2016 June, 2017
  9. 9. Introduction: Amazon Echo 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQn6aFQwBQU
  10. 10. Introduction: Why AI Speaker? 10 Skills(applications for Echo)Sales of AI Speakers *Jeff, Amazon's Echo isn't going to give up its lead anytime soon, Business Insider 35.6M AI Speakers in the world. Amazon Echo has 70% share. *Adam, The 2017 Voice Report by VoiceLabs, VoiceLabs The number of applications for Echo is growing. Now Echo has over 20K skills.
  11. 11. Introduction: Echo is next iPhone? 11 Apple expands sales by iPod and iTunes. Echo is believed as next iPhone. *Raphael, Creating Value Through Business Model Innovation, MIT Sloan
  12. 12. Prototyping Service 12
  13. 13. Prototyping Service: Our Customers 13 Top tier companies in Japan work with us
  14. 14. Prototyping Service: Why prototyping? 14 Mass production has risk... I don’t like this product! Confirm good UX OMG! Dead stocks... I love this product! Happy Mass Production!
  15. 15. Prototyping Service: Bad UX Example 15 Opening the lock with smartphone looks fine but actually there are too many steps to open. *Golden, The Best Interface is No Interface
  16. 16. Prototyping Service: Good UX Example 16 The lock opens automatically when it detects a man coming. (by BLE of smartphones) *Golden, The Best Interface is No Interface
  17. 17. Consumer Hardware 17
  18. 18. Consumer Hardware: Value Shift to Hardware 18 Prototyping focused on software because a cost of hardware prototyping is too large. Technologies (e.g. 3D printer) decrease the cost and enable hardware prototyping. Now many ideas are realized via prototyping. Software Development was focused on. Hardware Development is easier than ever. 1990~2010 2010~ • 3D printer • Fablab • Prototyping Kit
  19. 19. Consumer Hardware: Prototype of BOCCO 19 Raspberry Pi Arduino 3D printer
  20. 20. IoT Trends in Japan (especially about consumer business) 20
  21. 21. IoT Trends in Japan: Natural and Cute 21 Difference between Japan and other countries is small. However, Japanese IoT focuses more on look and feel. Others: functionalityJapan: Look and feel
  22. 22. IoT Trends in Japan: Pechat 22 Pechat is the button device that lets a stuffed animal talk. https://pechat.jp/ overview • Price: 4,990 Yen • Sales: 60K pcs • Maker: Hakuhodo (ad agency)
  23. 23. IoT Trends in Japan: Gatebox 23 Gatebox is the hologram device that projects 3D character. http://gatebox.ai/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkcKaNqfykg overview • Price: 298,000 Yen • Sales: 300 pcs (pre-order) • Maker: Gatebox • Acquired by Line
  24. 24. IoT Trends in Japan: Kirobo Mini 24 Kirobo mini is the small companion robot that can talk with a man. https://www.toyota-europe.com/world-of-toyota/articles-news-events/introducing-kirobo-mini https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G__ruOOlv-Q overview • Price: 39,800 Yen • Sales: (NA) • Maker: Toyota
  25. 25. IoT Trends in Japan: mui 25 mui is the touch screen made of wood. http://mui.jp/#en overview • Price: TBD • Sales: (NA) • Maker: NISSHA • YUKAI Engineering work with NISSHA as technical partner.
  26. 26. Future of IoT 26
  27. 27. Future of IoT: Taking a Hint 27 As-Is: Explicit commands To-Be: Implicit hints Explicit commands are necessary for AI speakers. Devices around human take a implicit hint from human behavior. Alarm stops when getting up Curtain opens when sunny
  28. 28. Future of IoT: Google Nest 28 Nest learns characteristic of the human and room. Nest learns: About room • Heating and cooling system • Time to temperature Human behavior • Schedule of being home • Difference between weekday and weekend
  29. 29. Future of IoT: growth of IoT 29 This Year: New Experience A Few Years: Eco-system Robot taking a hint • Widespread as AI speaker (music device) • Also work as voice control system. • Increase of Voice Application(Software) • Sensors and devices will be connected to Voice Control devices. • Pattern recognition AI will be integrated to the system. • Every device will work automatically.
  30. 30. Summary 30 World Trends: AI Speakers Japanese Trends: Looks and Feels Future: take a hint by robots Growth of IoT eco system Device works automatically