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Ict activities of Third Quarter

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Hashtag pyramid
Combo Box, option button, List Box
For, Next Loop

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Ict activities of Third Quarter

  1. 1. HAPPY NEZZA B. ARANJUEZ 10 – EINSTEIN This activity is part of the “For Next” topic in our Visual Basic class and when Ma’am Reyes gave this activity to us we were all confused of how we will do the activity. But in this activity I was able to realize ad understand how the first “For” is important. It determines the numbers included in that line while the second “For” determines the arrangement and the number of integers for that line. Another “For Next” activity from the worksheet where we did a “countdown-like” number progression from 1 to 5. The “For x” served as the indicator of which numbers will be included in the pattern and the “For y” for how the numbers will progressed if it is from least to greatest of vice-versa or if it goes in reverse arrangement or the normal increasing order. The “Step -1” makes the order go in a reverse form and if you don’t put it in the code, the standard form is the increasing order.
  2. 2. This is the second activity in the worksheet where in you will get the sum of the positive integers less than the digit you input as long as it is not equal or greater than zero. It is still part of the topic “For Next”. The first activity in the worksheet is when you will count how many numbers a re printed if you input the code given. So as shown for the result here it is. I enjoyed making this program since it will become helpful if I am to compute for the factorial of a digit. Its code is somehow same with the code for summation all you have to do is to change the addition sign into a multiplication sign.
  3. 3. Third activity from the worksheet, three different other examples for the “For Next” progression: (1) the first has a Step -1 to indicate reverse order of the digits. (2) Doesn’t have the Step -1, it means it is the standard or normal order, the counting form from least to greatest. (3) this one is the most complex among the three since I had to research about it in the net and the dollar sign ($) is important because it will serve as a variable for the word “COMPUTER” . The “For y” is for the part before the complete word COMPUTER and the “For x” is for the part after that word.
  4. 4. These are all the example activites from the recent powerpoint Ma’am Reyes gave us. It is about the usage of List Box (If you want to use a dropdown type of option list). Combo Box (If it includes different process for each option), Check Box (if your are to use an individual checklist)and Option Button (for the dial/circular type of having a checklist with a varying process for each option).
  5. 5. In this activity we used the combo box to set the choices of the operations to be used in the program. As you choose an operation, it will serve as the chosen operation for your program. It will be shown as a drop down list and once you choose and click your chosen symbol it will perform its process.
  6. 6. First of all, I did not really understand this topic. But as I further searched about Binary Codes, I learned that the numbers were like switches and each character has its binary denotation. Only the character with “ones” are given a value and the ones with “zeros” have also their own denotation. And as you put them together you can encode a new code for the series of characters. It’s about decoding and substitution of values among zeros and ones.