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박한우 영어 이력서 Curriculum vitae 경희대 행사 제출용

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Full Prof. Dr. Han Woo PARK, http://www.hanpark.net https://www.slideshare.net/hanpark
(BA-HUFS, MA-Seoul Nat'l Univ. PhD-SUNY Buffalo)

Dept of Media & Communication, Interdisciplinary Program of Digital Convergence Business, YeungNam University, 214-1, Dae-dong, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, Zip Code 712-749

Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, https://jceasia.org/
Guest Editors of Social Science Computer Review, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Asian Journal of Communication, Scientometrics, Quality & Quantity, Technological Forecasting & Social Change
Editorial Boards of Scientometrics, Quality & Quantity, International Journal of Internet Science, Big Data & Society, CollNet Journal of Scientometrics & Information Management, Knowledge Economy, International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development, Social Media & Society, Triple Helix - A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Journal of Data & Information Science, Scholarly Metrics and Analytics (a specialty of Frontiers in Library and Information Science)

Director of Cyber Emotions Research Institute
President of WATEF (World Association for Triple Helix & Future Strategy Studies,
Formerly, Asia Triple Helix Society)
Formerly, Directors of World Class University Webometrics Institute and TEDxPalgong ,Visiting Scholar of Oxford Internet Institute https://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/people/han-woo-park/ Research Associate of Royal Netherland Academy (NIWI-KNAW http://virtualknowledgestudio.nl/people/former-vks-members/

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박한우 영어 이력서 Curriculum vitae 경희대 행사 제출용

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae 1. General information Name Han Woo PARK Affiliation YeungNam University, Korea Phone (Office) http://www.hanpark.net https://jceasia.org/ https://www.slideshare.net/hanpark E-mail hanpark@ynu.ac.kr 2. Educational background & professional experience 3. Research interests 4. List of major SSCI publications on socio-political issues in 2016 and 2017 Year Affiliation Position 2003 ~ Present YeungNam University Professor 2009 ~ 2011 World Class University Webometrics Institute Director 2008~2009 Oxford Internet Institute, UK Visiting fellow 2002 ~ 2003 Royal Netherlands Academy of Art & Science Research Associate 1999 ~ 2002 State Univ. of New York at Buffalo, USA PhD 1995 ~ 1996 Seoul National University MA 1991 ~ 1994 Hankuk University of Foreign Studies BA Big data, Social network analysis, Webometrics, Hyperlink analysis, Scientometrics 1. Barnett, G.A., Xu, W.W., Chu, J., Jiang, K., Huh, C., Park, J.Y., & Park, H. W.@ (2017). Measuring International Relations in Social Media Conversation. Government Information Quarterly*. 34, 37-44. 2. Jung, K.Y., Song, M.S., & Park, H.W.@ (2017 Online First). Filling the Gap between Bureaucratic and Adaptive Approaches to Crisis Management: Lessons from the Sewol Ferry Sinking in South Korea. Quality & Quantity*. 3. Barnett, G.A., Ruiz, J.B., Xu, W.W., Park, J.Y., Park, H.W.@ (2017). The World is Not Flat: Evaluating the Inequality in Global Information Gatekeeping through Website Co-Mentions. Technological Forecasting & Social Change.* 117, 38-45. 4. Park, H.W. (2017 Online First). YouTubers’networking activities during the 2016 South Korea earthquake. Quality & Quantity*. 5. Kim, J, Y., Lee, Y.O., & Park, H.W.@ (2016). Delineating the complex use of a political podcast in South Korea by hybrid web indicators: The case of the Nakkomsu Twitter network. Technological Forecasting & Social Change. 110, 42~50. 6. Heo, Y.C., Park, J.Y., Kim, J.Y., & Park, H.W.@ (2016). The Emerging Viewertariat in South Korea: The Seoul Mayoral TV Debate on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs. Telematics and Informatics* 33, 570-583, DOI information: 10.1016/j.tele.2015.08.003 7. Xu, W.W., Park, J.Y., Kim, J.Y., & Park, H.W.@ (2016). Networked cultural diffusion and creation on YouTube: An analysis of YouTube memes. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. 60(1), 104-122.
  2. 2. Here is the latest version of my slide http://bit.ly/2xBEJ8G Abstract Facebook bigdata to understand regime change and migration patterns during candlelight rallies over Park’s impeachment and 2017 presidential election in South Korea There are three case studies in this presentation. First of all, we conducted a social network analysis of conversation data generated by citizens on Facebook alongside the development of the candlelight protest. Next, we focused on Taegu(Daegu)- Kyeongbuk(TK) region that is well known as the political hometown of President Park. Lastly, we identified Facebook commenters across media when the motion of impeachment against Park passed the National Assembly and tracked their movement in early stage of presidential campaign Prof. Han Woo PARK Yeungnam University South Korea