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7 Health Risks of Too Much Sitting

  1. 7 Health Risks of Too Much Sitting
  2. Cardiovascular 1 Those who sit more than 8 hours a day are twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease than people who sit less than 4 hours
  3. Obesity 2 90 minutes After sitting for your metabolism slows dramatically, your body is less responsive to insulin and the enzyme that burns cholesterol reduces in production
  4. Cancer 3 cases of breast cancer could be due to 49,000 prolonged sitting
  5. Diabetes 4 Those who sit for a long time have higher levels of fasting blood less responsive glucose, which means they are then to insulin
  6. Back Ache 5 A combination of weak and tight muscles, which result from too much sitting, cause muscle and posture imbalance which then leads to sore, weakened backs
  7. Muscle Degeneration 6 Long periods of sittings can lead to muscle degeneration, which in turn leads to weakness and a poordamaging posture
  8. High Blood Pressure 7 Long bouts of physical inactivity could be pumping up your blood pressure and leading to higher risks of heart disease
  9. What Can You Do? STOP sitting! ... and start standing! Find simple tips and tricks at