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Photo album

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Photo album

  1. 1. Photo Albumby Hannah Newell
  2. 2. I like this photobecause there is nodistractions in thebackground, whichmakes people focuson the dog. I think this photo could be improved by using more light to brighten the picture.
  3. 3. IMG_9262 IMG_9264I don’t really like this photo because the flash is In my next shoot I will make sure too bright which creates shadows in the that the photo is not as dark so the background. image is easier to see.
  4. 4. IMG_9265 I think I could improve these two photos by not cropping my dogs ear off in the corner. IMG_9267 IMG_9268
  5. 5. IMG_9270IMG_9269 This photo could be improved by cropping out the plugs in the background IMG_9271
  6. 6. IMG_9273 IMG_9274 IMG_9276IMG_9275 I think all these photographs can be improved on my next shoot by making sure the floor isnt in the picture.
  7. 7. IMG_9277 IMG_9278 This picture could be improved by taking the picture from a different angle.IMG_9279
  8. 8. IMG_9281 IMG_9282IMG_9283 IMG_9284
  9. 9. IMG_9286 This could be improved bycropping the plug socket from the background of the photo.
  10. 10. I like this photo because I like the depth of field IMG_9081 as it creates effect. However, I think this could be improved by maybe cropping the wall out the back.I like the angle of this photo as we don’t need to see the whole of the dog, as we automatically recognise what it is. IMG_9083
  11. 11. IMG_9085 IMG_9086IMG_9087 IMG_9088
  12. 12. IMG_9097 I don’t like 3 of these photos because they are under exposed, however the 4th photo I think looks better but it could be improved by making it less blury.IMG_9100 IMG_9102
  13. 13. IMG_9103 IMG_9104 I don’t really like any of these photos because 2 of them are under exposed and the other one is over exposed.IMG_9105
  14. 14. Things to improve on my next shoot• Make sure photos are not under or over exposed.• Crop any distractions out of the background of my images.• Try to take photos from unusual angles rather than just from above.