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Turbocharge your scripts webinar ms final

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Webinar describing the utility of modified scripts

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Turbocharge your scripts webinar ms final

  1. 1. HOSTED BY: Turbocharge Your Account with Modified Scripts #thinkppc
  2. 2. Presenters • Jacob Fairclough – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero – @RealSecretJake • Eric Couch – Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – Blogger at PPC Hero – @ecouch11 #thinkppc
  3. 3. Join the conversation • Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. • Or use the webinar question box to send us questions. #thinkppc
  4. 4. Topic Turbocharge Your Account With Modified Scripts Get exclusive access to today’s scripts on PPC Hero Pro with our extended trial code at the end of the webinar! (Extended from 7 days to 30 days!) #thinkppc
  5. 5. Live Poll Question #1 What has been your favorite automation tool in 2013? #thinkppc A. B. C. D. AdWords Scripts Automated Rules VBA/Macros Other third party tools #thinkppc
  6. 6. Live Poll Question #2 Based on your experience do you plan on using automated solutions? #thinkppc A. More in the future B. Less in the future C. About the same amount in the future #thinkppc
  7. 7. Introduction to AdWords Scripts • Based on the popular JavaScript language. • Allows you to customize code to automatically make changes or pull data. • Used for: – Reporting – Bid/Budget Changes – New Ads and Ad Groups – And so much more. #thinkppc
  8. 8. Where to Find AdWords Scripts #thinkppc
  9. 9. Script #1: Create a New Text Ad • Original Script • Ads are pretty standard and are a great place to start automation. • This could save you anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. • Additionally, you can use scripts to tag your URLs with custom parameters. #thinkppc
  10. 10. What Changes? • Instead of using an ad group, lets select by campaign. • Better yet, for those of us who love using labels, we can sort by those too. • This will require us to change our selector near the top of the script. #thinkppc
  11. 11. Script #2: Add New Metrics to the Keyword Performance Report • Original Script • This script pulls keyword data and segments it by quality score and average position. • This shows how performance varies as these metrics change. • This will save you 15 minutes over completing the task manually in excel. Better yet, you can run it as many times as you want in the future. #thinkppc
  12. 12. What Changes? • First, we need to change our header settings in the file. If we don’t add additional columns, our data won’t have anywhere to go. • Second we need to calculate and grab the new data, conversions and conversion rate. #thinkppc
  13. 13. Script #3: Campaign Copier • Copies the content of one campaign into another campaign. • This can save a few minutes to hours, especially for very large campaigns or those that require a lot of changes. • Example uses, splitting campaigns out into different match types and labeling ad groups. #thinkppc
  14. 14. What Changes? • Like the ad creator, we will change the selector. • Second, we will make use to labels to let us know what parts have been successfully copied. This is very helpful for large operations. #thinkppc
  15. 15. Script #4: Pause Ad Groups with Declining Stats • Original Script • This script pauses an ad group based on the past three weeks of data. If metrics continue to decline over time, the script pauses the ad group. • This can save you time by automatically removing poor performing parts of your account. • This can save over 30 minutes in any week, depending on the size of the account. #thinkppc
  16. 16. What Changes? • CTR is great but what about conversions, the ultimate goal? • If my traffic continues to rise but I’m not getting conversions, I’m just wasting money. • Let’s set up a system to check in on conversions and pause those groups as needed. #thinkppc
  17. 17. What Else is Possible? • Create reports using Google Spreadsheets and Google Charts. • Automate simple account checks for major performance changes. • Customizable bid rules. • You can get very adventurous and automate keyword mining in SQR’s using AWQL. #thinkppc
  18. 18. Live Poll Question #3 Would you like to receive… A. Free Solutions Blueprint (Account Assessment) for Paid Search accounts over 20k/mo in Adspend. B. An Extended Free Trial of PPC Hero Pro for 30 Days (extended from 7 days to 30 days for webinar attendees only) Offer expires 10/30/2013. Use code: PPCHeroPro57638291 C. Both D. Neither #thinkppc
  19. 19. Live Q&A Time! #thinkppc
  20. 20. Have more questions? Thanks for attending our webinar! #thinkppc • Get all of these scripts free on PPC Hero Pro with our extended Trial (Extended from 7 days to 1 month) Offer Valid until 10/30/2013. Use this code: PPCHeroPro57638291 • Or Contact us Directly: • Webinar Feedback: marketing@hanapinmarketing.com #thinkppc