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Investing in Brand Campaigns? Post-Click Experience is Key

In this presentation, Hanapin's Stephanie White will team up with Instapage’s Ginny Tonkin to teach you how to bring branded campaigns into your paid strategy and the details to pay attention to.

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Investing in Brand Campaigns? Post-Click Experience is Key

  1. 1. Investing in Brand Campaigns? User Experience is Key With Stephanie White and Ginny Tonkin
  2. 2. Presenters Stephanie White ● Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing ● @StephaniePPCPro Ginny Tonkin ● Partner Manager, Technology Partnerships at Instapage ● @GinnyTonkin
  3. 3. About Hanapin Hanapin also produces PPC Hero and Hero Conf The digital marketing experts who create unique solutions to empower you to be the hero at your business.
  4. 4. Join the Conversation Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets, or use the webinar question box to send us questions.
  5. 5. How long have you been in digital marketing? A. 0-3 years B. 3-5 years C. 5-10 years D.10+ years
  6. 6. AGENDA ● Importance of Branded Ads ● Incremental Lift/Ad Recall ● Impacts of Pausing/Activating Brand Ads ● Connect Searchers to the Right Landing Page ● Homepage vs Landing Pages ● What is Instapage? ● Ad to Landing Page Personalization ● Landing Page Best Practices
  7. 7. Importance of Branded Ads ● Protect your name ● Dominate Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) ● Show in #1 position ● Control messaging ● Test different landing pages ● Clicks are cheap ● Incremental traffic lift ● Incremental revenue/leads lift Freepik
  8. 8. Arguments Against Branded Ads ● Organic is already #1 ● Google gets too much $ already ● “I never click on paid ads” ● Cannibalize organic listings ● CPCs continue to rise Freepik
  9. 9. Protect Your Name
  10. 10. Brand Ads Incremental Profitability Study Wharton: Ad Effectiveness Study ● +32% increase clicks ● +53% increase conversions ● +38% increase in profitability Freepik Resource: http://wcai.wharton.upenn.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Ad_Effectiveness_bios_and_abstracts.pdf
  11. 11. Brand Ads - Incremental Lift “Search Ads Pause Study” Ads increased overall clicks. 89% of the traffic is not replaced by Organic when search ads were paused. Freepik Resource: https://ai.google/research/pubs/pub37161
  12. 12. Brand Ads - Ad Recall “Search Ads Pause Study” Study also revealed that Ad Recall was 24% higher for searchers who saw paid ad in SERPS compared to no ad. Freepik Resource: https://ai.google/research/pubs/pub37161 +24% Ad Recall No Ad Ad
  13. 13. Control Your SERPS
  14. 14. Pausing Branded Ads Google Ads Impact ● Costs decreased by 9% ● Conversions decreased by 52% ● CPA increased by 91% ● ROAS decreased by 49% ● Ads revenue decreased by over $234,000 Google Ads Stats (Active) Stats (Paused) Delta Cost $20,337 $18,499 -9% Conversions 1298 618 -52% Revenue $434,691 $200,033 -54% ROAS 2137% 1081% -49% Auto Parts Industry 7/31/18-8/27/18
  15. 15. Pausing Branded Ads Channel Impact ● Paid Search revenue decreased 52% ● Organic revenue increased by 12% ● Channel revenue decreased by more than $345,000 Channels Revenue (Active) Revenue (Paused) Delta Paid Search $494,059 $236,646 -52% Organic $394,714 $443,254 +12% Direct $179,424 $159,727 -11% Email $205,864 $134,679 -35% Auto Parts Industry 7/31/18-8/27/18
  16. 16. Re-Activating Branded Ads Channel Impact ● Paid Search revenue increased 36 ● Organic revenue decreased by 22% ● Revenue gains approximately $85,000 Channels Revenue (Paused) Revenue (Activated) Delta Paid Search $236,645 $367,701 +36% Organic $443,254 $365,905 -22% Direct $159,727 $176,650 +10% Email $134,679 $144,023 +9% Auto Parts Industry 8/28/18-9/24/18
  17. 17. Brand Impacts After Launching Non-Brand ● Brand Costs up 5% ● Clicks up by 24% ● Transactions up 231% ● Revenue up 213% ● Conv Rate up 61%
  18. 18. Match Keywords to Landing Pages Brand + Reviews Brand + Product Brand + Contact In Brand campaigns, make it easy for searchers by connecting them to the most relevant landing page to their search term.
  19. 19. Homepage vs. Landing pages Homepages ● Help searchers get to next page ● Informational ● Broad focus ● Links to resources Landing Page ● Help searchers convert ● Narrow focus ● Limited distractions ● Includes CTA Landing Pages
  20. 20. The Difference Between Landing Pages & All Other Web Pages Optimizing a landing page isn’t like optimizing other web pages. Landing pages are designed to drive action. • Are tailored to an ad campaign • Employ persuasive design principles • Designed specifically for conversion Landing Pages:
  21. 21. What is Instapage? Instapage offers Advertising Conversion Cloud™ platform that turns digital advertising clicks into conversions. Instapage enables advertisers and marketers to build personalized post-click experiences at scale. We have the most powerful landing page builder and are the only platform to offer scalable creation, personalization, real-time collaboration, a full A/B testing and experimentation suite, and an Enterprise solution with Customer Success and Professional Services. Every Potential Customer Gets a Personalized Post-Click Experience Our VisionOur Mission Driving conversions for over 15,000 customers including Automate Advertising Conversion
  22. 22. 96% of Ad Clicks Do Not Convert
  23. 23. Because Landing Pages Don’t Match Ads © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute
  24. 24. Higher Conversions Most marketers are converting their ad traffic at < 4%. #1 reason is sending ad clicks to pages that don’t match the ad. Lower CPA Increased relevance lowers cost-per-acquisition. The savings are significant over time. Better Brand Impression Consumers judge companies based on the quality of brand interactions. A fast-loading, highly relevant, and well designed experience builds a good brand impression. You Need 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization
  25. 25. Personalization Drives Real Results Analyst Research Proves Personalization Drives Results Source: McKinsey & Company 5-15% lift in revenue 50% reduction in acquisition costs 10%-30% increase in marketing spend efficiency
  26. 26. Average Instapage Conversion Rate Average Advertising Conversion Rate 16**%3.75*% *Google Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry, WordStream **Instapage customer data Proven up to 4X Conversion Lift
  27. 27. The Post-Click is Where the Conversion Happens B2B B2C © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute Bottom line: The post-click experience is critical to delivering the results your clients care about.
  28. 28. Post-Click Automation Best Practices It’s easier to convert a click that you already have than to acquire a new click.
  29. 29. Give Every Ad and Audience a Personalized Post-Click Experience © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute
  30. 30. Personalization Best Practices © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute Aim for 1:1 ad-to-page personalization by pairing every ad and audience with a personalized post-click experience. ● Highlight the audience you are looking to reach ● Use dynamic text replacements Source: McKinsey & Company
  31. 31. Message Matching © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute Utilize consistent messaging throughout your pre-click and post-click elements. ● Use similar headlines. ● Align your design aesthetics. ● Include the same offer or message.
  32. 32. 1:1 Conversion Ratio © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute Promoted Banner Ad Landing Page
  33. 33. Create Urgency © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute Encourage immediate action. ● Use compelling copy. ● Offer a discount to action- takers. ● Consider countdowns for limited-time offers or events.
  34. 34. Always Be Testing © 2019 Instapage, Inc. | Proprietary and Confidential | Do Not Distribute ● Start with a minimum viable page ● Incrementally refine the process ● Don’t try to do it all at once!
  35. 35. Would you like an offer? A. I’d like Instapage’s e-book: The Marketer’s Guide to New Optimization Opportunities B. I’d like be registered for the Midwest Digital Marketing Day on July 25th C. I’d like both D. No, thanks.
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. Thanks for joining our webinar! Hanapin: marketing@hanapinmarketing.com Instapage: ginny@instapage.com