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5 Reasons to Use Amazon DSP in 2020

Join Hanapin Marketing’s Cassie Oumedian and Bryan Gaynor as they walk you through the 5 reasons your business should be taking advantage of the capabilities of Amazon DSP – as well as results businesses are seeing from the platform.

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5 Reasons to Use Amazon DSP in 2020

  1. 1. 5 Reasons to Use Amazon DSP in 2020
  2. 2. We make our clients the heroes of their organization. We’re a digital marketing agency with deep expertise in a narrow-range of high-growth digital marketing solutions including paid search, paid social, programmatic and conversion rate optimization. We help complex businesses that have multiple brands, products, locations and/or services grow and expand their business. Hanapin also produces:
  3. 3. Join the Conversation Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets, or use the webinar question box to send us questions.
  4. 4. What platforms are you spending your programmatic dollar in? A. Amazon DSP B. Google Display Video 360 (DV360) C. Trade Desk D. Other
  5. 5. What is Amazon DSP? Amazon DSP allows advertisers to use Amazon customer information to target audiences not only on amazon.com and sites owned by Amazon, such as IMDB, but also on websites outside of Amazon’s owned-and-operated sites
  6. 6. Why Amazon DSP? “Q3 2019, the median DSP advertiser saw 58% of all DSP ad impressions come from Amazon sites, with 68% of spend allocated to such sites...73% of all purchases attributed to Amazon DSP ads”
  7. 7. A Changing Landscape Attempting to continuously optimize to a CPA, or ROAS limits growth long term Direct Response is not enough Amazon is no longer a small part of a bigger sales strategy. It is a platform to introduce your brand at every stage of the funnel Brand is King Utilize Amazon intent based data to adjust to the change in how you get in-front of the most engaged users. Cookie-pocolypse
  8. 8. Audiences Amazon owned audience data gives deep insight to user behavior and profile.
  9. 9. Amazon DSP Creative Quality Creative is Crucial ○ Amazon DSP includes standard sizes for display on Amazon and other sites around the web.
  10. 10. Desktop & Mobile Display Ads Amazon DSP includes standard sizes for display on Amazon and other sites around the web.
  11. 11. Mobile Banner Ads Reach and target mobile users on high-quality third-party mobile applications on Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS platforms.
  12. 12. Mobile interstitial ads Mobile publishers can choose to display full-screen interstitial ads in their app, instead of or in addition to banner ads.
  13. 13. Video ads Advertisers can serve 5+ second in-stream and out-stream video ads in MP4, WebM, or FLV Over The Top (OTT) available in US * restrictions do apply
  14. 14. How much are you spending in Programmatic on average per month? A. $5K - $25K B. $25K - $50K C. $50K - $100K D. $100K+ E. I’m not spending any in programmatic right now.
  15. 15. Do you plan to spend more on programmatic advertising in 2020? A. Yes B. No C. Maybe
  16. 16. Inventory Amazon opens a gateway to many placement options ● Amazon ● IMDB ● Audible ● Fire TV & Fire Stick Apps ● Multiple Programmatic Exchanges ● Private Marketplaces & Deals
  17. 17. Attribution Understand which channels are most effective and efficient at driving performance on Amazon.
  18. 18. Key Takeaways 1. Don’t have to have products on Amazon to use Amazon DSP! 2. Run a Branded Search Campaign while running Amazon DSP and track lift in Branded conversions to measure results. 3. Competition is on the rise. CPMs continue to increase (up 30% YoY) but advertisers are paying for it due to quality traffic and more revenue. 4. Amazon DSP offers more robust audience selection, optimizations and brand control for advertisers to reach Net-New clients. 5. First Party Data is key and Amazon has it.
  19. 19. For our webinar attendees today: A. I’d like more information about Hero Conf Austin. B. I’d like an account analysis from Hanapin ($15K monthly spend minimum). C. All of the above. D. No, thanks.