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2015 Consumer Trends in Food and Beverage - Insights from SIAL Paris

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The Sial presentation features the trends we believe will shape 2015 in the food & beverage industry, along with examples from the SIAL Paris 2014 exhibition, which in our opinion best express those trends.
We believe that today's consumer wants to avoid stress as much as possible, while enjoying any consumption opportunity and managing to turn those events into exciting experiences. The SIAL innovations featured in this presentation demonstrate some of the marketers' responses to these needs.

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2015 Consumer Trends in Food and Beverage - Insights from SIAL Paris

  1. 1. 2015 Consumer Trends in Food & Beverage
  2. 2. Introduction • An analysis of F&B trends, as reflected by the SIAL Paris 2014 exhibition • In October 2014, we visited the SIAL Paris exhibition in order to review the most interesting innovations in F&B straight from the field, and to help our clients to find partners and discover new opportunities. • We’ve built an innovation database and analyzed the trends we saw, based on our 15 years experience in Food & Beverage marketing research. • This presentation features the trends we believe will shape 2015 in the food & beverage industry, along with examples from the exhibition, which in our opinion best express those trends.
  3. 3. Trend Mapping
  4. 4. 2015 F&B Consumer Trends • These are the main consumer trends in the food and beverage industry, stemming from the analysis of our SIAL Paris 2014 Database: BFA Better For All LAP Like A Pro DIY Do It Yourself FUN …Fun NOD New Occasions/ Demogra-phics SF Stress- Free
  5. 5. Better For All • Today’s consumers want to be healthier, without missing out on all the fun. • The consumers also try to be more responsible in regard to animal welfare, social rights and the environment (trends which are considered especially relevant to “Millennial” consumers). We believe this also explains the growing interest in Veganism, as demonstrated by this Google Trends graph below (Jan., 2015). “Clean eating” and “healthy eating” demonstrate similar search patterns, and we believe this is due to similar perceptions of both subjects.
  6. 6. Better For All | Claims • BFY food and beverage must convince that they are also full of flavor, satisfying by texture, and even indulgent. • Those claims are easy to make in “better for All” products - as indulgence goes well with source claims, artisanal production and homemade positioning. • The non-alcoholic beverages category provided many examples for the Better For All trend in the exhibition, mostly due to “better for you” type of innovations. • Some of the innovative beverage ingredients were: • Aloe vera • Coffee Fruit • Collagen • Fruit • Herbs • Spirulina Many innovations included fruit as a main ingredient: this is not surprising, as the anti- sugar trend is on the rise and people will increasingly search for natural, “real” sweet snacks, which constitute “proper” food rather than “junk” / overly processed food.
  7. 7. Better For All | Trend Hive Better For You Better / Innovative Ingredients, Clean/ Clear Label, Functional Allergy- Free Gluten-Free, Lactose Free, Nut-Free Ethical Environment Friendly, Animal Welfare, Social Responsibility
  8. 8. Do It Yourself • Consumers have access to more information than ever before, and they can and want to do things their own way. • Personalization and customization is a way of life in today’s digital world, as is a sense of control. • To top it all, more and more consumers want to feel more connected to nature. • As a result, consumers take interest in kits and do it yourself solutions, which make them feel empowered and capable.
  9. 9. Do It Yourself | Trend Hive Complete Kits For the entire preparation process Just Add… Main Ingredients, requires adding other ingredients Home Growing Self gardening kits
  10. 10. Fun • Fun and flavor is top priority for the F&B consumer. The adult consumer doesn’t want to be bored – they want a new format so that the consumption experience will become better; they want that extra, out of context ingredient; they seek indulgence through premium or artisanal treats.
  11. 11. Fun | Trend Hive Indulgence Delightful ingredients, Creamy Textures, Layers, Radical / changing flavors FormatsSnacking Taste the World Ethnic & world flavors, bringing the Away From Home
  12. 12. Like A Pro • Cooking and home entertaining are on the rise, as witnessed by the growing interest in cooking magazines and show among other indications. Foodie consumers have grown accustomed to interesting, innovative flavors from out-of-home consumption, and they wish to repeat that experience with their home cooking. • Marketers are following suit, with innovative textures and flavors which give a final touch to the home cooker’s dish, without much effort. Make 90% of the product yourself and finish off with a professional touch: We believe this can be applied to many categories in FMCG and beyond.
  13. 13. Like a Pro | Trend Hive Condiments New formats for exciting dish finishing Premium Ingredients The special ingredient which changes the dish New Textures Helping the consumer offer a standout meal
  14. 14. New Occasions / Demographics • Marketers are seeking growth, and are trying to approach new demographic segments – or expand existing demographics’ usage through new consumption occasions.
  15. 15. NOD| Trend Hive New Occasions Targeting new consumption opportunities throughout the day New Demogra- phics Targeting new consumer groups beyond the regular consumers Connecting Utilizing digital technology to engage consumers differently
  16. 16. Stress Free • Over the last decade, “Convenience” has been considered a top FMCG trend. Marketers have been searching for snackable formats, on-the- go options, and other portable packaging. • This has furthered developed into new consumption opportunities, identifying that consumers have changed their lifestyles and are opting for many smaller meals throughout the day, rather than a few square meals. • We believe at that the future of convenience is “the Stress-Free product”: consumers don’t want convenience for the sake of it; they want convenience in order to take off themselves one more responsibility – planning at advance, making preparations; considering the fact that toddlers and young kids have a hard time eating their snacks – and parents are having a hard time cleaning up after them, and looking for all allergens on the package. Outside of F&B categories, the FMCG world is engaged in IOT / Internet of Things – a new approach to connectivity, which allows the consumer to stress less about everyday appliance activation and wearable tech, to save energy, time and money and further personalize their homes. We think F&B has a big opportunity for stretching in this field as well.
  17. 17. Stress Free | Trend Hive Convenient & Portable Snackable, pre-made, pre-portioned, smart packaging Mess-Free For on the go consumption and for kids Allergen- Free Gluten / nut / dairy / soy free
  18. 18. Innovations We Like
  19. 19. Relaxation & Detoxification http://www.goodnightdrink.com/ NODSF
  20. 20. Relaxation & Detoxification http://www.outox.com/en/ NODSF
  21. 21. Detoxification • “This product is designed to strengthen the effect of dieting by adding Cabbage and Broccoli to the 5 color fundamental vegetables, which are the ingredients of the 5 color fundamental vegsu:p tea.” BFA NOD
  22. 22. Antioxidants Rich Antioxidants: still a major hit “Our desire is to put the best of microalgae at everyone’s disposal paired with an eco-friendly way of production. Springwave is coming up with its first healthy water drink ; delicious and with health benefits by using spirulina.” BFA NOD
  23. 23. Super-Fruit “Each bottle of Bai5 offers fresh fruit flavor infused with coffeefruit, our antioxidant- rich “secret superfruit.” Sweetened with organic stevia, Bai5 is the all-natural, five- calorie way to bring healthy, bold flavor into your life.” http://www.drinkbai.com/bai5 BFA SF
  24. 24. Super-Fruit http://www.berrywhite.com/index.html BFA
  25. 25. Fruit Fruit snacks http://www.polaretti.it/ BFA FUN NODSF
  26. 26. Vegan Fruit and nuts bar: Raw, vegan, no sugar, no maltitol http://www.madegoodfoods.com/ BFA SF
  27. 27. Dairy-Free Dairy-Free Desserts BFA FUN SF
  28. 28. Vegetables http://www.toogood.fr/ BFA FUN NODSF http://gowaybetter.com/
  29. 29. Vegetables http://www.alimentaria-bcn.ecatalogue.es BFA FUN NODSF
  30. 30. No Added Sugar www.diablosugarfree.com BFA FUN NODSF
  31. 31. Monk Fruit as Sweetener http://www.koochikoo.net/sugar- free-cookies.html BFA FUN NODSF
  32. 32. Aloe-Vera “Effect of Aloe Improve blood circulation, Prevents coronary heart disease, Relieves gastrointestinal problems, Works as an antioxidant, Aids in digestion, Aids in kidney and liver functions, Prevent hair loss, Constipation and unpleasant breath, Fatigue recovery, Weight loss, The strengthening of joints and cancer fighting, Improve the immune system function, Promote skin health, and Protect the cardiovascular system” http://okfcorp.en.ecplaza.net/ BFA
  33. 33. Super-Food http://en.sojasun.com/ http://roobar.com/ BFA FUN SF
  34. 34. Super-Food http://vithit.com/ BFA NODSF
  35. 35. Super-Food www.avomix.com BFA NOD
  36. 36. Energy http://www.divasdrink.com/_new/en/ BFA FUN NODSF
  37. 37. Energy http://dancing-cow.com/1minute/ BFA NODSF DANCING COW 1-MINUTE BREAKFAST is an innovative drink and serves the consumer all the components of a perfect breakfast: cereals (wheat, barley, oat, rice), protein, carbs, calcium, vitamins and minerals.
  38. 38. Fitness http://www.lactel.fr/ http://www.go-active.co/ BFA NOD SF
  39. 39. Gluten-Free Gluten free http://www.rosiesfood.com/sha ke-awake/ BFA FUN NODSF
  40. 40. Natural Colors Kids’ salt BFA LAP NOD http://www.saltoftheearthltd. com/innovative/wonder-salt/
  41. 41. Flowers Hibiscus based yogurt BFA
  42. 42. Sophisticated Flavors FUN NOD http://www.brets.fr/nos-produits
  43. 43. Nuts Hazelnut-cocoa drink http://www.cacolac.com/notre_gamme FUNNOD
  44. 44. Coffee Flavors http://cookienotti.com/ FUN NOD
  45. 45. Kits Grow your own mushrooms https://pretapousser.fr/ DIY FUN NOD
  46. 46. Kits http://brooklynbrewshop.com/beer-making-kits/ DIY FUN NOD
  47. 47. Ready to Cook http://www.trevijano.com/gama.php?gama=p aellas DIY FUN
  48. 48. Convenience http://www.martinet.fr/ BFA SF http://www.fratelliberetta.com/ FUN SF
  49. 49. Portability “Vilkyškių pieninė’s glazed sweet cheeses are made from natural cottage cheese, they are great tasting and nutritious. Our cheeses are not just for kids. Adults are also welcome to enjoy them over a cup of tea or coffee, because it is a delicious and healthy dessert for the whole family.” BFA FUN NOD
  50. 50. Portability http://www.dremz.com/ BFA NODSF
  51. 51. Portability “MadeGood™ Granola Minis are peanut free, organic and contain the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables from six different sources, they’re also made from whole grains and are non–GMO verified. Granola Minis are the portable, pop-able snack packed with nutrition and flavour. These wholesome bites come in three yummy varieties and make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up at school or on the go.” Stress Free – wholesome ingredients, portable and allergen- free. BFA SF
  52. 52. Innovative Formats “vinegar juliennes” http://www.frenchcooker.com/91-c-french- cooker-juliennes-de-vinaigre.html LAPFUN
  53. 53. Innovative Formats Fruit Mousse http://woos.fr/index.php/gamme BFALAPFUN
  54. 54. Innovative Formats SF
  55. 55. Innovative Formats http://balparmak.com.tr/urunler/honeybana-balparmak/ BFA SF
  56. 56. Innovative Formats http://les-twists.com SFFUN
  57. 57. World Flavors Mustard with Wasabi (France) LAPFUN
  58. 58. World Flavors http://www.dukeofdelhi.com/ FUN NOD
  59. 59. Cognitive Benefits “Every day, you are bombarded with all kinds of information, conversations and requests. In the mass of stimuli, you are constantly distracted. However, all of that melt away, when you focus on just one thing. When you are focused, the whole world disappears, time slows down, your senses are heightened and the only thing that matters is the present moment. Hello Day!® FOCUS is source of magnesium and vitamin B6, which contribute to normal function of nervous system and to normal psychological functions. Whole grain. Natural source of fibre.” http://myhelloday.com/en/focus BFA SF
  60. 60. Solutions http://www.mccoyteas.com/te a-cookies-2/ BFAFUN SF
  61. 61. Beauty Vinegar has been used throughout centuries for health maintenance. It is believed that vinegar-drinking can give ones good health, healthy skin, healthy hair, twinkling eyes and beautiful nails. It is popular for improving blood flow and weight control. It is also believed that vinegar-drinking is effective to prevent illness, by strengthening the immune system and stimulating ones metabolism. So that one feels vitality, fit and healthy all day long! NOD BFA
  62. 62. Key Take Away...
  63. 63. Consumer Needs Snapshot Live Better Stress Less Go Pro Stress- Free: DIY, LAP Better For You, Better For All Have More Fun As answered by the SIAL innovations featured in this presentation: Contact Us | hamutal@researchci.com +972-54-7650789
  64. 64. Remember: Keep it REAL! • Real Food: Minimally processed / super-ingredients which are also good for “others” • Real Convenience: tailor the product to the demographic group, aim to MAKE LIFE EASIER • Real Fun: play with textures, world flavors, colors and layers. Or, add value with a story / content / connectivity • Real Foodies: let the consumer shine through professional-grade solutions
  65. 65. Field Intelligence Services
  66. 66. Volley: Field Intelligence Trade shows and conferences provide a chance to check out trends and innovations before they hit the market, and identify opportunities. To get the most out of key industry events, Schieber Research offers you a professional eye and valuable competitive insights – from the field. We are visiting and covering key global events, so whether you are visiting the event or not, you can gain access to: 1. Trends and innovations reports covering the event, including contacts and pictures for featured products 2. Tailor-made research including field interviews with potential partners, suppliers or competitors  Interested in getting our Sial 2014 Database, providing analysis of almost 130 products?  Want to invite us for a talk on innovation and consumer trends?  Write to: hamutal@researchci.com
  67. 67. Connect / Follow Us http://www.slideshare.net/hamutalewin https://www.facebook.com/schieber.research http://il.linkedin.com/in/hamutal Established in 2009 by Hamutal Schieber, Schieber Research is a premium market research boutique, providing tailor-made reports and competitive intelligence reports. We assist Israeli and Global firms, to make decisions which take into consideration the relevant market, consumer and shopper trends; and to know and consider the most important aspects of their decisions.
  68. 68. Contact Us | info@researchci.com www.researchci.com