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General contractors duties and responsibilities

This article isabout the General Contractors Duties and Responsibilities.
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General contractors duties and responsibilities

  1. 1. Title: General Contractors: Duties and Responsibilities Article Summary: A general contractor is the one in-charge for the whole supervision of the construction process. He is the one responsible for the overall production of the whole construction project. The specific duties of a general contractor includes: plan implementation, payroll functions, purchasing of materials, acquisition of permits and licenses, law reviews, proper budget allocation and implementation of changes. Article Body: A general contractor is responsible for the overall production and supervision of a construction project. He is bound to meet the expectation of the client constructing the project according to the designer’s plans and specifications following the conditions, price and time frame set in the contract. Careful Planning, proper coordination, and maintaining an effective system of communication is also the responsibility of a general contractor. He also needs to carry out all the processes needed for the construction of the project starting from planning to maintenance. Quality of work and safety of workers should not be sacrificed in the course of the project construction. Specific Duties of a General Contractor Implementation of plans To ensure that the construction is done in a timely manner, a general contractor needs to implement a plan that extends in hiring workers to establishing a step-by-step timeline or time frame which will serve as a guide from the start of the construction to finish. Engage in payroll functions The general contractor is also responsible for hiring, supervising and sometimes firing employees who do no good in the project. Since it is his responsibility to hire, he must also engage in payroll functions since workers need to be paid and compensated. Purchasing and obtaining materials A general contractor is also responsible for producing and obtaining the materials needed for the construction. Acquiring the necessary materials for the project is in the hands of the general contractor. This entails proper coordination to various suppliers. Acquisition of permits and licenses It is the responsibility of the general contractor to get necessary licenses and permits from authorities and relevant entities before the construction begins to ensure that problems in the construction site, internal and external problems will not arise. This includes building permits and zoning permits that are necessary to ensure that the construction will not destroy the environment and will provide no hazards to the community. Law reviews and regulation research The contractor must also do his research on the rules, regulation and laws that are relevant and significant to the construction process. There are laws that limit building in certain areas, from location
  2. 2. to the environment hazards. These laws must be taken into consideration to have an assurance that the construction is dine through a law-abiding manner. Proper Budget use and Allocation The general contractor should ensure that all spending and costs are within the working budget. This allows the construction process to mobilize in a co-efficient manner. Instituting and following the budget allocation should be taken seriously to ensure that the construction will be done according to how it is suppose to finish. Implementing changes If changes are necessary, it is the responsibility of the general contractor to implement them. Since they are responsible for the whole supervision and monitoring of the project, it is within their scope to implement changes if necessary for the betterment and productivity of the construction. Deal with emergency Unavoidable circumstances permit the cause of emergency cases. It is the responsibility of the contractor to deal with the problems and consult his client for possible solutions and suggestions. The general contractor is in-charge of the totality of the project; he is the one accountable for any emergency or casualty issues. Traits of a General Contractor Good Decision Maker General contractors should be decisive; he needs to be a good decision maker as he will be dealing with the totality of the project from planning with the client, coordination to maintenance. Important decisions need to be made any time so he has to know how to act on certain issues. Highly Experienced General contractors should have established experience. Dealing on a project in which you are not expert of makes you unproductive. Having enough experience help the contractor to perform his job in a timely and effective manner. Good Leader General contractors should have leadership skills. Many individuals and entities will count on the general contractor so he needs to possess leadership skills to be able to show them the way to solve problems and make all works accomplished. Problem Solver General contractors should be able to solve problems in a quick and speedy manner. They should be a good problem solver to provide necessary solutions. Since the construction follows a time frame, a delay in one area of the construction can affect all production. One mistake may to the holdback of the whole construction so a general contractor must be able to provide possible solutions immediately.