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Module5 quiz

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Module5 quiz

  1. 1. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 5Test 5 - Module 5VocabularyA. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. answer leave read keep make shake1. “Can you a secret?” asked Louise in a low voice.2. Brad always manages to a fool of himself.3. Mr. Stevens is not in at the moment, but you can him a message.4. Eddie may be deaf but he can lips very well, so it won’t be difficult to communicate with him.5. I’ve been calling you all morning. Why don’t you the phone?6. In many countries, people hands when they meet for the first time. SCORE 6B. Match.1. answering a. language2. pay b. case3. sign c. stop4. lower d. machine5. music e. phone6. full f. clip SCORE 6Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  2. 2. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 5C. Find the words.1. The ability to speak. S_ _ _ _ _2. An instrument used in science which makes very small things look larger. M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _3. A movement you make with your hands, head or face which has a special meaning. G_ _ _ _ _ _4. A very short informal letter. N_ _ _5. A wide road where traffic can travel fast. M_ _ _ _ _ _ _6. A part of a building usually below the ground. B_ _ _ _ _ _ _ SCORE 6CommunicationComplete the dialogue with the phrases a-e. a. I’m stuck in traffic b. they’re starving c. you’ve lost your way again d. I’m afraid e. I’m on my wayEric Fiona! It’s me, Eric! Where are you? Everyone else is here and (1) !Fiona Don’t worry, (2) .Eric How long are you going to be?Fiona Well, (3) there’s a small problem.Eric Don’t tell me (4) !Fiona No, not this time. But (5) . It seems that I’ll be here for another half hour.Eric OK, then. Drive safely.Fiona I will. SCORE 10Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  3. 3. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 5GrammarA. Choose a, b or c.1. you answer the phone, please? a. Must b. Will c. Need2. Mina hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning. She be starving! a. can’t b. may c. must3. Did you know that Daniel wiggle his ears? a. might b. can c. would4. You download Chilli’s new album. I’ve already done it. a. needn’t b. may not c. mustn’t5. Jamie know how to break the secret code. Let’s ask him. a. might b. is able to c. needs to6. Tim understand sign language two years ago but now he teaches it. a. could b. wasn’t able to c. can’t SCORE 6Β. Complete the sentences with the correct form of need.1. I to borrow your microscope. May I?2. Gary to feed the dog. His dad has already fed him.3. You to be computer literate to get this job.4. Mum, you hug Charlie every time you see him. He hates it! SCORE 4Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  4. 4. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 5C. Complete the sentences with the full infinitive, bare infinitive or -ing form of the verbs in brackets.1. Peter doesn’t like (shake) hands with people he doesn’t know.2. Sally refused (help) me with my homework.3. You shouldn’t (point) at people. It’s very rude.4. Mandy doesn’t mind (iron) as long as somebody else does the washing-up.5. Kelly went to the cinema with Peter (watch) the new X-men film.6. Stop (do) that! It’s really annoying! SCORE 6D. Rewrite the sentences using the words given and the full or bare infinitive or the -ing form.1. Let’s buy Jim this mobile phone for his birthday. How about2. I was very sad when I heard that Carol’s dog had died. I was sorry3. I’m not sure we turned off the TV before we left the house. I don’t remember4. Eating too much sugar is not good for you. You should avoid5. Do this exercise. It’s easy. It’s easy6. John can’t go to the cinema. His mother doesn’t let him. John’s mother SCORE 12Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  5. 5. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 5ListeningListen to three people talking. Choose a or b.Speaker 1a. went to New Zealand to visit her aunt b. visited the MaoriSpeaker 2a. got upset because he didn’t like the food b. upset the waiter with his gestureSpeaker 3a. didn’t know his way around Tokyo b. asked a stranger for money SCORE 6Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  6. 6. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 5ReadingRead the text and answer the questions.Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  7. 7. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 51. What did the girls arrange to do together?2. When are they going to meet?3. How will Nancy go into town?4. Where will the girls meet? SCORE 8WritingYour friend is having a party and he/she has sent you an SMS to invite you. You can’t go to theparty. Send him/her an e-mail refusing the invitation, explaining why. SCORE 10Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  8. 8. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 6Test 6 - Module 6VocabularyA. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.1. Greenpeace is an which tries to help save the environment. ORGANISE2. During the summer, we went scuba diving and saw lots of fish. COLOUR3. The sailing showed us how to steer the yacht. INSTRUCT4. About 120 people were left by the flood. HOME5. All the products we sell in this shop are safe. ENVIRONMENT6. have proved that the coastal area near the shipwreck is clean. RESEARCH7. Air has become a major problem for most modern cities. POLLUTE SCORE 7B. Choose a, b or c.1. If your body loses a lot of water, you might get vision. a. dizzy b. blurred c. rough2. When David travels by ship, he always gets . a. seasick b. artificial c. essential3. The Titanic in 1912 because it hit an iceberg. a. harmed b. sank c. formed4. Car are responsible for the pollution in our city. a. fumes b. smog c. chemicals5. A big tsunami caused a lot of in Asia in 2005. a. damage b. waste c. leak6. The rescue team told the trapped boy not to . a. strike b. panic c. steer SCORE 6Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  9. 9. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 6C. Match the words with their definitions.1. earthquake a. The group of people who are responsible for running a country.2. government b. A bright flash in the sky during a heavy storm.3. habitat c. A sudden movement of the earth’s surface.4. fog d. The place where a particular animal or plant lives.5. lightning e. Somebody who has been attacked, injured or killed (because of a crime, accident, illness, etc.)6. resident f. The person who lives in a place, area, building, etc.7. victim g. A thick cloud near the land or sea that is very difficult to see through. SCORE 7CommunicationComplete the dialogue with the phrases a-d. a. Not to worry b. Stop moaning c. I haven’t found my sea legs yet d. Trust meJamie The sea is so rough today. I don’t think sailing is a good idea.Steve (1) ! We’ve just got on board.Jamie What? We’ve been on this yacht for an hour and (2) . In fact, I don’t think I ever will.Steve In a few minutes you’ll be fine. (3) . I know what I’m talking about.Jamie No, Steve, you don’t get it ... I’m getting seasick. I mean it.Steve (4) . Just sit over there and relax. The sea won’t be rough during the whole journey. You’ll see. SCORE 8Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  10. 10. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 6GrammarA. Complete with the or - .1. River Ganges is second longest river in India. It runs from Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal.2. Terence is in hospital because he broke his leg. He was riding his bike in Belltown Park when he crashed into a tree.3. moon is full tonight. Isn’t it beautiful? SCORE 7B. Match.1. I’ve never tried water skiing before.2. Steve recycles his old newspapers.3. Margaret panicked when the roof collapsed.4. The news article didn’t mention anything about the hurricane.5. The authorities were worried that a tsunami would follow the earthquake.a. Neither did the radio. Isn’t it strange?b. So were the residents; that’s why they evacuated the city.c. I haven’t either, but I think I’d like it.d. So does my friend, Maureen and I think it’s a good idea.e. Henry did too. Luckily, no one was hurt. SCORE 5Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  11. 11. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 6C. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple Passive or the Past Simple Passive of the verbs in brackets.1. The lost climbers (save) by a rescue team yesterday.2. Last summer the lake near our city (pollute) because of an accident in the nearby factory.3. What time breakfast (serve) in this hotel?4. Tons of waste (pump into) rivers by factories every day. SCORE 4D. Rewrite the sentences using the Passive Voice.1. We should take measures to protect coral reefs. Measures to protect coral reefs .2. The local authorities will build a shelter for the homeless. A shelter for the homeless .3. The students in Class C5 are going to do an experiment tomorrow. An experiment .4. Oil spills have killed a large number of birds since last July. A large number of birds . SCORE 8ListeningListen to a news bulletin and complete the sentences below.1. of the people on board survived.2. It took the firefighters hours to put out the fire.3. The oil tanker was carrying tons of oil.4. Greg McRoy wants to save . SCORE 8Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  12. 12. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 6ReadingRead the text and answer the questions. Freedom Ship Imagine a ship so big that it would take you a quarter of an hour to walk from one end to theother, and as tall as a 25-storey building. It sounds like science fiction but a company called“Freedom International” is planning to build it. “Freedom Ship” will be more like a floating city than a ship. It will be three times longer than theworld’s largest oil tanker and five times longer than the largest cruise ships. The ship will be ableto carry about 115,000 people and most of them will live on board. The ship will travel to majorcities and tourist sites and it will follow the warmest seasons around the world so it will always besummer. Passengers will be able to travel to the mainland on smaller boats or even by plane as anairport will be built on the top deck. The ship will also have a large shopping centre, three hotels,blocks of flats, a huge library, a hospital, cinemas, theatres, sports facilities and also provideeducation from nursery school all the way through to university. Some people are already callingit the eighth wonder of the world!1. Who will build “Freedom Ship”?2. How much longer is “Freedom Ship” than the largest cruise ships?3. Why will it always be summer on the ship?4. How will passengers get to the mainland from the ship?5. What kind of education will be available on the ship? SCORE 10Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  13. 13. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 6WritingRead the headline and the questions below and write a paragraph about what happened.HURRICANE HIT CATVILLE – 20 KILLED• When did it happen?• Was anyone injured / trapped?• What did the residents / local authorities / rescue teams do?• What damage was caused? SCORE 10Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  14. 14. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 7Test 7 - Module 7VocabularyA. Match.1. emergency a. cream2. fire b. bandage3. antiseptic c. services4. elastic d. brigade5. first e. aid SCORE 5Β. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. delay torch bully wish injury librarian1. My uncle Paul is a(n) at the community centre.2. There’s a(n) at school who keeps annoying Patty.3. Stella’s wasn’t serious after all; it was only a scratch.4. Where’s the ? It’s very dark in here.5. Tim’s came true when he was given a cat for his birthday.6. There will be a two-hour . The train from Edinburgh will arrive at 4. SCORE 6Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  15. 15. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 7C. Choose the correct word.1. Your arm is spraining / bleeding. Let me get some bandages.2. Stop teasing / considering me; it’s so annoying when you make fun of me.3. Daren took a plaster / painkiller because he had a terrible headache.4. Anita isn’t very fond of computers; she prefers her dad’s old bookworm / typewriter.5. We are organising a fundraising / assistance event at our school next week. SCORE 5CommunicationComplete the dialogue with the sentences a-d. a. Stop making fun of me b. I’m calling for an ambulance c. Watch out d. Stay putPeter Look, Karen! No hands!Karen No Peter! (1) ! You’re going to crash into the wall.Peter Argh! My leg!Karen I told you so. You ride a bike like a five-year-old!Peter (2) ! I’m in pain. I think I’ve broken it.Karen Really? (3) . I’m calling Charlie to come and pick us up.Peter I don’t think he can. He’s still at work. But please do something. It really hurts.Karen OK, that’s it! (4) . You have to go to hospital. Just try to calm down.Peter I will. SCORE 8GrammarA. Choose the correct pronouns.1. The dog is hungry. We have to feed it / itself.2. The boys are under 18 but their parents let them go to the cinema by them / themselves.3. Iris kept annoying Jim, but he just ignored her / herself.4. I think you’re old enough to take care of you / yourself. SCORE 4Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  16. 16. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 7Β. Write questions. The words in bold are the answers.1. ? Jill has bought a present for Peter.2. ? The residents called the fire brigade.3. ? An alarm that went off caused all that noise last night.4. ? Adrian was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.5. ? I’ll meet Ben at the shopping centre. SCORE 10C. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets to form Conditional Sentences Type 2.1. If somebody (bully) Laura at school, she (talk) to her parents about it.2. Bob (panic) if he (see) a snake.3. If Charlie (have) more money, he (buy) a house.4. How (you / react) if you (come across) a wild animal?5. If I (be) you, I (put) some antiseptic cream on that scratch. SCORE 10Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  17. 17. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 7D. Read the situations below and write sentences using wish.1. My best friend is angry with me. She doesn’t talk to me.2. I need to finish this project today, but I can’t use the Internet.3. My friends want to go to a karaoke place but I sing terribly!4. My parents don’t let me stay out after 10pm. SCORE 8ListeningListen to three short dialogues and tick the correct pictures. SCORE 6Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  18. 18. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 7ReadingRead the text and write T for True, F for False or NM for Not Mentioned. Safety firstDid you know that every year in the UK around 4000 people die in accidents in their own homes? Almost half ofthese deaths are caused by falls. People should make sure that the stairs are well lit and that they’re always keptclear of objects. Another 2 to 7 million people are taken to hospital for burns, sprains, cuts and other injuries thathappen at home. A lot of these accidents involve children and 477,500 involve children under five years of age.These numbers are very high and there are several simple ways to avoid many common accidents.Make sure heavy items are not kept on high shelves. Keep knives sharp, but make sure children cannot reachthem. Keep medicine bottles and chemicals on high shelves as well, so that children can’t reach them. Wearprotective clothing when doing DIY.1. Every year in the UK more than 3000 falls lead to death.2. About half a million children under five are taken to hospital for different injuries.3. A lot of people die at home because they are not taken to hospital immediately.4. Medicine bottles and chemicals should be kept high up where children cannot reach them. SCORE 8WritingImagine you have argued with your best friend and now he/she isn’t talking to you. Write aletter to another friend asking for advice. Follow the plan below.• say why you’re writing• say how you feel about it• ask for advice• end your letter, sign off SCORE 10Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  19. 19. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8Test 8 - Module 8VocabularyA. Do the crossword.1. Not being able to see.2. A person who watches an activity or an event, without taking part in it.3. A line of people, who are standing usually, waiting for something.4. The opposite of beautiful.5. Very quiet.6. Very fashionable.7. A person who is crazy about shopping. SCORE 7Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  20. 20. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8B. Choose a, b or c.1. Norman, you’re becoming a workaholic. You need to for yourself. a. waste some time b. take your time c. make some time2. This hat may look a bit but I’ll buy it. a. eccentric b. enjoyable c. fashionable3. Alicia can’t to buy a new car. a. increase b. afford c. reach4. Fred has eaten six meat pies and now he . a. has time to kill b. feels sick c. comes to life5. My office is on the 34th floor of a . a. skyscraper b. structure c. cathedral6. The end-of-school play was really . Everybody loved it. a. useless b. well-balanced c. successfu SCORE 6C. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. race makes changed give reply took turned1. I asked my teacher a question but she didn’t .2. The bookshop near Kevin’s house has hands three times during the last two years.3. The bullies always Belinda a hard time at school.4. As it out, the strange object in the photo wasn’t an alien spaceship but a cloud!5. Sean Garter couldn’t go to the meeting yesterday, so his assistant his place.6. Who is Paul going to against in the final?7. When Carol cooks, she always a mess in the kitchen. SCORE 7Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  21. 21. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8CommunicationChoose a or b to complete the dialogues.1. A: What do you think of these trousers? B: a. They suit you. b. I like every single one.2. A: Julie Winters won the beauty contest. B: Are you joking? She isn’t even cute! a. Silence, please. b. Check this out!3. A: I think I’m a chocoholic so I’ve decided never to eat chocolate again. B: Just don’t eat a lot of it. a. Try to get carried away. b. Don’t be tough on yourself.4. A: I got an A in my final exam. B: a. Don’t overdo it! b. Good on you!5. A: Doesn’t my trendy new jumper look great on me? B: It’s horrible. a. Don’t be silly. b. No, send him away. SCORE 5Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  22. 22. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8GrammarA. Rewrite the sentences using Reported Speech.1. “There’s a girl in my class called Kylie Minogue,” Sandra told me. Sandra told me .2. “This is a cute little dog,” said Kelly. Kelly said .3. “The preparations for the big celebration might take days to complete,” said Mr Higgins. Mr Higgins said .4. “I’m going to climb K2 next summer,” said Mark Timmons to the reporter. Mark Timmons told the reporter .5. “I can’t lend you my blue dress, Martha,” said Laura. Laura told Martha . SCORE 10Β. Choose a, b or c.1. Cynthia asked her husband they would leave or not. a. why b. if c. when2. Brian told his parents that he had gone on a tour of London . a. the following week b. the previous week c. last week3. The competitors wanted to know they were allowed to use any outside help. a. whether b. how c. what4. Tommy told Gina him any more questions about the accident. a. to ask b. not to ask c. to not ask5. We begged the famous actress us her autograph and finally we got it! a. to give b. to not c. give6. Steve wants to know how much pocket money his sister got . a. last week b. the week before c. the following week7. Kate asked Charlie if was the costume he had made for the parade. a. this b. what c. that SCORE 7Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  23. 23. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8C. Read the speech bubbles and answer the questions.1. What did Harry tell his group? .2. What did Cliff ask Karen?1. What did Harry tell his group? .2. What did Cliff ask Karen?1. What did Harry tell his group? .2. What did Cliff ask Karen?1. What did Harry tell his group?Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  24. 24. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8 .2. What did Cliff ask Karen? .3. What did the tour guide ask the tourists?1. What did Harry tell his group? .2. What did Cliff ask Karen?1. What did Harry tell his group? .2. What did Cliff ask Karen? .4. What did Mrs Doyle tell the new girl? .Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  25. 25. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 85. What did Peter ask Angie? . SCORE 10D. Complete the sentences with one word.1. Mike Kathy what time she had come home the previous night.2. The teacher her students to be quiet.3. My mother to know if I had cleaned my room.4. The woman the shop assistant that she wanted to try a red top on.5. The man said that he become a writer because he had had a lot of time to kill.6. Judy asked Keith he would go to the cinema with her on Saturday. SCORE 6ListeningListen to the dialogue and answer the questions. Choose a or b.1. How long did Rita spend shopping?a. Two hours. b. Five hours.2. What did Rita buy?a. Clothes and shoes. b. Clothes, shoes and food.3. Where will Mike and Rita have dinner?a. They’re staying at home. b. They’re going out.Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  26. 26. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8 SCORE 6ReadingRead the text and decide whether the statements below refer to the Chinese New Year, theCarnival in Rio de Janeiro or to both of them. Celebration timeThroughout the world people celebrate for many different reasons and at different times of theyear. Here are just a couple of the reasons people celebrate.In Hong Kong the most important celebration of the year is the Chinese New Year. It usually takesplace at the end of January or the beginning of February and lasts for fifteen days. It is a time forfamilies and friends to get together to eat, drink and have fun. Just before the celebration begins,people clean their houses to get rid of bad luck. The highlight of the celebration is the street paradeled by a dancing dragon.The biggest celebration in Latin America, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, takes place at aroundthe same time of the year. The celebration lasts for three days. The biggest event is the SambaSchool Parade, in which about 50,000 people take part. They are dressed in exotic costumes anddance from seven o’clock in the evening until the early hours of the morning.1. This celebration takes place early in the year.2. People think that this celebration brings good luck.3. This celebration lasts less than a week. SCORE 6Copyright © 2009 MM Publications
  27. 27. TO THE TOP 3 – TEST BOOKLET- TEST 8WritingWrite an account of the best day of your life.Write about:• what made that day so special• who you were with• where you were and what happened there• your feelings SCORE 10Copyright © 2009 MM Publications