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Ea p presentation agenda setting tw

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Ea p presentation agenda setting tw

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Ea p presentation agenda setting tw

  1. 1. 01 Agenda Setting Workshop EU-Eastern Partnership Culture & Creativity Programme
  2. 2. 02 Purpose to support the cultural and creative sectors’ contribution to sustainable humanitarian, social and economic development.
  3. 3. 03 The Programme’s priorities • Agenda Setting • Win-Win Alliances • Climate for Culture • Evidence Building, Learning and Legacy • Capacity Building • Mainstreaming Eastern Partnership Culture • Culture and Crisis
  4. 4. 05 Our Programme will provide • Practical research • Cultural policy reform debate • Capacity-building • Synergies between: public and private sector government and civil society • International cooperation • Raising awareness • Sharing knowledge and good practice
  5. 5. 06 How cultural actors can engage with this programme - I • Workshops on: Creative Europe cultural leadership project cycle management cultural research cultural journalism PR and Communications • A website to showcase EaP culture & share best practice • A study tour to Poland
  6. 6. 06 How cultural actors can engage with this programme - II • Policy debate and development • A National Partnership Fair and Culture Policy Forum • Research papers on subsectors
  7. 7. Operational Structure • Core Leadership Team based in Kyiv • 6 Country Coordinators • A network of Associates • ‘Backstopping’ provided by the Consortium 04
  8. 8. 09 Thank you for attention! Contact us contact@culturepartnership.eu Follow us at Facebook www.facebook.com/culturepartnership Visit our web site www.culturepartnership.eu