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Bob Marsh - Using CRM to drive salesforce engagement

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Companies like Comcast and the Detroit Pistons have leveraged gamification and CRM (Salesforce) to drive increased engagement and sales. Hear from loyalty and engagement expert Bob Marsh describe how these organizations were able to deliver the goods using game concepts.

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Bob Marsh - Using CRM to drive salesforce engagement

  1. 1. Using Gamification to DriveSalesforce EngagementBob MarshCEO, LevelEleven
  2. 2. • Live in metro-Detroit• Married with three kids:6, 3, and 4-months!• Grew up in Orchard Park, NY– was a big Bills fan!• College at John CarrollUniversity outside Cleveland– played on college golf team1Background
  3. 3. 2Background• 18-years in sales• Launched beta version ofsales competition app inSeptember 2011• Founded LevelEleven inOctober 2012• VC backed, based in Detroit
  4. 4. Clients Gamifying Sales Teams3
  5. 5. Sales managersstruggle to get theirteams focused on theright things.• Comp plan rewards sales• Management and coachingfocused on activities4The Sales Manager Challenge
  6. 6. The Sales Manager Challenge5Make CallsPitch NewProductsFind NewOpportunitiesClose DealsFollow-Up OnLeadsMeet withClients AdvanceOpportunities
  7. 7. The Vision of CRM6• Perfect visibility into salesorganization• Stop just tracking orders• Monitor leading indicators• If you can measure it, youcan motivate itChallenges remain with…• Day-to-day usage• Motivating the right thing• Creating energy andexcitement
  8. 8. 7What Motivates a Salesperson
  9. 9. Case Study: ePrize8The Challenge• Seeks to increase sales leads• Industry specific success stories• Less than 50% of Accounts haveIndustry defined• Tried encouragement for monthsJen GrayVP Marketing
  10. 10. Case Study: ePrize9Industry Quest!• Complete industry field and get 1point• Most points wins• Daily email leaderboardJen GrayVP Marketing
  11. 11. Case Study: ePrize10Industry Quest
  12. 12. Case Study: ePrize11The Results• 60 updated in 2-hours• 300+ updated end of day 2• 1400+ updated in 10 days• 87% of accounts with industry
  13. 13. Case Study: ePrize12The Grand Prize!$10 Starbucks Gift Card
  14. 14. Case Study: Detroit Pistons19Scott HowlandManager, Sales AnalyticsThe Challenge• Massive investment in arena• New product: single game suites• Available for several months• Sales team not pitching
  15. 15. 20
  16. 16. Case Study: Detroit Pistons21Scott HowlandManager, Sales AnalyticsResults• From almost nothing for months• $500,000 in product sales• 6-month goal in 6-weeks
  17. 17. Case Study: Comcast22Todd GoodbinderVP Sales & Sales OperationsThe Challenge• Multi-million investment in Salesforce• Being used as order tracking tool• Managers need to use & learn• Contests run centrally• Not useful for field managers
  18. 18. Case Study: Comcast23Todd GoodbinderVP Sales & Sales OperationsImpact• Put gamification tool in hands ofmanagers• Tailor competitions to their teams• 127% increase in appointments setper day• Massive adoption improvements• Reduced staff turnover
  19. 19. Bob MarshCEO, LevelEleven(313) 373-5542bob@leveleleven.comTwitter: @bobmarsh5LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bobmarsh524Thank you!