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Mobile growth series - How to Increase App Engagement and User Retention

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Mobile growth series - How to Increase App Engagement and User Retention

  1. 1. Mobile Growth Series How to Increase App Engagement and User Retention May 12th, 2016 11am PST- 2pm EST
  2. 2. Panel Introduction Moderator: Arkady Fridman • Gary Yentin, CEO for App Promo • Paul Brody, Chief Product Officer for CleverTap • Shawnee Swarengin, VP Content Marketing CleverTap
  3. 3. Mobile App Marketplace Today’s app economy is ultra competitive. Currently, there are over 800MM * user star ratings, and over 30MM mobile applications worldwide in the iOS and Google Play App Stores
  4. 4. Mobile App Discovery Getting your app discovered and downloaded is even harder. Over 80% of apps downloaded are only used once! Keeping people coming back to your app is the key to your business success and driving retention for your app.
  5. 5. Mobile Engagement What best practices and tips do you recommend for building a successful mobile app?
  6. 6. Six Key Development TipsFueled How to Build a Successful App 1. Have a clear vision of your product 2. Identify a qualified developer to build your app 3. A/B Test your app prior to launch 4. Beta launch your app first in a few test countries 5. Use social media to drive engagement for your app 6. Track user data and continue to tweak mobile app over time
  7. 7. Mobile Engagement Facts Only 25% of digital business professionals feel they update their apps frequently enough to keep up with user expectations. Operating system (OS) and device upgrades break apps if they’re not updated. Forrester Feb 2016
  8. 8. 1. Immediate dissatisfaction 2. Doesn’t like the sound or design 3. Sluggish performance and bugs 4. Doesn’t provide enough engagement 5. App takes up too much space 6. Too many push notifications 7. Not intuitive or personalized Seven Key Factors Why Do Users Uninstall Apps
  9. 9. Q&A Mobile Engagement How should Marketers and Developers define success metrics for promoting their app?
  10. 10. 1. How many installs have I generated? 2. How much have these downloads cost? 3. How viral is my mobile app? 4. How many purchases have users made? 5. What is my user retention rate? 6. What is the most popular features in my app? 7. What is my churn rate? Seven Key Questions How to Define Success Metrics
  11. 11. Q&A Mobile Engagement What strategies should a Marketer and Developer use to track mobile engagement for their apps?
  12. 12. 1. Track event based interactions 2. Choose your engagement channel 3. Ask for opt in for Push Notifications 4. Create mobile moments to personalize the user’s experience 5. Make social sharing easy to use 6. Use rewards to build brand loyalty 7. Monitor App Store reviews and communicate with your users Six Key Factors How to Drive Engagement
  13. 13. Mobile Engagement Facts More iOS users receive push notifications, but more Android users open them. 89% of iOS app users receive push notifications, while only 83% of Android app users do. The average open rate is 60% and 40% CTR. Forrester Report: Feb 2016
  14. 14. Q&A Mobile Engagement What best practices do you recommend for push notifications?
  15. 15. 1. Offer real value, every single time 2. Know your target audience 3. Allow your customer the ability to set preferences 4. Respect the power of real-time notifications 5. Offer easy opt in and opt out features 6. Don’t over communicate 7. Personalize your message with mobile moments Seven Key Factors Fueled Best Practices for Push Notifications
  16. 16. BROADCAST SEGMENTATION PERSONALIZED BASIC CONTEXTUAL Broad Reach Targeted Reach Situation Self Triggered 2-5% conversion rates 5-12% conversion rates 19-24% conversion rates > 25% conversion rates “Check out our Sunday sale. Use coupon USD40 for 40% off” “Check out our Ladies special Sale this Sunday. Use USD40 for and additional 40% off “We noticed you were checking out our Sarees collection. Get an Additional 40% off this Sunday with coupon code USD40” “Hey! Geeta!! The Pink Saree in your shopping cart would be perfect for the wedding season. Click this message to get an additional 40% off” TIP: Choose Your Engagement Strategy
  17. 17. Mobile Engagement Facts Consumers want simplicity . . . Consumers are beginning to consolidate their mobile moments into a handful of mobile apps and platforms to accomplish tasks more easily. They want to get in, get something done, and get out. Forrester Aug 2016
  18. 18. Q&A Mobile Engagement How should Marketers and Developers identify mobile moments in their app to increase engagement and retention?
  19. 19. Airline example based on user time TIP: Serve Customers in their Mobile Moments Flight-2 hours-2 days +2 hours +2 days • Change Reservation • Reserve Seat • View Reservations • Check Date • Departure Time • Lounge Access • Upgrade • Ground Transportation • Lost luggage • Navigation • Customer Service • Mileage Status • Reward Travel • Upcoming Reservations • Arrival Time • Food Order • Movies • WiFi
  20. 20. Q&A Mobile Engagement What mobile engagement tips do you recommend for Marketers and Developers?
  21. 21. Acquisition (Top of Funnel) • # of Downloads • Attribution – from where Top Metrics Everyone Should Track Activations • Are users Launching the app after Install? • % of Downloads that App Launched Retention • Are users coming back? • Ex: Day 1, 3, 7 after 1st Launch Engagement • Are users performing key activities? How frequently? – App Launch  View Item  Exit – AL  Search  View Items (5x)  Purchase *Time spent not necessarily important
  22. 22. Uninstalls • Are users keeping my app? • 3 of 4 apps uninstalled after 1st Launch Top Metrics Everyone Should Track Drop Offs • Are users completing key activities Reachability • Can I contact my users? By what channel?
  23. 23. Mobile Engagement Facts Forty-one percent of adult smartphone owners (ages 16+) first learn about an app by speaking to friends and family, and 16% of them learned of a new app via social networking websites such as Facebook. Forrester April 2015
  24. 24. Q&A Mobile Engagement How important is social media for Marketers and Developers to drive downloads of their mobile app?
  25. 25. Social Media Engagement Promoting your app across social channels is essential to gain traction and to drive downloads of your app. Facebook is the obvious first pick for any app and defined targeting is critical to any successful advertising campaign.
  26. 26. Flyrobe is a fashion rental service, your On-Demand Wardrobe for every occasion; from brunches to official lunches, from club nights to weddings. Challenge Decrease CPT on FB ads and increase sell through Solution Using CT segmentation, they targeted users by shopping habits – most engagement customers, added to cart, uninstalled app and they were able to use this information to decrease cost of Facebook Advertising With CleverTap, their Cost Per Transaction for Retargeting campaigns was reduced by 10X. 10X Cost per transaction Case Study
  27. 27. Q&A Mobile Engagement 10 minute Q&A from attendees

Notas do Editor

  • In our Experience the most effective of these strategies are lead to what people call the Mobile Moment – letting people pull out their Mobile Device and they get what they want immediately and In context.

    Think of it this way in terms of an airline example – where activities happen not BASED on the Calendar but Based on
  • Given that there is a wide spectrum between what people measure - here are the categories of metrics we feel everyone should track.

    Downloads – top of funnel and since many mobile devs pay for downloads tracking attribution is often essential – tracking it in a way so you can measure the downstream value of customers acquired from different channels

    Activations – amazing how many folks do not consistently measure this first basic dropoff metric. Lots of Dloads does not necessarily mean lots of App launches.

    Retention – lifeblood measurement – people float some interesting stats out there – avg app loses 77% of DAUs after the first 3 days after install

    Engagement – different for different industries.
  • Uninstalls – amazing that many don’t track this religiously. Looking at this metric consistently and superimposing cause and effect

    Drop Offs –

    Reachability – with an eye toward the latter half of this deck – we recommend tracking whether you can contact users and by which channel.

    And of course these are in addition to what I call your basic scorecard metrics – Daily Actives, Weekly and Mthly Actives

    If it’s a commere app – include DPU, WPU, MPUs
  • One or two slides of my own.