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Gms insights solutions

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Gms insights solutions

  1. 1. GM Insights SolutionsTN ID : TN-In-IN-BA-2013-5333
  2. 2. Job Description• Sales and marketing to Physicians the benefits ofbeing part of GLocal Mind’s Physician community.• Community Management: management of acommon resource or issue by a communitythrough the collective action of volunteers andstakeholders.• Database Management: specially designedapplications that interact with the user, otherapplications, and the database itself to captureand analyze data.
  3. 3. EP Learning Points• Department of Work : Sales and Marketing• Industry Knowledge and sales to healthcareprofessionalsWork in a multiculturalenvironment• Develop the technique of modern agetechnology in marketing
  4. 4. Work InformationField of Work MarketingWorking HoursFrom 6:30 To 15:30With a total of 35 hours per weekSaturday work NonePaymentWebsiteSalary in US $300http://www.insightsol.com/