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Samir's 25 Actionable Growth Hacks in 25 Minutes @Case2014 Brazil

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Samir's 25 Actionable Growth Hacks 25 Minutes. Learn how to Growth Hack with real world tactics.

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Samir's 25 Actionable Growth Hacks in 25 Minutes @Case2014 Brazil

  1. 1. twitter @meetsam1 ir CASE2014, São Paulo, Brazil
  2. 2. twitter @meetsam2 ir Samir Patel samir@dorevolution.com President & CEO, DoRevolution Growth Mentor @500Startups Connect on Linkedin
  3. 3. twitter @meetsam3 ir About Samir • Founder, CEO of DoRevolution and Growth Mentor at 500Startups Silicon Valley, Optimized $1B+ in Ads. Founder of SearchForce and pioneer to apply Wall Street Analytics and Quantitative Trading Techniques to Advertising for Portfolio Optimization. He raised $10M+ in financing, developed a Cross-Channel Optimization SaaS Platform Based and took the company to profitability. • Patel has managed clients with some of the world largest ad budgets such as Salesforce.com, Priceline, Experian, Oracle, AT&T YellowPages, Progressive and Scottrade. • Growth seminars at 500Startups, General Assembly, UC Berkeley, TERA and at several top-tier VC firms around the world. Upcoming book on Growth Hacking. • MBA in Brand Marketing from Cornell's Johnson School of Business.
  4. 4. twitter @meetsam4 ir DoRevolution ~ McKinsey For Growth • We provide Channel Management – Google Adwords – Facebook Ads – Mobile Advertising – Retargeting – SEO : On-page & Off-page – Analytics: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics • Growth Training for CEO’s, CMO’s and Staff – Training Bootcamps for Startups & Growth companies – Moneyball for VC’s : Creating Analytics platform to invest to get higher returns
  5. 5. twitter @meetsam5 ir A Zillion Ways to Acquire Users
  6. 6. twitter @meetsam6 ir Let’s GO. 25 Hacks in 25 Minutes!! Whoever gets 20+ photos of slides and tweets it out in next 2 hours WILL will WIN two hours of my time over skype which is = Wi$n1 $0100000+ in o3f0 vMainluutees. !
  7. 7. twitter @meetsam7 ir Hack#1 : BOTS Take Over Social Selling
  8. 8. twitter @meetsam8 ir Automate Visits to Profiles
  9. 9. twitter @meetsam9 ir Profile Current & Clear Action
  10. 10. twitter @meetsa1m0 ir Report from 3AM this morning
  11. 11. twitter @meetsa1m1 ir
  12. 12. twitter @meetsa1m2 ir
  13. 13. twitter @meetsa1m3 ir 8 Qualities of World Class Growth Teams • Possess Data-Driven Thinking • Rapid Learners of Dynamically Changing Marketing Channels and Growth Platforms • Understand Growth Process • Are Highly Product-Savvy • Have a Hustle Mindset • Possess a Cross-Disciplinary Skillset • Connect Marketing to Product Development • Possess Technical Acumen • Hiring connections
  14. 14. twitter @meetsa1m4 ir
  15. 15. twitter @meetsa1m5 ir
  16. 16. twitter @meetsa1m6 ir
  17. 17. twitter @meetsa1m7 ir Traffic Acquisition Lead & Customer Acquisition Market Research & User Feedback Email Marketing AB / Multivariate Testing Competitive Research Tools Sales Intelligence
  18. 18. twitter @meetsa1m8 ir Hack#3 : Marketing Strategy
  19. 19. twitter @meetsa1m9 ir Hack#4 : Brand Experience
  20. 20. twitter @meetsa2m0 ir Hack #5 : Lean Canvas Hack
  21. 21. twitter @meetsa2m1 ir Hack#6 : Themeforest + Fiverr + Wordpress
  22. 22. twitter @meetsa2m2 ir Hack#7 : Six Killers of Mobile Sites 1. Unplayable videos 2. Faulty redirects 3. Smartphone-only 404s 4. App download interstitials 5. Irrelevant cross-linking 6. Page speed
  23. 23. twitter @meetsa2m3 ir Hack#8 : Wordpress + Yoast
  24. 24. twitter @meetsa2m4 ir Hack#9 : Buzzsumo for Content Strategy
  25. 25. twitter @meetsa2m5 ir Hack#10 : Outsource Content Writing
  26. 26. twitter @meetsa2m6 ir Hack# 11 : Link Twitter Bio
  27. 27. twitter @meetsa2m7 ir Hack#12 : Pay Using a Tweet Provides users access to your content, product, or service once they’ve tweeted or posted about it Impact on Growth: • Invite people to pay with a post across major social media channels • Measure traffic, conversions, click and geo data
  28. 28. twitter @meetsa2m8 ir Hack# 13 : Nimble, Social Signals Hack Consolidates your contacts, email, social signals, activities and follow-ups from everywhere, allowing you to manage your relationships more effectively. Impact on Growth: • Easily manage contacts across multiple channels • Tracks the complete history you and your contact share—on every channel
  29. 29. twitter @meetsa2m9 ir Hack# 14 : Moat
  30. 30. twitter @meetsa3m0 ir Hack#15: Moz Links Explorer
  31. 31. twitter @meetsa3m1 ir Hack#16: SpyFu
  32. 32. twitter @meetsa3m2 ir Hack#17: BuiltWith DoubleClick, Twitter Ads, AdRoll, RocketFuel, MailChimp, AppNexus, GA, CloudFront etc
  33. 33. twitter @meetsa3m3 ir Hack#18: KeywordTool.io
  34. 34. twitter @meetsa3m4 ir Hack#19: QuickSprout
  35. 35. twitter @meetsa3m5 ir Hack#20: ListBuilder A free way to collect the email addresses of users who visited your site. Impact on Growth: • Build your subscriber list and easily download it as a CSV • Integrates with other email services and allows you to use your own custom email form
  36. 36. twitter @meetsa3m6 ir Hack#21: Long Copy Hack
  37. 37. twitter @meetsa3m7 ir Hack #22: SellHack
  38. 38. twitter @meetsa3m8 ir Hack #23 : Mobile Site Killer Hacks • Unplayable videos • Faulty redirects • Smartphone-only 404s • App download interstitials • Irrelevant cross-linking • Page speed
  39. 39. twitter @meetsa3m9 ir Hack #24 : Mobile SEM Hacks 1. Mobile Bid Adjustments : Need to get on top positions because of form factor, bid higher for location based targeting. 2. Mobile Preferred Ads : Separate mobile/desktop, Call directly or provide a promotion based on time. Different URL for mobile. 3. Call Extensions: Ad scheduling based on call center, Your own number or Google’s forwarding number 4. On Site Call Conversions: Track calls from phone number embedded on website when users need to reach more before they buy
  40. 40. twitter @meetsa4m0 ir Hack #25 : Exit Intent Hack
  41. 41. twitter @meetsa4m1 ir Hack #26 (Bonus Hack) : Deploy Inbound Software
  42. 42. twitter @meetsa4m2 ir Samir Patel samir@dorevolution.com President & CEO, DoRevolution Growth Mentor @500Startups Connect on Linkedin