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The Gods of the Prado

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The classical mythology of the Prado represented by works by such outstanding artists as Francisco de Zurbarán, José de Ribera, Pedro Pablo Rubens, Francesco Albani, among others.

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The Gods of the Prado

  1. 1. The Gods of the Prado
  2. 2. rather unusually, the god of war is on his own, contemplating his own pitifulness ... and there lies Mars's magnificent armour – he was so admired for the brilliance of his martial appurtenances profoundly sad, heaped up there so untidily at the bed's foot, about to be consigned to the lumber room of history Mars 1638 VELÁZQUEZ, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
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  4. 4. Bacchus places on an young man`s head the crown of the ivy traditionally associated with poets ... an allegory of wine, which is not only able to cheer humans and induce non- rational states, but also to stimulate poetic creation The Feast of Bacchus Le Triomphe de Bacchus 1628 - 1629 VELÁZQUEZ, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
  5. 5. love cut short by death, in this case that of Adonis … Venus and Adonis Vénus et Adonis 1580 VERONESE, Paolo (Paolo Cagliari)
  6. 6. the Phoenician princess Europa after she was abducted by Zeus, who had taken on the form of a white bull the fearful princess, barely holding on to one of the bull´s horns, was taken to Crete, where she bore Minos The Rape of Europe L'Enlèvement d'Europe 1628 - 1629 RUBENS, Peter Paul (Copy after Titian, Tiziano Vecellio)
  7. 7. a fountain a garland of flowers and the three Graces, born of one of Zeus’s affairs and pure virgin The Three Graces Les Trois Grâces 1630 - 1635 RUBENS, Peter Paul
  8. 8. Echo falls in love with Narcissus, but Narcissus isn't into it ... meanwhile, Narcissus stops for a drink at a small pond and sees his reflection in the water of the pool and he falls hopelessly in love - with himself Narcissus Narcisse 1636 - 1638 COSSIERS, Jan
  9. 9. Apollo is totally in love with Daphne … he chases her around the woods, trying to convince her of how completely awesome he is but … Apollo's ladylove becomes a laurel tree Apollo and Daphne Apollon et Daphné 1636 - 1638 THULDEN, Theodoor van
  10. 10. Bacchus surrounded by silenos and satyrs in a cortege … The Triumph of Bacchus Le Triomphe de Bacchus 1636 - 1638 VOS, Cornelis de
  11. 11. Police Report: Wanted for murdering the sacred Python of Delphi … Case Status: Closed Subject was only four days old, and Python was a disastrous and dangerous force in the area; everyone was pretty happy that Apollo killed it … (everyone except for Gaia) Apollo and the Python Apollon et Python 1636 - 1638 VOS, Cornelis de
  12. 12. Leda Zeus disguised as a swan one or two eggs (and … Leda's husband, Tyndare) ... awaiting paternity tests on Leda's children: Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra, and Castor and Pollux Leda and the Swan Leda et le cygne First half of the XVI century PENCZ, Georg
  13. 13. Saturn feasting upon one of his sons … his child's head and part of the left arm have already been consumed Saturn Saturne 1820 - 1823 GOYA Y LUCIENTES, Francisco de
  14. 14. Kronos was the Titan king of the gods who gained his throne from his father Ouranos after he chopped off his dad's man-parts with a sickle … Kronos might have been a good ruler, but he was a pretty terrible dad : when Ouranos prophesied that Kronos would lose his throne to one of his kids, Kronos decided to start eating the baby gods as soon as they were born ... Saturn devouring a Son Saturne dévorant un de ses fils 1636 - 1638 RUBENS, Peter Paul
  15. 15. the moment when the god Apollo tells Vulcan that his wife, Venus, is having an affair with Mars, the god of war ... Vulcan's Forge La Forge de Vulcain 1630 VELÁZQUEZ, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
  16. 16. Zeus was attracted to the nymph and took the form of Diana to seduce and rape her … the most dramatic moment of the story: as Diana and her nymphs prepare to take a bath … Callisto reveals her pregnancy Diana and Callisto Diane et Callisto 1635 RUBENS, Peter Paul
  17. 17. Cupid hits Hades with a love arrow ... one day, Persephone is picking flowers when, all of a sudden, Hades bursts out of the ground, driving a chariot of black horses he grabs Persephone and despite the resistance put up by Minerva, Venus and Diana, starts dragging her down to the underworld ... The Rape of Proserpine Rapt de Proserpine 1636 - 1637 RUBENS, Peter Paul (and Workshop)
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  19. 19. Orpheus descends to the underworld to retrieve his wife, Eurydice … Pluto and Proserpine, the god and goddess of the underworld, moved by the music of his lyre, accede to his request the only condition they impose is that he does not look at his beloved until both have completely abandoned the underworld Orpheus and Eurydice Orphée et Eurydice 1636 - 1638 RUBENS, Peter Paul (and Workshop)
  20. 20. Hercules was born from one of Jupiter´s affairs with a mortal ... though loved and protected by his father, he was repudiated by the wife, Juno in order to insure his son´s immortality, Jupiter placed him in the goddess´s arms so that he could suckle while she was sleeping next to her chariot pulled by peacocks in his enthusiasm, Hercules bites her, Juno awakens the milk spilling out of her breast turned into the Milky Way The Birth of the Milky Way La Naissance de la Voie lactée 1636 - 1638 RUBENS, Peter Paul
  21. 21. the story of the mortal Arachne who dared to challenge the goddess Athena … The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne La Légende d'Arachné, Les Fileuses 1655 - 1660 VELÁZQUEZ, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
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  23. 23. surprise, surprise : Jupiter in love with the beautiful nymph, Callisto … the trouble is that Callisto is a follower of Diana and has sworn to stay a virgin all her life to get around this little hiccup in his plan of seduction, Jupiter disguises himself in the form of Diana and seduces Callisto Diana and Callisto Diane et Callisto 1745 - 1749 PIERRE, Jean-Baptiste-Marie
  24. 24. when Ixion's son, Pirithous, got married to Hippodamia, he invited his half-brothers, the centaurs ... Eurytion, the centaur chief and his buddies got super drunk, though, and tried to take off with the bride and the Centaur War began … The Rape of Hippodamia L'Enlèvement d'Hippodamie 1636 - 1637 RUBENS, Peter Paul (and Workshop)
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  26. 26. the moment when the eagle catches the young shepherd and lifts him into the air … the lightening bolt visible among the clouds, which symbolizes the god, alludes to the force and fury with which the kidnapping takes place The Rape of Ganymede Rapt de Ganymède 1636 - 1638 RUBENS, Peter Paul
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  28. 28. Ixion, king of the Lapiths and later father of the Centaurs ... betrayed Zeus's hospitality by trying to seduce his host's wife Hera as punishment, Zeus sentenced Ixion to be tied to a perpetually turning wheel of fire in Tartaros Ixion 1632 RIBERA, Jusepe de, Lo Spagnoletto
  29. 29. Sisyphus, founder and king of Corinth … obliged to push a rock for ever uphill for having recounted Zeus’ affair with Aegina Sisyphus Sisyphe 1548 - 1549 TITIAN (Tiziano Vecellio)
  30. 30. Hercules kills this creature as his first labor ... the beast is said to be gigantic and it has a hide so thick that no spears or swords can penetrate it this is no big deal for Hercules, who just squeezes the thing to death Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion Hercule affrontant le lion de Némée 1634 ZURBARÁN, Francisco de
  31. 31. Icarus is most famous for not being able to follow simple instructions ... his father, Daedalus, the brilliant inventor, told him very specifically not to fly too close to the sun before he knew it … the wax was melting, feathers were flying everywhere and Icarus was falling into the sea The Fall of Icarus La chute d'Icare 1636 - 1638 GOWY, Jacob Peeter
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  33. 33. one of the most infamous perps of teenage shenanigans to ever fly under the sun ... Phaeton demands that his dad Helios let him take the sun-chariot out for a spin with the reins in his hands, things pretty much immediately go haywire and the fiery horses dash about the sky, incinerating half the earth Zeus, zaps Phaeton with a thunderbolt ... The Fall of Phaethon La chute de Phaéton 1636 – 1638 EYCK, Jan Carel van
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  35. 35. olga_oes The Gods of the Prado Les dieux du Prado images and text credit www. Music ThePianoGuys Someone you loved (piano cello) created olga.e. thanks for watching
  36. 36. Myths are stories that tell us of gods and demigods and their relationship with men. This is why they are found in all ancient cultures and societies. Their origin is uncertain in most cases, and traditionally they were handed down by word of mouth, gradually changing with new additions and different versions. In the case of the Greek myths, the fi rst written records date back no further than the 8th century BC. The lead characters of these myths were mainly the gods of Olympus, who not only ruled over the fate of men but descended to Earth and interacted with them, sometimes taking on a human likeness that brought them closer. Their stories also served to explain all sorts of phenomena in nature and the universe around them. Throughout history, classical mythology has been a constant source of inspiration for artists of all sorts, and these fabulous tales were depicted on pottery, blocks of marble, medals, tablets and canvases. The classical mythology of the Prado is represented by works by such outstanding artists as Francisco de Zurbarán, José de Ribera, Pedro Pablo Rubens, Francesco Albani, among others.