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Apresentação em Las Vegas sobre Medicina Hospitalar no Brasil

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  1. 1. Guilherme Brauner Barcellos, MD, FHM Hospitalist at Hospital Divina Providência Las Vegas, 2014 Society of Hospital Medicine Meeting International Hospital Medicine, Special Interest Forum
  2. 2. * Largest country in both South America and the Latin American region; * The world's fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population; * Healthcare in Brazil is a Constitutional right. It is provided by both private and government institutions; * Public health care is provided to all Brazilian permanent residents and foreigners in Brazilian territory through the National Health Care System, known as SUS - universal and free for everyone; * It is still a country of disparities and some of them are worsening…
  3. 3. * Disparities between private system and pubic system * Disparities between private hospitals * At the public system, some hospitals are islands of excellence…
  4. 4. 200 4 200 7 200 8 201 0 201 1 201 2 GEAMH - when everything started First meeting in Brazil about HM National Meeting PASHA First meeting in Brazil about Pediatri c HM Transition Care Conference
  5. 5. * Group of Studies and Update in Hospital Medicine * 2005: First Website in Brazil about Hospitalists * 2007: Brazilian Chapter of the SHM (inactivated in year 2012 to have a unique international section)
  6. 6. * Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil * Participation of Jamie Newman, at that time editor of The Hospitalist *Mayo Clinic support
  7. 7. * Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil * Participation of Jamie Newman, Jeanne Huddleston (former president of the SHM), Neil Winawer (Emory) end other Mayo Clinic physicians * Drove forward the first boom…
  8. 8. PASHA2010 * Florianópolis * A multinational initiative * ~20 non Brazilian speakers * Drew the attention of the mainstream media - article entitled “The hospitalists are coming” was published in Folha de São Paulo, the largest newspaper by daily circulation in Brazil.
  9. 9. * Porto Alegre * Participation of Ricardo Quinonez and Geeta Singhal, Texas Children's Hospital
  10. 10. * First meeting in Brazil on how to promote effective transitions of care at hospital discharge as a multispecialty initiative: * Hospitalists representatives * Brazilian Society of Medicine of Family and Community (SBMFC) * Brazilian Association for Emergency Medicine (ABRAMEDE) * Participation of Sunil Kripalani, Vanderbilt University
  11. 11. Electronic collection of almost all the presentations
  12. 12. More developed ones Less developed ones or, at least, less well know  quality (in average): Access problems Bad infrastructure … Better quality Hospitalists
  13. 13. * Hospital Divina Providência * Porto Alegre * 165 beds * Two full-time hospitalists * Two part-time hospitalists  10-hour coverage  Monday to Friday continuity by the same doctor  Continuity by the team of hospitalists = 100%  To grow, will we need to hire physicians only to solve the weekend problem? Lots of Challenges!!!
  14. 14. * 2014 *August: hospitalist conference together with the traditional meeting “Safety” in Rio de Janeiro *November: the first north-northeast hospitalist meeting in Terezina, Piauí (to fill the gap!!!) * 2015 *Meeting in Curitiba, Paraná * Workshop “Best Practices in Managing a Hospital Medicine Program”, for administrators and physicians leaders, with NelsonFlores, Hospital Medicine Consultants
  15. 15. And you are invited to visit us!