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HDTV pro

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HDTV research project

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HDTV pro

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The History of HDTV <br />By: Aaron Urbanski<br />Date: April 7, 2010<br />Course: Concepts for a <br />Digital World<br />SD to HD<br />
  3. 3. Broadcast Aspect Ratio’s<br />
  4. 4. VideoResolutions<br />
  5. 5.
  6. 6. HDTV ID<br />Frame size; is measured in pixels, vertically, and horizontally. <br />I.e. 1280 × 720 or 1920 × 1080<br />Scanning system; (P) progressive scanning, and (I) interlaced scanning<br />I.E. (720p/819 lines), (1080p/1,125 lines)<br />Frame rate; the number of video frames per second.<br />
  7. 7. In the beginning <br />HDTV (high definition television) refers to the screens resolution which must be substantially higher then any traditional tube , or SDTV (standard definition television).<br />HDTV has approximately one to two million pixels per frame.<br />The initial broadcasting of HDTV used analog to broadcast.<br />
  8. 8. 1930-1950’sThe early years<br />High definition describes a series of television systems originating from the late 1930s; however, these systems were only high definition when compared to earlier systems that were based on mechanical systems with as few as 30 lines of resolution compared to early HD’s 240 lines of resolution.<br />The Baird 240 line mechanical system stared regular service for Great Britain in 1936<br />The Marconi-EMI (377i/405 line) electronic system<br />30 <br />240<br />
  9. 9.
  10. 10. 1950-1970’sThe global rat race<br />1949, Germany started transmission system (768i/819 lines) it was discontinued in 1985.<br />In 1958, the Soviet Union developed Трансформатор “Transformer” the first high-resolution (definition) television system capable of producing an image composed of 1,125 lines of resolution aimed at providing teleconferencing for military command. <br />
  11. 11. The Big Break<br />In 1969, the Japanese state broadcaster NHK first developed consumer high-definition television with a 5:3 aspect ratio, a slightly wider screen format than the usual 4:3 standard.<br />Hi-Vision or MUSE after its Multiple sub-Nyquist sampling encoding, required about twice the bandwidth of the existing NTSC system but provided about four times the resolution (1080i/1125 lines).<br />
  12. 12. Technology Mimicking Nature<br />
  13. 13. 1970-1990’s Mid life crisis<br />In 1981 Ronald Regan proclaimed HDTV to be a “matter of national interest”<br />Several systems were proposed as the new standard for the USA, including the Japanese MUSE system, but all were rejected by the FCC because of their higher bandwidth requirements.<br />August 14, 1994 HDTV technology was introduced in the United States by Grand Alliance, a group of television companies and MIT.<br />
  14. 14. 2010 – To day<br />To day we have a the largest collection of brand names and varieties to choose from.<br />Broadcasting of HDTV has gone global<br />HDTV Broadcast Networks<br />CBS HD<br />CW HD<br />Fox HD<br />NBC HD<br />PBS HD<br />Telemundo HD<br />Ion HD<br />MyNetworkTV HD<br />Univision HD<br />TeleFutura HD<br />[edit] Cable Networks<br />ABC Family HD<br />AMC HD<br />A&E HD<br />Animal Planet HD<br />BET HD<br />Bio HD<br />Bravo HD<br />Cartoon Network HD<br />CMT HD<br />Comedy Central HD<br />Chiller HD<br />Discovery Channel HD<br />Disney Channel HD<br />Disney XD HD<br />E! HD<br />Fuel HD<br />Food Network HD<br />FX HD<br />G4 HD<br />Gospel Music Channel HD<br />Hallmark Channel HD<br />HDNet<br />HDNet Movies<br />HD Theater<br />The<br /><ul><li> Conversion boxes
  15. 15. Phasing from analog to digital </li></ul>EWTN HD<br />JCTV HD<br />Smile of a Child HD<br />SonBeam Channel HD<br />3ABN HD<br />3ABN Latino HD<br />TBN HD<br />TBN Enlace USA HD<br />TCT HD<br />The Worship Network HD<br />[edit] Premium services<br />HBO HD (HBO HD, HBO2 HD, HBO Signature HD, HBO Comedy HD, HBO Family HD, HBO Zone HD, HBO Latino HD) <br />Cinemax HD (Cinemax HD, Moremax HD, Actionmax HD, Thillermax HD, 5starmax HD, Wmax HD, Outermax HD, @max HD) <br />The Movie Channel HD / The Movie Channel Extra HD <br />Showtime HD (Showtime HD, Showtime 2 HD, Showcase HD, Showtime Extreme HD) <br />Starz HD (Starz HD, Starz Comedy HD, Starz Edge HD, Starz Kids and Family HD) <br />Encore (East Coast feed) HD<br />Epix HD<br />RetroPlex HD<br />IndiePlex HD<br />News Networks<br />CNBC HD+<br />CNN HD<br />Fox Business Network HD<br />Fox News Channel HD<br />HLN HD<br />MSNBC HD<br />The Weather Channel HD<br />[edit] National Sports Networks<br />CBS College Sports Network HD<br />ESPN HD<br />ESPN2 HD<br />ESPNews HD<br />ESPNU HD<br />Fox Soccer Channel HD<br />Golf Channel HD<br />MLB Network HD<br />NBA TV HD<br />NFL Network HD<br />NHL Network HD<br />Outdoor Channel HD<br />SPEED HD<br />Tennis Channel HD<br />The Sportsman Channel HD<br />Versus HD<br />World Fishing Network HD<br />[edit] Regional Sports Networks<br />4SD HD (San Diego Padres) <br />Altitude HD (Denver) <br />Big Ten Network HD (Big Ten Conference) <br />Comcast SportsNet HD (Bay Area, California, Chicago, New England, Northwest, Philadelphia, Washington DC) <br />CST HD (New Orleans) <br />FSN HD (Arizona, Carolinas, Detroit, Florida, Houston, Indiana, Kansas City, Midwest, North, Northwest, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Prime Ticket, Rocky Mountain, South, Southwest, SportSouth, Sun Sports, Tennessee, Utah, West, Wisconsin) <br />MASN HD (Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals) <br />The Mtn. HD (Mountain West Conference) <br />MSG HD and MSG Plus HD (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania) <br />NESN HD (Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins) <br />SNY HD (New York Mets) <br />STO HD (Cleveland Indians) <br />YES HD (New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets) <br />[edit] Religious<br />The Church Channel HD<br />Defunct<br />MOJO - now on demand only <br />[edit] Scheduled HD channel launches<br />Ovation TV HD - July 2010 [4]<br />ReelzChannel HD - third quarter of 2010 [5]<br />GOL TV HD - August 1, 2010 [6]<br />Encore (West Coast feed) HD - early to mid 2010 [7]<br />Starz Cinema HD - early to mid 2010 [7]<br />Starz In Black HD - early to mid 2010 [7]<br />Fox Soccer Plus HD - unknown [8]<br />National Geographic Wild HD - unknown[9]<br />The Cooking Channel<br />
  16. 16. Far From Finished<br />HDTV will lead us into the next wave of televisions, and systems.<br />HDTV systems will only continue to grow into new formats, 3D-HDTV.<br />HDTV Holographic image projection <br />
  17. 17. Sources For HDTV<br />Digital cable<br />Video player with DVI, HDMI input<br />Digital satellite receivers<br />Video game systems with HDMI input XBOX 360 and Playstation 3<br />Windows Media High Definition<br />Video imaging processors<br />
  18. 18. References<br />http://www.wral.com/wral-tv/story/1069461/<br />http://www.thinkbox.tv/upload/img/Aspect-Ratio.jpg<br />http://www.tech-notes.tv/Archive/tech_notes_002.htm<br />http://www.hdtvmagazine.com/articles/index.php<br />http://www.howstuffworks.com/hdtv.htm<br />http://www.wikipedia.com/hdtv<br />http://www.cnet.com/hdtv-world<br />