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Angel Investor Pitch 80 000

GUY PLEASE HELP!!! Gathing of Angels by Tarby in Atlanta FEb 24th deadline. My product needs to launch by June or the Windows phone will kill us!

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Angel Investor Pitch 80 000

  1. 1. Strategic Analysis & Planning For Genie Product Tengo Tea A Consumer Devise for the Masses. Jennifer Tulga jentulga@yahoo.com Chief Vice President Phillip Fernandez (ichibanzebra@gmail.com) Founder/Inventor Vijay Paramesharan (Technology Specialist)
  2. 2. The Company is Genie. Founder of Chip set Proto-type Genie is a 6 month old start-up. The successfully pro-to type is called The Tengo Tea. It utilizes the technology Wi-Fi made available to nearly 110 million subscribers in the United States many with access for free. The devise will route "made to stream" music providers based over that Wi-Fi Signal on the Android OS and bluetooth for the headphones where available or 3.5 mm headphones. The company is headquartered in Stanford, California and employs 2 people. We have just recruited a vice president of business development and need a gold handcuff agreement, she has CEO experience in a company with $5,000,000 in sales. A one year agreement was the confirmation tenure. Vision: “To be the largest mobile stream unit in the world over Wi-
  3. 3. SWOT Matrix Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Set trend us Wi-Fi as delivery Google's Nexus One Broaden the medium online content (games, news, Support new distribution against Wi-fi VOIP Stand alone models and partnerships units) Continue improving logistics to maintain low fixed costs in Expand distribution channels: the Manufacturing process partner w/ big online companies, services w/ ISP’s (VOD), Mobile Internationalization/ operators, on TV/Studios localization in internation websites/offer markets. Threats Maintain strong user Partner/acquire real time experience w/ award-winning streaming service (Pandora,Jelli recommendation engine by etc.) voice cost to develop. Be open to multiple platforms Build a network of content (easy and ubiquitous for user) Mi- provider for international Fi/Wi-max markets to localize the unit. Other plans in works to Build upon Social effect combate this barrier. (Facebook) uphill battle/ direct marketing is not working so far.
  4. 4. Horizon Framework Horizon 3 Horizon 4 Largest Lead the Streaming Horizon 2 entertainment Stream Partner. Make a great Horizon 1 Defend the Scale Efficiency & Service Unit over Wi-fi product. New growth WW scalability opportunities Optimize the innovation Streaming Partner Agreement. leader in simple led microprosseor. Relations Supply chain Streaming partners Strategic Alliance Film Studios Technology partnership International Custome Stream New customers Better utilization of content Games, TV content, sports Global distribution rights r Promoter Through good recommendations Maximizing reach through Have the latest movies, Revenue sharing through Scalability, reliability, Value Name on Streaming, ordering by games partnership with other Availability, any title Prop Product phone, And sports events through streaming technology worlwide Kiosks at retails, etc. streaming Getting larger movie Add more regionally based Partners to enable new Long term investment in Focus Innovation production features customer acquisition Sustainable technology and distribution houses New partnership who can More Up- Streaming ONLY Market growth through Provide platform for bring sales to subscription Get some of partnerships Entertainment content New subscribers premium the up-sales accounts New releases & titles Initiate talks with Be the new channel to through Movie premiers online distributors/ Direct sales Release movies, games partnerships model Revenue sharing with Strategi partners es International Global Access Global or acquisitions in new markets Initiate talks with other More TV content, sports, Provide intelligent, Single source of Entertainment content etc. Personalized content entertainment content Understand Master Influence Drive Worldwide Regulations west.RootAnalysis Regulations Regulations Regulations
  5. 5. Core Prognosis Genie is here to stay founded by an Electrical Engineer from Stanford School of Doctoral Engineering. The next growth opportunity is an intellectual property protection and a technology agreement for a streaming partnership. To which our domestic business growth model is build into this agreement. International Streaming is the next growth opportunity Retail partnerships to distribute our Product like Fry's, Best-buy, Rc Willey. Revenue Model based on premium accounts with our streaming partner for their name on it. International versions of the product will be improved upon once cash flow becomes accessible. Internationalization of male/female versions Localization for user functions based on country. Become a market leader for VOIP, and streaming music over Wi-fi. 110 million people have access to free wi-fi. The device
  6. 6. Thank you... Q & A?
  7. 7. Company Prognosis Genie Prognosis - The company is here to stay Genie is a company with an innovative and customer focused culture. Already, in the current horizon, Genie is looking for increased partnerships, streaming content, and is assessing existing and upcoming threats to its business model. With Strategic Alliances, Increased non-video content, Increased International Online streaming Partners, and Internationalization all part of the company's strategic roadmap; is ready for the next stage in its business and beyond.