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About The Company(India & Worldwide)

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About The Company(India & Worldwide)

  1. 1. Benetton India Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. The Benetton Group • Present in 120 countries around the world • More than 6000 retail stores worldwide • Produces around 130 million garments every year • Offers high quality customer services and generates a total turnover of over 2 billion euro • Core business is clothing with a strong Italian character whose style, quality and passion are clearly seen in its brands. – The casual United Colors of Benetton – The fashionable Sisley – Playlife leisurewear – Killer Loop street-wear
  3. 3. United Colors of Benetton • A clothing group with a strong Italian character whose: – Style – Quality – Passion are clearly seen in its brands
  4. 4. Our Brands-Undercolors • An extension of the Benetton brand, featuring underwear, beachwear and sleepwear collections, as well as accessories for women, men and children • A wide selection of recurring basic colors is enriched every season with the latest trends • Available in its own chain of stores which now has more than 500 locations in thirty countries and in selected Benetton Shops
  5. 5. Our Brands-Sisley,Playlife & KillerLoop • This is the Group’s most • Benetton’s leisurewear trend-setting brand, at the • A brand with a label strong "Street" forefront of fashion. connotation • Collections for men and dedicated to young • Season after season, its women offer a casual people, bold, forceful collections yet sporty look full of fashion ideas set designed to provide the trends for young, maximum comfort, dynamic women and men freedom of use, • Killer Loop has unrestricted by any become an icon for • It’s lines of clothing have single sporting a dynamic lifestyle an image and taste much discipline. thanks to its sought after in choice of assertive clothing fabrics, colors and and footwear • Footwear and ranges cutting. accessories complete the collection reflecting • Its creative artists and the latest trends sales team concentrate their efforts on its image and on strong-impact advertising campaigns.
  6. 6. India Success Story! Torch Bearer Retailing
  7. 7. Benetton India Pvt. Ltd • Based In Gurgaon – Employees strength of over 400 people • Manufacturing • Sourcing • Wholesale • Retail
  8. 8. India Overview • Benetton is in India since 1992, through a licensee, but since Dec 2004 we have become a 100% subsidiary of Italy • Avg. growth rate in India since 2004, year on year is 56 % • Expansion through multi-format strategy • UCB has the largest network for a fashion retail brand in the country across 52 cities. • Launched Sisley in Oct 2006 in India. • Launched UnderColors in Oct 2007 • Launched Playlife in March 2008
  9. 9. India-Overview • Retail Area – Over 250000 sq. ft • Average Store Size – 1500 sq. ft • No. of Stores with 20 million Plus turnover – 24% • Like to like store business growth (YTD 2008) – 36% • 130 plus Exclusive Stores • Selling more than 2.5 million garments a year
  10. 10. Mega Brand Mega Facts
  11. 11. Megastores in the region – India, Mumbai Mumbai Megastore 11,000 sq feet 2 Floors Menswear Womenswear Childrenswear Undercolors
  12. 12. Megastores in the region – India, Delhi Delhi Megastore 7000 sq feet 3 Floors Menswear Womenswear Childrenswear
  13. 13. Megastores in the region – India, Bangalore Bangalore Megastore 10000 sq feet 3 Floors Menswear Womenswear Childrenswear
  14. 14. Megastores in the region – India, Chandigarh Chandigarh Mega store 10000 sq feet 4 Floors Menswear Womenswear Childrenswear
  15. 15. Stellar Performance in Indian NORTH INDIA market • UCB South Extension is the highest revenue grosser among single brand retail stores • At Rs. 134/sq. ft UCB Khan market is the highest. It is closely followed by UCB Defence Colony @ Rs. 116/sq. ft WEST INDIA • UCB Megastore at Linking Road, Mumbai is credited for developing the high street and the highest turnover • UCB Inorbit Malad at Rs. 135 / sq. ft. is amongst the highest sales per sq. ft. in the fashion apparel category. SOUTH INDIA • UCB Forum Bangalore does highest turnover for a single brand in the mall EAST INDIA • Shillong is the biggest Single brand store in the North East region • South City Kolkata does the highest turnover for a single brand
  16. 16. Entering Core India Benetton is not just a brand for the metros we are present in Tier II & Tier III Cities
  17. 17. Mega Store In Lucknow Recently launched its 3rd store in Lucknow - area of 3200 Sq ft., with exciting VM & a wide range of merchandise for adults & kids.
  18. 18. Other Fashion Cities - Mega stores in Tier-2 towns with carpet area in excess of 4000 sqft e.g. Dehradun, Amritsar, Jaipur positioned as “THE FASHION DESTINATION” in that city. These stores have shown results 30% above expectation. - Shows the customer’s trust and acceptance of Benetton. Mall Road, Amritsar Tonk Road, Jaipur Rajpura Road, Dehradun
  19. 19. Fashion @ Small Towns Even towns like Nasik, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Mysore, Mangalore have shown very impressive performances
  20. 20. Current Business Plan-Our Retail strategy • A well designed retail strategy suited to the Indian consumers. • This was based on: – Visual Merchandise – Merchandise planning – Retail Marketing activities – Training & Development – Scaling the business model
  21. 21. Visual Merchandising –treat for the eyes! • One of the only brands to represent “merchandise thematically” • International standards and look guides are followed with respect to : – Folding – Tabletops – Browsers – In-store displays • Coordinated merchandize display – Consistency across stores
  22. 22. Visual Merchandising-Concept 16 years of design evolution The store design team is engaged in researching new materials and processes for retail interiors and creating new ambience for the Global market, offering them not only practical and modern experience but also maximum comfort to the target audience NEW TWINS 2
  23. 23. Visual Merchandising- Window Designs Innovative window display • In the fashion capitals of the world, the Windows of fashion brands are kept lit at night, attracting passers by and reinforcing both visibility and brands recall • We are trying to make that happen in India, and our windows change constantly, with the seasons, with new merchandise and on special occasions.
  24. 24. Visual Merchandising- In-store visuals • Larger than life • Theme specific • Endorsement of ordinary people, no celebrity involved. • United: above racial origin of model.
  25. 25. We sell Fashion, not garments! In store visual merchandising • Plays a very important role because we don’t believe in selling ‘one’ piece but a complete ensemble • In other words we don’t see ourselves as sellers of clothes but as a fashion leaders who strives to uplift the young and the restless.
  26. 26. Visual Merchandising- Fashion Windows Our windows not just reflect the change but herald it.. • Whenever the merchandise changes every Window seeks to tell a story and it must look beautiful enough that even a casual passer by is tempted to enter our store.
  27. 27. Visual Merchandising- In-store display Flexible fixture ensure creative display…… • Our fixtures are designed to be flexible, so that we have enough scope to create small collections with our stores or promote a particular range
  28. 28. Visual Merchandising- Color coordinated merchandise Creating a wall is like a work of art…… • In store merchandising is not just about color coordination but about creating a space where a customer feels comfortable and seeks to try (and buy) an entire set of clothes. • Our stores aren’t static tableaus and we strive to change the look and feel of our stores every ten-fifteen days to give even loyal customers a change.
  29. 29. Merchandise planning • International merchandise designs from Italy • A complete range that is customized to Indian market, keeping the Italian characteristic intact • Theme based purchase • Widest color palette • The range is moving from selling basics to fashion
  30. 30. Retail marketing initiatives • We have used a multi-pronged strategy to reach out to our customers by using various media channels like: – Press Ads – Outdoor – In-store communication – Advertorial campaigns – Customised festive offerings – Effective PR through fashion shows
  31. 31. Magazine ADs To announce new season launch, Press Ads were released in F&L and M magazine. Dealer panels are not used for the Magazine Ads which are released across India.
  32. 32. News paper ADs To announce new season launch, Press Ads were released in regional newspapers. While releasing Ads in regional newspapers, local store addresses are mentioned.
  33. 33. New store Opening ADs Advertising to announce launch of a new store in the city
  34. 34. Promotional ADs Ads released to announce local and All India Promotions to increase walk-ins.
  35. 35. Outdoor To announce the new season i.e. Spring Summer ’08 outdoor advertising was done at some strategic sites in in various regions of India. In hoardings local dealer panels are used without telephone numbers.
  36. 36. Retail marketing initiatives Direct Marketing Initiative • We have introduced a customer centric and experiential based loyalty program for India • It is unique in many ways: – For the first time in India there is a loyalty card classified on profile • Teenagers • Adults • Kids – Not a points based program! – Focus is on the experiences and not on the value
  37. 37. Scaling the business model • We have followed a multi-pronged expansion strategy to scale our business • We have segmented our stores currently in five formats for retail in Indian market – Maxi stores – Over 7500 sq ft – Mega stores - 5001 - 7500 sq ft – Medi - 2,001 - 5,000 sq ft – Mini - 1,001 - 2,000 sq ft – Micro – Below 1000 • The new Benetton megastores carry complete casual womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and underwear collections, as well as a wide selection of accessories, offering a full range of Benetton style and quality
  38. 38. Scaling the business model • Recently Launched PLAYLIFE - Benetton’s leisurewear label across major cities. • To scale the growth we have entered into master franchisee agreement with: – TRENT LTD (A TATA Group Company) for all Sisley stores in India • India team is now handling operations for SAARC, South East Asia and Australia
  39. 39. System Review and Improvements • Critical evaluation of business process flows resulting into improvements in standard operating practices affecting Operations across all functions in the organisation. • Review and Change of POS solution leading to improvements in system based internal controls. • Self evaluation of back end ERP solution leading to improvments and efficiencies in a fast growing business across geographies in India and Asia Pacific • Focus on Budgeting and Review processes and rationalisation of operations and improve efficiencies to focus on cost reduction and bottom line on an expanding Topline
  41. 41. Training & development initiatives • The recruitment process aims to hire the right fit personnel with the brand fit • Management Trainees are recruited from NIFT, who are also absorbed as Asst. Managers after successful completion of planned training of one year. • There is focus on customer service through directed training & development initiatives • The front end team is trained through – Formal classroom trainings and on the job trainings • Being a fashion and customer centric brand, training is imparted to front end sales team on: • Brand Information, Range Planning • Fabric knowledge, Season themes • Styles & Fits, Loyalty program • Customer selling skills • Follow-ups and assessments are done through: • Quizzes, Phone audits • Mystery shopper
  42. 42. Training Conducted • Management Skills Workshop for 22 young Executives • Product Development and Forecasting Workshop • Vendor / Supplies Management – Building a Strategic partnership • Creating and managing Fashion Brands • Global growth strategies with Verne Harnish • Conference on State of Corporate Fraud Control in India • Fast Fashion Workshop • Disney Leadership Workshop • Compensation and Benefits Workshop • Eco friendly textiles – Current Trends
  43. 43. monthly
  44. 44. At Benetton we believe that external customer satisfaction can never exceed internal employee satisfaction
  45. 45. Benetton India’s Growth Journey
  46. 46. A Sense Of Belongingness To Benetton Family The Top Management of the Benetton Group like Mr. Luciano Benetton, other family members and the Group CEO, on their visits to India, have a one to one interaction with every Benetton employee.
  47. 47. A Message Of Belongingness Even To Spouses Of The Employees On Women’s Day, special flowers and gift vouchers were given to all women working with Benetton as well as female spouses of employees Gift hampers are sent to employees for their new borns
  48. 48. Fusion Of Body And Mind Use of Indian traditions of driving the mind and body towards brilliance through yoga; instant body toning through regular gym sessions, ensure the employees’ Health and fitness
  49. 49. Reinforcement For Higher Goals Collective celebrations are organized to share landmark achievements of the organization On achievement of 150 doors in India
  50. 50. Enhancing The Feeling Of Traditional Festivity Santa & his Xmas Band X Mas Celebrations
  51. 51. Collective Prayers For Benetton’s Success Diwali Puja at office The newest and the oldest member of the organization perform the Puja ritual Diwali Celebrations
  52. 52. Making A Conscious Effort Of Inculcating A Spirit Of Camaraderie Through Frolic Filled Team Games Valentine's Day @ Benetton
  53. 53. Celebrating The Festival Of Colours
  54. 54. Inducing An Environment Of Sporty Competition Inter-departmental cricket matches are organized quarterly Employees are also encouraged to participate in Intra- company tournaments for cricket and other sports.
  55. 55. Only when people feel good about themselves can they deliver good results