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  1. Trust is everything in Coal Mining
  2. Trust in Food processing
  3. Trust is everything with Co-workers in Aviation
  4. In Aviation Lying can have many consequences
  5. Everyone wants to trust their co-workers
  6. Source: Lying to protect The moral intent is to use a “small sin” like deception to prevent or mitigate a “greater sin.” A perfect example is of the non-Jewish Dutch citizens in the Netherlands who lied to Nazi officials about the whereabouts and presence of Anne Frank and her family during World War II. “ Benevolent” Lying
  7. Source: Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life . © 1983 Universal Pictures.. Lying to Help or Benefit Others A morally ambiguous activity that depends upon intent and circumstance. For example, telling a friend who is trying to lose weight that they look like they are slimming. In the mind of the liar, lying helps the friend to achieve a greater, more permanent goal than the immediate and temporal instance of truth-telling in a momentary conversation. “ Benevolent” Lying
  8. Source: Embarrassment The moment or circumstance of embarrassment is so unbearable to the liar, that the liar creates a false reality or set of circumstances to avoid being embarrassed. Famous example: Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky episode. Lying to “Save Face”
  9. Punishment The inevitable punishment that would result from the revelation of truth is so unthinkable or unbearable to the liar, that the liar creates a false reality or perception to the authoritative figure. Example: A child lying about breaking a cookie jar and blaming it on siblings. Source: Lying to “Save Face”
  10. Condemnation The liar does not want to disappoint or be disapproved of in some manner by the person(s) being lied to that the liar creates a false reality to avoid the disappointment. Example: a minister lying about having a relationship outside of marriage or financially fleecing the flock. Source: Lying to “Save Face”

Notas do Editor

  1. Our presentation is on the subject of lying. We plan on introducing this concept and showing positive and negative examples. Lying is defined as the deliberate act of deviating from the truth.