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Group Norms

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Group Norms

  1. 1. By: Ashley Sowers
  2. 2. •Act as a positive role model •Reinforce the desired behaviors with rewards •Control results by performance reviews and regular feedback •Train and orient new members to adopt desired behaviors •Recruit and select new members who exhibit the desired behaviors •Hold regular meetings to discuss progress and ways of improving •Use team decision-making methods to reach an agreement
  3. 3. Definition: the degree to which members are attracted to and motivated to remain part of a team. People in a highly cohesive team value their membership and strive to maintain positive relationships with other team members. They experience satisfaction from team identification and interpersonal relationships; because of this they tend to conform to the norms.
  4. 4. •Induce agreement on team goals •Increase membership homogeneity •Increase interactions among members •Decrease team size •Introduce competition with other teams •Reward team rather than individual results •Provide physical isolation from other teams
  5. 5. After all of this has been completed it is important to practice team building. Team building increases operating effectiveness. Team building and establishing teamwork are huge factors that need be established within not only a team, but the management teams.