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How To Embed Photos Onto Your Blog

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How To Embed Photos Onto Your Blog

  1. 1. How to embed photos onto your blog<br />Take photos and connect camera to computer. Save photos to a folder on your computer. <br />Upload your photos onto a PowerPoint Presentation by first opening PowerPoint. Click on the Icon or click on start> programs> Microsoft Office> PowerPoint<br /> Click on the Insert Ribbon> PowerPoint drop down menu and click on new photo album.<br />Click on File Disk<br />Find your photo folder- Put it on your desktop for easy detection; however it may be in your documents. Click on Insert<br />Click Insert and upload<br />Now you can use PowerPoint to create a title slide with text, etc. <br />Your PowerPoint presentation is now finished. Save it to your desktop. <br />Register on www.slideshare.com <br />Click on Upload near the top and then browse for photos.<br />Click on either My Desktop, My Computer, My Documents to find your photos. Then click on the photos and enter.<br />Once photos are uploaded, look for blog album for HTML codes<br />Create a new post on your blog (follow the other directions)<br />Look for an the HTML Icon <br />Click on the HTML Icon<br />You will see this screen (the HTML Source Editor- but you don’t need to know that!)<br />Paste the HTML code into the source editor.<br />Click update and then Submit. Don’t forget to put a title .<br />