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OVR3D Beta installation guide

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OVR3D Beta installation guide

  1. 1. OVRMEDIA.com presents <br /> DYNAMIC DESKTOP | 2.0<br />INSTALLATION AND OPERATIONAL MANUAL FOR WINDOWS XP & VISTA<br />Welcome to OVR3D<br />This is your installation and operational guide for Windows XP & Vista computers. Save this file on your desktop for easy access. Mouse-click, space or press ‘right hand’ arrow to move FORWARD in this guide. Press the left arrow to go BACK.<br />
  2. 2. PREPARE YOUR COMPUTER IN ADVANCE OF INSTALLATION OF OVR3D:<br /> Create a ‘Desktop’ Toolbar to permanently live in your Taskbar (required for Vista computers only – not necessary if you are using Windows XP)<br /><ul><li>Place your mouse pointer on the Taskbar (the area at the bottom of </li></ul>screen anywhere between the bottom left-side Windows symbol and <br />right-side clock). Right-click > pick ‘Toolbars’ > pick ‘Desktop’<br /><ul><li> Done. This new ‘Desktop’ Toolbar is where your desktop icons will be</li></ul>found while you are in ‘OVR3D mode’ . When you are NOT in OVR3D <br />mode, desktop icons will remain on the desktop as normal<br /> In your C: drive (or the Hard Drive you use as your main) create the following folder: ‘- OVR GALLERY’<br /><ul><li>Note: you MUST include the ‘-’, and, the space directly afterwards. 1 space between OVR and GALLERY
  3. 3. Place ‘- OVR GALLERY’ in the top-level of the C: drive (not in ‘Program Files’)</li></ul>OVR3DBetaREQUIRES THAT BOTH OF THE ABOVE PROCEDURES BE COMPLETED AT THIS POINT, BEFORE YOU CONTINUE INSTALLATION<br />XP USERS #2 ONLY<br />
  4. 4. <ul><li> If you have completed tasks from the previous slide, you are ready to begin
  5. 5. Because full installation of OVR3D Beta can take up to 30 minutes, and involves several steps, it is imperative that all instructions are followed to the letter
  6. 6. Next slide to begin setup</li></li></ul><li> FIRST - INSTALL WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56 – not optional<br /><ul><li> Install WinAMP Media Player 5.56 (Click #3 on the OVR3D Installation CD)
  7. 7. Follow the instructions for installation of WinAMP. Click ‘I Agree’
  8. 8. NOTE: As with OVR3D; WinAMP has no Spyware, Adware or Malware. Install with complete confidence</li></li></ul><li> INSTALLING WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56<br /><ul><li> Continue installing WinAMP Media Player 5.56. Click ‘Next’
  9. 9. WinAMP Media Player will play all your music & most video files (ex .MP3, .WAV, .MP4). See Winamp documentation for the full list of supported file types</li></li></ul><li> INSTALLING WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56<br /><ul><li>Continue installing WinAMP Media Player 5.56
  10. 10. At this screen - keep the default install directory (if at all possible). Click ‘Next’</li></li></ul><li> INSTALLING WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56<br /><ul><li>Continue installing WinAMP Media Player 5.56
  11. 11. It is recommended to keep the above options checked</li></li></ul><li> INSTALLING WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56<br /><ul><li>Continue installing WinAMP Media Player 5.56
  12. 12. It is recommended to keep the above options checked</li></li></ul><li> INSTALLING WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56<br /><ul><li> Continue installing WinAMP Media Player 5.56
  13. 13. It is recommended that you UNCHECK the above options, for now(as above)
  14. 14. If you wish to add these options you may do so later. Click ‘Install’</li></li></ul><li> INSTALLING WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56<br /><ul><li> Continue installing WinAMP Media Player 5.56
  15. 15. The green status bar should move to the right, at which point you will have completed the installation of WinAMP 5.56</li></li></ul><li> INSTALLING WINAMP MEDIA PLAYER 5.56<br /><ul><li>UNCHECK the ‘Launch’ option (there is a little more to do before we start playing with OVR3D). If you do accidently launch Winamp, simply close Winamp and resume installation from the next slide onward
  16. 16. Click ‘Finish’</li></li></ul><li> INSTALL MILKDROP 1.04 – not optional<br />2<br />1<br />4<br />3<br /><ul><li> Once installation of WinAMP is complete, immediately begin installing the next program called Milkdrop 1.04 (#4 on the OVR3D CD)
  17. 17. You will see the following screens (1-3) during installation. Click ‘Next’ and ‘Install’ to continue. You may or may not see screen #4. If you do, click on ‘This program installed correctly’</li></li></ul><li> REPLACE 2 SYSTEM FILES – not optional<br /><ul><li> Click #5 on the OVR3D CD, you will find 2 system files: milk.img and milk.msg
  18. 18. Copy these two files, and paste them in the following folder on your computer: C:/program files/winamp/plugins(click‘Copy and Replace’ for both)</li></li></ul><li> NEXT - ADD 2 NEW FOLDERS INSIDE YOUR ‘- OVR GALLERY’ FOLDER<br /><ul><li>Copy (ctrl-C) the 2 folders on your OVR3D CD named: ‘- OVR LAY ’ and ‘- OVR VIZ ’.
  19. 19. Paste them into your c:/- OVR GALLERY folder</li></ul>You should now have two folders inside the - OVR GALLERY: - OVR LAY and - OVR VIZ<br />
  20. 20. NEXT - INSTALL EBONITE 2.0 skin for Winamp – optional skin<br /><ul><li>On the OVR3D CD, you will find a file named: Ebonite_2_1.wal
  21. 21. There are over 10,000 different skins (color schemes) available for OVR3D. We recommend Ebonite 2.0. Copy (ctrl-C) the Ebonite file from the CD and place it into the following folder: c:/Program Files/winamp/skins</li></li></ul><li> SETTING WINAMP OPTIONS<br /><ul><li> You are now finished installing software
  22. 22. IMPORTANT: before we begin, we must configure a few final settings for Winamp and Milkdrop. To do that… find and double-click the new Winamp icon on your desktop… (yellow)
  23. 23. Choose your new Winamp skin from the list (Ebonite 2.0, or Big Bento skins recommended)</li></li></ul><li> SETTING WINAMP OPTIONS<br /><ul><li> At this screen, we recommend you UNCHECK all of these options for now (you may add them back at a later time)</li></li></ul><li> SETTING WINAMP OPTIONS<br /><ul><li> If you wish, you may enter your email address. We also recommend you keep the ‘Anonymous Usage’ option ticked, but it is optional</li></li></ul><li> SETTING WINAMP OPTIONS<br /><ul><li> You are now finished setting Winamp options
  24. 24. The program will configure itself for a few seconds. Next, Winamp automatically opens up into the Media Player (and the particular Winamp skin you chose) </li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING BIG BENTO SKIN<br /><ul><li> This is your new Media Player (where you will soon control OVR3D, play your music, etc)
  25. 25. We are looking at the ‘Big Bento’ skin right now, if you chose Ebonite 2.0 as your skin, please skip this section</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING BIG BENTO SKIN<br /><ul><li>Many of the controls will be familiar to you, however there are a few areas of interest:
  26. 26. RED – Load music (adds music to your current playlist)
  27. 27. YELLOW – Extend playlist (creates more visible area to see upcoming music)
  28. 28. GREEN – Show/Hide more information about the song, artist, etc. (internet required)</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING EBONITE 2.0 SKIN<br /><ul><li> When you first see Ebonite 2.0, it is spread randomly (messily) on your desktop.
  29. 29. Many of the controls may be not be familiar to you at first glance:
  30. 30. RED – You may click on the ‘X’ to close the Ebonite controls (you can change them at a later time)
  31. 31. YELLOW – Your EQ. Change the bars to your taste, click the ‘ON’ button, then ‘X’ to close
  32. 32. GREEN – THE MIDDLE BUTTON (2nd, of 3) shows different Ebonite 2.0 formations. Change to taste.</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING EBONITE 2.0 SKIN<br /><ul><li>You can move individual areas of the Ebonite 2.0 Media Player to look and work in harmony, as in the above example
  33. 33. IMPORTANT NOTE: To double the size of the Media Player (circled in red), right click on the player itself, then > WINDOWS SETTINGS > SCALING > 200%. This is often necessary for larger screen resolutions</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING EBONITE 2.0 SKIN<br /><ul><li>We recommend something similar to the above as the ideal Ebonite 2.0 Media Player layout
  34. 34. RED – ‘Now Playing’ section. For ease, we recommend that you leave the setting on ‘LOCAL MEDIA’
  35. 35. YELLOW – ‘Media Library’, the area where you store your music for easy playing access
  36. 36. GREEN – the ‘Playlist Editor’, the temporary list where your music will ultimately come from, played from the top to the bottom in order, or shuffled – as you choose</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING EBONITE 2.0 SKIN<br /><ul><li>Add music or videos to your Music Library by simply dragging individual files or entire music folders and dropping them into the Media Library section of the Media Player (circled in yellow in the previous slide)</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING THE COLOR OF YOUR EBONITE 2.0 SKIN<br /><ul><li>Change the color of your Ebonite 2.0 player by:
  37. 37. Right-clicking the player itself > RGBColorChanger
  38. 38. NOTE: Until you get more familiar with Media Player layout, a good habit to get into is to use the areas circled in yellow above as your regular ‘right-click spot’</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING MILKDROP / OVR3D<br /><ul><li>We are NOW at the most critical configuration area of all – setting MilkDrop to work with OVR3D
  39. 39. Go to the Option screen of Winamp (as above), then > Visualizations > ‘SELECT’ plug in > Milkdrop 1.04 (note: NOT Milkdrop 2.0). Once you have done that, come back into this menu and choose ‘CONFIGURE’ plug in</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING MILKDROP / OVR3D<br /><ul><li>In the ‘CONFIGURE’ plug in screen – you will see the following (above)
  40. 40. Highly recommended (best) settings for OVR3D are identical to those above.
  41. 41. NOTE: Your video card will differ, but all other options should be EXACT as above, for now You may change any of these settings at a later time if necessary</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING MILKDROP / OVR3D<br /><ul><li>In the previous slide, you saw many options. Note the section in red
  42. 42. Inside the Desktop Mode > ‘More Options’ button (in red), you see this screen
  43. 43. FOR VISTA: de-select the ‘Show icons’ option (as above). Windows XP users may keep this setting as is. Click ‘OK’</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING MILKDROP / OVR3D<br /><ul><li>Next: click ‘Select Fonts’ (in red)
  44. 44. For best OVR3D results - select the listed Fonts and their pixel sizes EXACTLY as listed above. Make sure to choose Anti Aliasing (AA) for each font. You may change these fonts later, however for now keep the settings as above</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING MILKDROP / OVR3D<br /><ul><li>In the ‘customizations’ tab (seen in red), for best results choose all options EXACT as above. You may change this later.</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING MILKDROP / OVR3D<br /><ul><li>In the ‘more options’ tab (seen in red), for best results choose all options EXACT as above. You may change this later.</li></li></ul><li> CONFIGURING MILKDROP / OVR3D<br /><ul><li>In the ‘transitions’ tab (seen in red), for best results choose all options EXACT as above. You may change this later.</li></li></ul><li>PLAYING OVR3D<br /><ul><li> We’re READY! To play your favourite track in the Winamp Media Player - drag something into the Playlist Editor
  45. 45. Double click on the file. Your music should be playing right now!
  46. 46. Press Ctrl + K (‘Ctrl’ and ‘K’ together) – to start OVR3D! THEN, one time only, press f8. Change the directory shown on screen to C:/- OVR GALLERY/- OVR VIZ - choose any one of the numbers listed. Come out of the menu by pressing ‘Esc’.
  47. 47. Press ‘Space Bar’ to toggle through available VISUALIZATIONS. You should be seeing fluid motion on your desktop now!</li></li></ul><li>PLAYING OVR3D <br />F8 changes directory (one time only)<br />‘T’ puts dynamic song Title on screen<br />F2 toggles static song title<br />TO PAUSE ( HOLD ) ANY VISUALIZATION: <br />Click the screen, then press SCROLL LOCK ‘ScrLk’ on your keyboard<br />
  48. 48. PLAYING OVR3D<br /><ul><li>When you are ready to see your OVRLAYs in dynamic 3D, press the following buttons:</li></ul>K + 00 (k, zero, zero) - K + 02 - K + o4 Click on the screen first, press ‘ K ‘, then the # of yourOVRLAY<br />K + 01 (k, zero, one) - K + 03 - K + o5 TO REMOVE AN OVRLAY FROM THE SCREEN – HIT ‘DEL’ <br />
  49. 49. PLAYING OVR3D<br /><ul><li>When first playing OVR3D – if your images look stretched or otherwise not in proportion – replace them (circled yellow) with images contained within other image folders (circled red). These are designed for different monitor screen ratios (ex. 16:9)
  50. 50. Copy and replace these images into your – OVR LAY folder
  51. 51. When you have replaced the images, restart Winamp, put an OVRLAY on the screen to determineif this is the correct set
  52. 52. When correct, the image (OVRLAY) should appear normal in width and height on screen.
  53. 53. NOPE CLOSE</li></li></ul><li>PLAYING OVR3D<br /><ul><li>THESE OVR3D IMAGES (OVRLAYs) ARE </li></ul>AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE*<br />OVRLAYs 195 EACH -USE YOUR BONUS CODE: ‘ OVR ‘ FOR 50% OFF<br /><ul><li>IF YOU HAVE COLLECTED ANY OF THESE OVRLAYs – WHILST AT YOUR DESKTOP SIMPLY PRESS ‘K’, THEN THE CORRESPONDING NUMBER TO ACTIVATE**</li></ul>* SOON!<br />** NOW!<br /><ul><li> Common issues: Make sure you click on the surface of the desktop to alert it that you wish to display your OVRLAY on the screen. After that: press ‘ K ’ , then 26 (example: for Africa, #26)
  54. 54. If you do not own the appropriate image (#99) , you will see the following:
  55. 55. You can remove any OVRLAY (or stacked OVRLAYs ) from the desktop by pressing ‘DEL’</li></li></ul><li> OVR3D BETA – V 0.9<br />FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OVR3D<br /><ul><li>VISIT- www.OVR3D.com| www.OVRmedia.com
  57. 57. TWITTER - OVR3D
  58. 58. EVERYWHERE ELSE - SEARCH ‘ OVR3D‘</li></ul>ROCK YOUR MIND<br />