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About Me

  1. 1. About Me I'm KAUshalye
  2. 2. History in a Nutshell Born in 1980 Youngest in the family Prince of Wales' College University of Moratuwa Internship at SKF - R in Sweden Worked for Apache Software Foundation WSO2 / Apache Axis2 / Apache Rampart Married to Inoga Swinburne University of Technology
  3. 3. My Work for Apache Softwre Foundation Committer PMC Member SecureZone (Final Year Thesis) WS-Trust WS-SecureConversation Apache Rampart/C WS-Security specifications
  4. 4. Apache Software Foundation For opensource software projects A community of Developers and Users Many projects for SOA Organizational, Financial and Legal support Apache Conferences Pathces, Suggestions, Mailing lists Developers-> Committers -> Project Management Committee -> Board of Directors www.apache.org