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Póster del proyecto ICT4Silver

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Póster del proyecto ICT4Silver que se presentó durante el AAL Forum 2018 Biscay, celebrado del 24 al 26 de septiembre de 2018 en Bilbao

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Póster del proyecto ICT4Silver

  1. 1. ICT4SILVER 30 months project in the south-west of Europe territory, dedicated to support SME in developing relevant digital solution towards Silver Economy What are the needs of the Silver Economy actors that could be fulfilled by digital solutions? Following experimentations, consortium will have an in- depth reflection on methodology’s efficiency and how to further develop in the near future Selection of 11 solutions, from 15 SME for usage study in real life environment. The methodology was the same in the 3 countries S C O P E M E T H O D O L O G Y DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES Health and social-health Autonomy and remain at home Housing and Urbanism Transport and mobility Well-Ageing Products/devices/services SMEs GENERAL FRAMEWORK OF EVALUATION METHODOLOGY FOR ALL PILOTS DONE WITH SMEs QUESTIONS FOR SME QUESTIONS FOR END USERS DEFINE PILOT Health and Care Professionals Business Model Elderly people + Family Members We are supporting SMEs in two ways: testing in real life environment AND the possibility to do the testing in different countries (France, Spain, Portugal) + business/market support Authors: Álvarez-Lombardía, Itziar (GRUPO SSI) Durruty, Béatrice (ADI Nouvelle- Aquitaine) Manterola, Iraitz (TECNALIA) Murillo, Cristina (GAIA) Roseiro, Pedro (TICE.PT) Uzkudun, Inma (GRUPO SSI) ICT4 Silver (https://www.ict4silver.eu/)