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Relentless Pursuit of Growth - #GHConf18

Sean Ellis started off the day off with a high-level introduction to the topic of growth. He reviewed the prerequisites for sustainable growth (PM Fit), the principles of growth and ultimately how a person or team should approach figuring out how to grow or how to accelerate growth in their company. He compared how this is different in a smaller company vs a more established company and the relative challenges and advantages that each type of company has. Want to know who generally cares about driving growth and who has the skills and authority to affect growth? This opening keynote reminds you of the original purpose of growth hacking and build excitement and engagement around the topics that will be discussed throughout the day.

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Relentless Pursuit of Growth - #GHConf18

  1. 1. Sean Ellis CEO & Founder, GrowthHackers @SeanEllis Relentless Pursuit of Growth #GHConf18
  2. 2. #GHConf18 Relentless Pursuit of Growth Sean Ellis Founder/CEO of GrowthHackers
  3. 3. #GHConf18 Overview 1. Keys to Driving Sustainable Growth 2. New Learnings in Recent Months 3. What to Expect from #GHCONF18
  4. 4. #GHConf18 SECTION 1 Keys to Driving Sustainable Growth
  5. 5. #GHConf18 Growth is Not Simply a Graph
  6. 6. #GHConf18 Sustainable Growth is Based on Value
  7. 7. #GHConf18 Measure Growth/Value with North Star Metric • Quantify expansion of value delivered to all customers • Provides lens for measuring sustainable growth
  8. 8. #GHConf18 Test/Learn to Grow North Star Metric
  9. 9. #GHConf18 Test Across All Growth Levers - Sources and motivations to try - Aha moment (1st taste of core value) - Core value (must have experience) - Loops for generating new users - Sources of money from customers Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue Understand relationship between variables that improve your North Star Metric
  10. 10. #GHConf18 Systematic Growth Testing Process • Analyze to identify growth opportunities • Set time-bound objectives with metrics • Generate, prioritize and test ideas
  11. 11. #GHConf18 Track Ideas/Testing à Objective Results INPUTS OUTPUTS
  12. 12. #GHConf18 Understand Impact on North Star Metric
  13. 13. #GHConf18 LogMeIn Case Study • Problem: Couldn’t scale profitable spend beyond $10K/month • Analysis: Over 90% of new signups never performed a remote session • Solution: Product, Marketing and Sales worked to fix activation issues • Result: – 10X improvement in activation rate – 100X scale in profitable ad spending – Today LogMeIn $6B+ Valuation
  14. 14. #GHConf18 SECTION 2 New Learnings in Recent Months
  15. 15. #GHConf18 Hands-On Learning at Several Companies • Multiple medium-term engagements • Recently focused on fast-impact engagements
  16. 16. #GHConf18 Growth Fundamentals Are Not Enough
  17. 17. #GHConf18 Customer Journey Crosses Multiple Silos Product External Channels Promise 1st Experience Ongoing Experience PR Marketing Support Success Sales/ biz dev Acquisition Activation Revenue Retention Referral
  18. 18. #GHConf18 Get Cross-Functional Buy In or Get Rejected
  19. 19. #GHConf18 Need Company-Wide Commitment to Growth • Executive vision and support to drive change • Shared mission helps align and engage team • Shared metric (NSM) to gauge overall progress • Persistence needed until habit/culture take root
  20. 20. #GHConf18 Shared Mission Key to Getting Buy In Mission Growth Team North Star Metric “Zuckerberg is mind- numbingly efficient about slipping the statement into everyday conversation” “Bring the world closer together”
  21. 21. #GHConf18 SECTION 3 What to Expect from #GHConf18
  22. 22. #GHConf18 What to Expect from Today • Inspirational stories from growth leaders • Growth lessons from hiring to driving transformation • Aha! Driving conversion to intense customer loyalty • What’s next? Evolving landscape and tools for growth
  23. 23. #GHConf18 Goals for GrowthHackers Conference 1. Share experiences 2. Open and honest 3. Collaborative learning 4. Have fun 5. Actionable next steps
  24. 24. #GHConf18 Learn more about the GrowthHackers Conference at GrowthHackers.com/Conference