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Moving from a Traditional to a Growth Oriented Organization - #GHConf18

In today’s fast-changing environment, organizations need to focus on Growth as a strategy, a culture, and a mind-set. As one of Skyscanner’s earliest employees, Yara Paoli has seen the company scale from a small Scottish start-up to a global travel meta-search player who last year, was acquired by online travel giant Ctrip for $1.7B. Yara shares how Skyscanner transformed itself from a traditional organization to a Growth organization and the pitfalls, challenges and imperatives along the way.

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Moving from a Traditional to a Growth Oriented Organization - #GHConf18

  1. 1. Yara Paoli VP Growth, Skyscanner @yarapaoli Moving from a Traditional to a Growth Oriented Organization #GHConf18
  2. 2. From traditional marketing to growth organization The Skyscanner Story
  3. 3. Growth iceberg Autonomy Structure Science Learning Hard Work People & Culture Lean Start-Up Experimentation Growth Structure Growth Mindset Quick Wins Hacks Cheap & Free Tactics Growth Talent and Culture Growth Tools
  4. 4. 8 years at Skyscanner; (it’s been like 5 different start ups, lots of growth hacks!) 20 years in online marketing, business localisation and development, psychology and growth. Yara Paoli @yarapaoli
  5. 5. The Skyscanner journey
  6. 6. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 December 2004 December 2005 December 2006 December 2007 December 2008 December 2009 December 2010 December 2011 December 2012 December 2013 December 2014 December 2015 December 2016 December 2017 Millions of unique monthly visitors
  7. 7. 60million app downloads 60million travellers/m 30languages 70currencies 10offices In numbers
  8. 8. Why growth as a goal?
  9. 9. Manual High waste Big batch gambles Subjective decisions No ownership or autonomy Functional siloes Old school marketing Where we were Automated Agile and lean Small batch, short cycle time Data driven Cross functional Owning it Growth Hackers Where we aspired to be Old competencies New competencies
  10. 10. Growth as a structure
  12. 12. AMER Regional Growth Tribe APAC Regional Growth Tribe EMEA Regional Growth Tribe Central Growth Tribe
  13. 13. Growth as culture and talent
  14. 14. Data Analysis Marketing/ Commercial Engineering Autonomy
  16. 16. 1 Impact-driven, focused on outcomes 2 T-shaped avid learner 3 Agile & lean mentality 6Product obsessed 7Customer focussed 5 Experimental scientific method 4 Addicted to metrics and data Seven traits of growth talent
  17. 17. Analytics Growthsensibilities T-shaped skills set Width of knowledge Depthof knowledge
  18. 18. AMER APAC EMEA Central Evolution Product and Engineering Tribes GrowthTribes
  19. 19. Organisational Principles More focus on fewer priorities, aligned to strategy Distributed system of Growth & App expertise • Products that think and deliver Growth from the start • Products that are truly App first à Blend Apps & Growth discipline expertise into all teams One set of goals across Growth & Product Consistency in Squad & Tribe formation • Balance of Growth & Product for consumer facing work
  20. 20. Present Remove siloes between growth and product embedding growth at the core of product Personalisation Tribe Designed for upfront collaboration Embrace the principle: Product = Features + Channels
  21. 21. Growth Tools
  22. 22. 50% of our product is our channels Growth must be operated to lean start-up principles Growth Marketing must be scalable, optimisable and sustainable The achievement of Product-Market fit must precede any significant marketing investment in any given market
  23. 23. PMF Tool
  24. 24. AARRR Metrics 1 2 3
  25. 25. Score Trend by Total Product Score
  26. 26. Product Market Score
  27. 27. Product Market Score
  28. 28. TTV Tool
  29. 29. So what’s the impact?
  30. 30. Plenty of graphs like these… 2014 / 01 Post increased PMF Post TTV prioritisation methodology adoption From big batch gambling to iterative and experimental Post growth model implementation
  31. 31. A tale of two Dmitrys
  32. 32. SEO idea New brief Experiment on few pages Successful and significant Causal Impact Tool
  33. 33. 50pages / month 11,650pages / month
  34. 34. We’ll finish by 2036
  35. 35. Old title – “Cheap flights to London” New title – “Awesome and cheap flights to London” Awesome and cheap flights to Moscow Awesome and cheap flights to Malaga Awesome and cheap flights to London Awesome and cheap flights to Bangkok Long Expensive Awesome and cheap flights to {{ city_name }} Moscow Malaga Awesome and cheap flights to London Bangkok 600 changes 1 change VS
  36. 36. 800pages 1 hour
  37. 37. Growth iceberg Autonomy Structure Science Learning Flexibility Change Hard Work People & Culture Lean Start-Up Data Experimentation Agile Marketing Growth Mindset Quick Wins Hacks Cheap & Free Tactics
  38. 38. Search medium.com/@skyscanner for more! Contact me on Linkedin @yarapaoli if you want to join our team! J
  39. 39. Learn more about the GrowthHackers Conference at GrowthHackers.com/Conference