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How To Use Social Networks to Grow Your Business [Graph Expo 2011]

  1. John Foley, Jr. CEO/CMO, Grow Socially, Inc.
  2. Expo Event 8AM-6PM Send out flyers to clients Announce on website Email eNewsletter (Announce) Tell colleagues you’re attending Send thank you cards Enter new contacts in CRM Mail -Monthly Newsletter Marketing Calendar Phone Calls
  3. Marketing Calendar Expo Event 8AM-6PM Send out flyers to clients Announce on website Email eNewsletter (Announce) Tell colleagues you’re attending Send thank you cards Enter new contacts in Excel Mail -Monthly Newsletter Create Post, Link back to website Announce on & Comment on event’s page Connect with Keynote Speakers on Join in on event’s hashtag Share speaking presentation on Friend new contacts on Share event article on Share event article on Announce booth # with video post Follow-Up with Post & Post Pictures
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  5. What is your audience searching for to find you?
  7. Is everyone interested in the same communication? I’m on Twitter I still email I use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn I love my mail I Google for my information Where are your prospects and customers getting their information?
  8. Tip! CRM/Social Intelligence
  9. Tools for Listening
  10. Shorten URLs with
  11. Tools to Measure Success
  12. COMPANY WEBSITE Social Media SEO DM/Flyer E-mail Links Other Inbound and Outbound Whitepapers, eBooks Downloads eNewsletter Sign-Ups Comments & Questions on Blog Info/Inquiries Webinar Sign-Ups 100 Visitors 2000 Visitors 800 Visitors 3500 Visitors CRM
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  1. FROM THE WEBSITE, how they promoted it During this session you will gain key strategies and take-aways for using social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and more to better serve your customers and reach new prospects. You will receive actionable advice, guidance and tips to help you: Create and execute a social media marketing plan Identify what topics and keywords you should be talking about Build and monitor your online audience, and Measure the eff ectiveness of your social networking activities.
  2. 15 Years Business Management Author Whitpapers
  3. While everyone is talking about social media, marketers are looking for tools and techniques to implement an effective social media campaign. Discuss “how to” approaches for effectively using social media. Participants learn how to identify the right audience in the sea of social networks; techniques for getting and keeping the conversation going; options for translating the conversation into business results; and the right tools for measuring effectiveness.
  4. Think about what your audience cares about! Then, identify how the things you talk about in social networks can help to solve their needds.
  5. Here’s something else you can do… Monitor what people are searching for before they hit your website. Look which keywords are popular. Which ones cause people to stay on your site the longest.. Then, that should help you to create better and more content about those subjects on your blog, twitter, Facebook, etc.
  6. Humanizes Your Brand Improves SEO Keywords Links Updated Information Share Expertise Gives You Great Content to Tweet!
  7. Where Are They Cyclically? Students How Do They Use Social Media? Older audience may not want to engage in “make a video” contest Older audiences appear low on “Creator” scale.
  8. Lots of ways to measure social media success, so make sure you determine your key metrics BEFORE you get started. I recommend picking three solid metrics to track. Appropriate metrics differ based on what your objective is for the program.
  9. Here is how Tiwtter is used to promote a white paper…..
  10. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers ).
  11. Audience is not huge, but… Google is incorporating it with other Apps (Gmail, Docs, Reader) Get an invite/Create a profile Connect with marketers (lots of them there)