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Go outside and play - a partnership marketing program

When three great brands combine their superpowers, great things can happen. SylvanSport provided the product for a give-a-way. Outside Magazine provided the channel. Lazydays orchestrated the strategy that resulted in more than 35,000 entries/leads. The partnership proved to be a marketer's dream.

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Go outside and play - a partnership marketing program

  1. 1. GO outside and play - a partnership marketing program Use the buttons to get started
  2. 2. Finding the right partners can really extend the reach of a marketing program. When the participating brands share the wealth of their data and social networks, the cumulative effects can be far greater than any single brand could achieve on its own. + !!!!!!!!
  3. 3. SylvanSport is a company built on a strong social media backbone. They also manufacture one of the most innovative and beautifully designed campers in the history of the RV industry.
  4. 4. Their relationships with brands like Yakima, Gerber, and Eddie Bauer together with the marketing clout of Lazydays and the advertising reach of Outside Magazine proved to be a very powerful partnership.
  5. 5. The Go Outside and Play promotion proved to be a triumphant partnership for all who participated. For Lazydays, the company for whom Grownman Brand organized the promotion, the rewards were many. The RV dealership had sought to increase its share in the travel trailer and corresponding outdoor lifestyle market. By partnering with companies who already enjoyed success in these markets, Lazydays earned more than 38,000 leads of customers who gladly provided their information in exchange for a chance to win a coveted Go trailer.