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Sencha Space review

Review of Sencha Space BYOD enterprise hybrid web app solution
Includes tips and tricks, sencha space vs cordova, deployment info, source code

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Sencha Space review

  1. 1. Grgur Grisogono @ggrgur
  2. 2. B Y ODEnterprise Software Providedto Unmanaged devices
  3. 3. HTML5 Phones + Tablets Secure Central (remote) Management Console Cross-platform Framework agnostic
  4. 4. Sencha Space Mobile Client Components Management Console Enterprise Web App+ +
  5. 5. Sencha Space Mobile Client Components Management Console Enterprise Web App+ +
  6. 6. Management Console
  7. 7. ! Phones Tablets Desktop Management Console √ √ √ Runs on
  8. 8. Mobile Client HTML Application Host Any web app/site allowed API exposed
  9. 9. Space Menu with refresh, back, forward buttons Application & Organization Switcher Application Name (from <title>) Application area Layout
  10. 10. Applications available Account info Change Organizations Application Switcher
  11. 11. Supported Platforms Beta Beta
  12. 12. Application Requirements A valid HTML document ! ! Deployed on a server (public or private) 1. 2.
  13. 13. Sencha Touch NOTrequired
  14. 14. Locally hosted apps ALLOWED
  15. 15. Security SecureFiles API SecureLocalStorage API Data encryption w/ secure key management Configurable security policies Immediate ACL propagation Remote data wipe
  16. 16. Security Every app has it’s own isolated WebView
  17. 17. Jailbreakers NOT Welcome NOW CONFIGURABLE
  18. 18. Application URLs are never exposed
  19. 19. Authentication SAML LDAP Email (classic)
  20. 20. API Security Layer Device Layer Comm Layer SecureFiles SecureLocalStorage Camera Connectivity Notification Vibration Device info Orientation Promise Invoke Downloads
  21. 21. Promise Land All asynchronous calls use Promises
  22. 22. Promise Land Promises A+ spec promisesaplus.com
  23. 23. Debugging Safari Remote Inspector x Chrome Remote Inspector x Weinre √ Tip: use a local weinre instance
  24. 24. Space vs Cordova
  25. 25. Space vs Cordova No libraries or building required Cordova and platform tools & libraries, building required
  26. 26. Space vs Cordova No native plugins Plenty of plugins available
  27. 27. Space vs Cordova Limited access to native components Virtually all native APIs accessible
  28. 28. Space vs Cordova Good cross-application communication *Apps contained in Sencha Space N/A, but Cordova apps can communicate to other apps on device
  29. 29. Space vs Cordova Remote server needed No remote server or services needed
  30. 30. Space vs Cordova Built in user and group management ACLs N/A
  31. 31. Space vs Cordova Automatic updates pushed without App store App store and app verification needed to push updates
  32. 32. Space vs Cordova Timed offline lease available (security feature) 100% offline apps with custom refresh logic as needed
  33. 33. Space vs Cordova Secure LocalStorage and File System No built in security options for files and data
  34. 34. Space vs Cordova Remote user, device, and app management *for Space apps Remote management N/A
  35. 35. Space vs Cordova WebView secured WebView exposed
  36. 36. Space vs Cordova Can deny access to Jailbroken/Rooted devices No built-in Jailbreak/Root detection
  37. 37. Space vs Cordova VPN support No built-in VPN support
  38. 38. Space vs Cordova Free for 10 users and 10 apps in an organization. Paid plans available Free
  39. 39. Real Life Experience
  40. 40. Register Application ID in the Management Console if you need Invoke functionality !
  41. 41. SecureLocalStorage is ASYNCHRONOUS ! (unlike LocalStorage) !
  42. 42. You can use MULTIPLE SecureLocalStorage instances !
  43. 43. SecureLocalStorage data is saved to an isolated SQLite database !!
  44. 44. Each application has it’s own SQLite database !!
  45. 45. Apps CANNOT share SecureLocalStorage or SecureFiles !
  46. 46. Arbitrary SQLite adapter is currently not available !
  47. 47. LocalStorage: storage.getItem(‘myKey’);   ! ! vs   ! SecureLocalStorage: storage.get(‘myKey’);!(ASYNCHRONOUS, RETURNS PROMISE) (SYNCHRONOUS, RETURNS VALUE)
  48. 48. There is a 100-400 ms delay between document ready and Space ready !
  49. 49. Space API is available to any HTML document, whether it uses a Sencha framework or not !
  50. 50. Sencha Touch developers could benefit from using workspaces and packages through Sencha Cmd !
  51. 51. While developing, set up your apps to run from a locally hosted environment instead of a publicly exposed server !
  52. 52. Grgur Grisogono grgur@moduscreate.com @ Read the review: http://moduscreate.com/sencha-space-review/ Space Up Your Apps!