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Greg Sarangoulis - Hashtag Philanthropy and You



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Greg Sarangoulis discusses the benefits of charitable giving communities, established through hashtags on social media, and, most importantly, how individuals and other non profits can get involved.

Greg Sarangoulis - Hashtag Philanthropy and You

  1. 1. #Hashtag Philanthropy & You by Greg Sarangoulis
  2. 2. What is a #Hashtag? A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. -Wikipedia
  3. 3. How large are social networks? • Examples: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn • 2 billion users • Dozens of countries • Average of 3 hours a day, per visit
  4. 4. How do nonprofits and causes benefit? • Drives content beyond immediate network • Engages individuals anywhere & anytime • Accessible by cellphone and desktop • Inbound search once clicked = interest LIKES 1500
  5. 5. An Example #GivingTuesday: the brainchild of community organizers in New York City. Inspired by the enormous amounts of spending on the days following Thanksgiving, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Created to provide a voice for nonprofits and leaders of philanthropic efforts and to spark interest in end-of-year giving for online users.
  6. 6. By The Numbers • 4 years • 15 billion impression across the net • 30,000 organizational partnerships • 470% increase in online giving
  7. 7. What You Can Do Nonprofit: • Use already popular hashtags • Visit #GivingTuesday's website for info about how to get involved • Create your own but make it unique and relevant
  8. 8. What You Can Do Supporter: • Search for causes of your interest • Look up popular hashtags • Share with your friends
  9. 9. For More Info www.gregsarangoulis.org