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Ranking Position 1 in Google SEO Case Study

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This SEO report is how I was able to achieve a position 1 ranking for one of my clients. A mixture of technical changes, on page optimizations, competitor research, and more got us to position 1. I've redacted the name of my client and their keyword to protect their name and brand.

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Ranking Position 1 in Google SEO Case Study

  1. 1. Ranking Position 1 Case Study: Redacted By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Background Notes Client found me on a Google search Contract began at the end of November An SEO Audit was created to see what needed to be worked on A plethora of technical fixes happened during the first few weeks The second month of the contract focused heavily on improving keyword visibility with on page SEO
  3. 3. 5 Step SEO Cycle at TM Blast
  4. 4. Historical Keyword Ranking on Page 2 of Google
  5. 5. Now the Target Keyword Ranks as Position 1 in Google
  6. 6. Estimated Daily Traffic Increased by +667% by Moving from Position 5 to Position 1 in Google
  7. 7. This One Keyword Movement Also Lifts Tens of Hundreds of Additional Long Tail Keywords
  8. 8. Conclusion This client made all changes on their site via my recommendations. I sent over every optimization with screenshots and clear examples for them to follow. The rate of technical and on page changes illustrates the power of agility when it comes to SEO As a note, this is one of the fastest case studies I have due to the record pace of change made by my client. Every client is different, but spending less time going back and forth on emails and more time making changes can create results like this.