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Microsoft Ads PPC Audit for Minecraft Servers

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PPC review of the campaign structure, ad groups, keywords, ad copy, negative keywords, audience, and more for a Bing Ads account.

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Microsoft Ads PPC Audit for Minecraft Servers

  1. 1. Microsoft Ads PPC Audit Minecraft Servers By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. About Greg • 9+ years of SEO / PPC Experience • The Owner of TM Blast since April 2017 • Frequent Speaker at Events in Boston around SEO • Outside of Work, I live with my fiancé and our three-year-old Shiba Inu in Boston, MA.
  3. 3. Audit Overview Campaign Structure Ad Group Keyword Ad Copy + Extensions Negative Keywords Audiences Next Steps
  4. 4. Campaign Structure • The current campaign structure, Minecraft Servers, has the following issues below • Does not split out the keyword match type at the campaign level. The campaign has phrase, exact, and broad keywords all under one campaign and one ad group • By not splitting out the campaign by the match type, you’ll make spend analysis more difficult + lose out on what keywords drive conversions. The current way to perform this analysis is at the keyword level, but your account as 1.4k keywords in it alone which makes this tedious.
  5. 5. Ad Group • The current active campaign only has one ad group. • The issue of one ad group makes your keywords + ad copy less relevant. • Each ad group under Minecraft Servers should have individual sections based on your keywords • Best • How • Make • Hosting • Etc.
  6. 6. Keyword • There are 1.4k keywords with all different match types living under 1 ad group • Having multiple keyword match types under one roof makes analysis difficult • For example, you should have a broad, phrase, and exact match campaign that only has those match types for the keyword. • Current quality scores vary between 3’s and 10’s due to the irrelevant ad copy
  7. 7. Ad Copy + Extensions • Having 1.4k keywords under one generic ad group makes the ads less relevant • For example, your ads could trigger for “ best”, but your ad copy talks about Want or Create. • Since the query that someone searched for in Bing / Yahoo illustrated a less relevant ad copy, you will see a low-quality score due to the lower click-through rate. The lower the quality score means you pay more per click • Regarding ad extensions, you should always have a minimum of 6 sitelink extensions (you only have 4). You should also utilize image extensions and price extensions to beef up your ad’s click- through rate if they are relevant to your campaign strategy
  8. 8. Negative Keywords • You only have one active negative keyword conflict for the word “download” on your site. While you have more negative keyword conflicts for the year, you have paused those terms as of 4-6-2020
  9. 9. Audiences • Currently, you don’t have any In-Market audiences set to your campaign • In-Market audiences are people who match what you are offering who may be ready to make a purchase • The best practice is to set In-Market audiences to “observation”, so you don’t exclude any users who don’t fit Microsoft’s audience profile • After 30 days (or when you have enough data), you can make bid adjustments on these audiences to increase conversions and reduce wasted spend
  10. 10. Next Steps • Break out your campaign by match type (broad, phrase, and exact) • Break out ad groups into “themes” to match your keywords • Break out the specefic match type keywords to the appropriate ad group + campaign match type level • Break out individual ad copy for the new ad group to match the keyword • Increase your sitelink extensions to six (at a min) and consider adding price + image extensions • Review the negative keyword conflict currently on your site • Join the In-Market audience with Microsoft Ads and set the level to observation. You can then make bid adjustments after having enough data
  11. 11. Appendix
  12. 12. Two Case Studies on Bing Ads Ran the Syndicated Network + Bing Ads at Clarks Ran the Bing Ads Performance at Grasshopper